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Think shopping is just for women? Think again. It’s not in this current fashion climate anyway. Nowadays, men shop just as much as women. And with online shopping you have the ease and access to everything, so give a guy a credit card and… well, watch out.

One thing that men are buying are retro shirts. Sounds cliche, right? Retro is back. Old is new. Yeah, it may not be something original, but those vintage t-shirts show a lot without saying much. They’re confident and simple. They’re a throwback, but not desperate.

You can see them at stores like Vans too. Anyone born in the 80s would do a double take and instantly start drooling walking into a Vans store and seeing those Nintendo backpacks, Mario logos and Nintendo controllers on sneakers. Walk back to tour childhood. Literally. It’s nostalgia on your footwear.

You would think Coca-Cola and Rocky Balboa symbols are left to decorate soft drink labels and movie posters, not t-shirts, but they’ve become a hit. The appeal is in the simplicity and having something so eye catching and popular is trendy, precisely because something small can say something so grand.

Having retro movies, games and logos on clothing as a trend has made a spark because it reaches the core of its wearers. And while the target audience for some of these logos are men, it certainly is a nice uni-sex clothing line too. 80s kids and millennial are either entering their prime spending stage or working age so targeting their wallets is a prudent mood. We see it with the emergence of Pokemon Go, mini Nintendo systems and Pixar sequels as well. So the retro trend doesn’t just extend to clothing.

So what about you? What childhood classic would you sport around? Chances are good whatever you watched or played or did is now on a T-shirt!

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