Your bulging belly must become your primary concern for couple of reasons. Appearance, and mostly health. Belly fat is the worst kind of fat! If it stays with you longer than it should, it may give rise to diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.

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4 things to EAT to fight your belly fat

It may sound silly to you at first but cheese does help you get rid of belly fat, provided that it is taken in moderate amount. Cheese contains many useful nutrients like proteins, calcium and phosphorus. You will not gain calories if your intake is only as much as you need to fill in your stomach and get essential nutrients at the same time.

Say we have a 30-gram block of cheddar cheese. It contains 200 mg calcium and 700 mg protein. What a nutritious product!

Yogurt is generally a good thing to eat. You either add it up with your meal or separately eat it during any time of the day. It is rich with calcium and other minerals. Yoghurt is made available to you in different sweet flavours so that people like to consume it more. It makes your bones stronger and even reduce your belly fat instantly!

A 12-week study was carried out at the University of Tennesse which resulted in the following finding:

Those participants who had 3 servings of yogurt daily gained less fat than those who did not. Some of the participants did consume dairy products but they were not rich in calcium so they gained more weight comparatively.

There is a stress hormone called calcium found in yogurt ceases the production of cortisol which in turn helps reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

On number three, we have all kinds of nuts to fight your belly fat. They again, contain different minerals and vitamins, so much that they are sometimes also termed as ‘nutrient powerhouse’! Nuts contain monounsaturated fatty acids in some amount. This is a good kind of fat that balances the level of cholesterol in your body and even tackle the existence of bad fat, forcing it to leave your body.

Full of protein, fish helps you cut down your belly fat. Fish too reduces the production of stress releasing hormone, cortisol (what we talked about earlier in this article). Basically, it contains a fatty acid by the name of Omega-3 that does the job!

Apart from that, fish is good for muscle building as well. As nutritionists tell, the more musles you have, the more calories you burn!

How else to fight your belly fat?

EXERCISE! This is very important and always packaged with all health related solutions. You can not expect to lose fat just by healthy eating. Perform all kinds of crunches during your 20 minutes exercise daily in order to help accelerate the process of cutting down your belly fat.
Religiously following these fat reducing ways and adapting to it will definitely produce handsome results. Care to experience? START NOW!