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Smart luggage tracking devices are made by a large number of companies and come in a variety of forms. Whether in the form of a single bar code card that is inside the bag, or an outer tag similar to the type you attach to suitcases before flying. You have options when figuring out how you want to track your bag, and how obvious you want it to be. While this won’t solve every single problem when it comes to missing luggage, it does create a variety of options that weren’t available before.

You can track items as small as a handbag or a wallet, or a very large suitcase or bag. Whatever your specific needs, there is going to be a smart luggage tracking device that can meet those needs and a lot more. So it is important to do your homework to get the type of device that best fits your specific needs.

Benefits Of Smart Luggage Tracking Devices

Have you ever had the sinking feeling when you are waiting for your luggage at the airport only to find out that it never shows? If so, you are not alone. For this reason, a lot of consumers have demanded that smart luggage tracking devices enter the market. In this article, we will be going over some of the unique benefits of these kinds of devices.


The main benefit that you are going to get from these kinds of devices is the ability to track your luggage from place to place. This will allow you to keep track of your luggage should it happen to be lost in transit. Ultimately, this is the biggest reason to invest in one of these devices.

Peace Of Mind

By having a tracking device on your luggage throughout your travels, you are going to have the peace of mind that will allow you to travel without worrying that you would lose your luggage forever. While it can be nerve wrecking not knowing whether or not the airport is going to be able to find your luggage at all, knowing that you have access to the location of your luggage at all times will alleviate your concerns. No longer do you have to be waiting for days and days for the airlines to find your lost luggage. You will be able to tell them the exact location of it, and retrieve it as soon as possible.


How to Choose the Best Smart Luggage Tacking Device

A device is going to have to have some kind of an app that you can use with it. You’re going to want to make sure you read on the packaging what you’re going to need to use to make sure that your device can communicate with your tracker. Do you need an Android, iOS, or other type of phone or device to use with the tracker? What about just using a computer that can get online? Whatever it is, you have to know about it before you buy the tracker so that you don’t get stuck with one that you need to return.

Read Reviews

Read reviews on third party websites. Avoid the product website reviews because they will not put anything negative up about their company. It’s best to just work with various reviews that you know were written by others that don’t have too much to do with the company so you know you’re getting legitimate people talking about using the device. Of course, companies still can hire people to review things for money. If you notice that a site has all positive press and there are no cons listed at all, it’s probably because the company paid for those reviews. Yes, it does happen.

Battery Life

The number one thing that you should look for is the battery life. The battery on the device is one of the most important things to consider because the tracking device is going to be of no use to you if it simply dies every couple of hours. You need to be able to count on it accurately to track your luggage location long after it is lost. This means that you should be looking for a device that is going to last a long time in terms of battery.

Smart luggage tracking devices have to be installed before you travel next. It’s a great investment, especially if you are going to travel with anything expensive. Don’t let anyone get away with stealing or losing your luggage ever again!


Test Your Luggage Tracking Device Before You Actually Use It

When you finally find something that works with your budget, try to see if it works properly. Try putting the tracker somewhere near you and then try to look at where it says it is on the device you’re going to track it with like a computer or phone. Try testing the tracker as you’re traveling as well just to see how well it’s keeping up with its job. If anything goes wrong then you know that you should try to buy something else that works better.


In conclusion, getting a smart luggage tracking device for your next travel is an excellent idea.
Right now we see just private individuals using them, but I’m hoping for the times when airlines and bus companies would catch up on the idea, and implement them across the board for all of our travel.

Incase Smart Luggage Tracker (Black)

3 new from $29.95
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • App notifies when your luggage is out ofrange with real-time distance monitoring
  • Specify the desired range for alarm to activate
  • Compatible with all kinds ofbaggage and carry-on bags
  • Replaceable CR2 battery included
  • Luggage: Luggage Accessories

Product Description

Easily keep track of your luggage with the Incase Smart Luggage Tracker. It maintains a wireless, Bluetooth connection for up to 50 feet with real-time distance monitoring and custom setting for distance alarms to alert you of your bag's whereabouts at any given time. Package includes (1) Luggage Tracker and a replaceable CR2 battery.

Key Finder Wireless Smart Tracker for Phone, Wallet, Keys Luggage Set Personal Belongings, Support Bluetooth Connection, Remote Control by Illumifun (Black)

2 new from $2.90
Free shipping
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • PEACE OF MIND - With Illumifun Smart Finder, you will always have a peace of mind knowing that you can keep track of your valuables and loved ones. Just make sure that the app is open all the time to enjoy continued connectivity. App uses Bluetooth Low Energy so it wont quickly drain your device's battery unlike other key finder in the market.
  • WIDELY USE: Use your smartphone to make your finder ring when it's nearby but out of sight. Support for IOS iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and above. The tracking distance is 0-25 meters.
  • FEATURES: Our lost and found tracker can find all of your family's prized possessions, anywhere, and at anytime. Use this GPS tracking device to locate any item, using the Last-seen Tracking system. Each one features an anti lost alarm and a double press button, which will actually alert you to your item's location. You'll always know where to look because this device finder can find anything; including items with flat surfaces.
  • GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME: The Smart Finder finds your valuables with our easy-to-use "Small Lovely" app for iPhone and Android. Simply use the key ring to attach the smart finder to your keys or just stick the smart finder to any item of choice with the adhesive tape. You can ring your smart finder and use the indicator radar to find your items or you can ring your phone if you lose your phone even on silent by tapping the smart tag.
  • BATTERY LIFE: Just replace battery yourself once a year. Extra battery included.

Product Description

Your Time Is Very Valuable, Don't Waste Anymore Of It Endlessly Searching For Misplaced Items!The Smart Finder uses our easy-to-use "Small lovely" app for iPhone and Android. Use the indicator signal or tap the "Find VSF" button on our app & your Smart Finder will ring to find your lost item with ease! You can also tap your smart finders button to ring your phone or tablet even on silent to find them easily! Customize Settings To Your Liking, You Choose! Label your smart finders by the object it's connected too, choose your ringtone when finding your phone & you can even have your phone use flash and vibrate as well. Main Instructions: • Size: 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.2 inches • Wight: 0.3 ounces • Material: ABS How to install APP? 1. Search Small Lovely in apple store or google market. 2. Scan the QR code on package to download the App. Package Includes: • 1 x Illumifun Key Finder • 1 x Instruction Manual Warranty: We guarantee that we will give you 100% satisfaction and comfortable...

The Smart Luggage Tracker. It embeds RFID/NFC/Bluetooth technology

1 new from $39.90
Free shipping
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • Worldwide Luggage Tracker.Easy to use throught it's smartphone app, realtime notification, proximity loss, carousel alert.
  • Identification improved thanks RFID/NFC technology (used by worldwide Lost&Found services)
  • Linked directly to your baggage receipt, IATA standard (Licence Plate Number)
  • Quick worldwide declaration of your lost luggage thanks NoL technology (Network Of Luggage).
  • Respect the most rigorous regulation flight standards.

Product Description

It allows you to make your luggage identifiable to all airlines with our unique partnerships with Lost & Found services (services with the management of lost luggage in places of transport). E-LOSTBAG Premium is placed inside your luggage to avoid any external alteration during the delivery and connects with your smartphone for easy and efficient use. If lost, you can declare your luggage on the NoL network and view its GPS location. E-LOSTBAG Premium notifies you when it arrives on the baggage carousel and alerts you when it is no longer with you to prevent theft, forgetfulness, etc ..

Dangchu 2pcs Smart Finder Bluetooth Locator Square Pet Tracker Alarm Wireless Anti-lost Tag Remote Selfie Shutter Seeker for Kids Bag Wallet Keys Car Smart Phone Random color


Free shipping
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • Intelligent Search Function -- When you are separated from the Tracker, the phone will alert you, even if you don't hear the alarm, the APP will record the location information when you are separated from the anti-lost Tracker and display it on the Map in the APP.(Please refer to the product description)
  • Easy to Use -- Leave you away from unnecessary troubles like losing keys, pets, phones, wallets, bags, luggage, kids and so on.
  • Good Compatible -- This anti-lost tag compatible for IOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.3 or above, and your mobile Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Working Distance -- 0-49ft (1-15m) Max. The distance can be up to 50ft in the open air On connection status, if it lost connection with phone, the phone will ring. Keep your phone with you.
  • Multifunctional -- Not only anti-lost locator, but also use for selfie, voice recording. Have a nice day!

Product Description

Specification of the Bluetooth Anti-lost Pet Tracker: Color: RandomPackaging: 2 × Square Bluetooth Anti-lost Pet Tracker Product Description Maybe you often forget where your key, wallet, pets, bag. But now, you will out of this trouble, you will find your lost items easily by our Pet Tracker.  How to connect? 1.In the Google Play Store or Apple App Store download and install the app, and launch the app;  2.Long press the button on the Tracker, hear the "drop, drop" twice, the LED light is on;  3.Search for the Tracker and connect to the app, slide left to delete the Tracker, touch the "" icon to rename the Tracker or disconnect. How do I take a photo? The Tracker and app are connected: 1.  In the app's Camera interface, press the button once to take pictures;How do I turn on the Recording?Under the Tracker and app connection state:1. In the app, Settings - Double Click Setting-Setting for voice recording;2. Press the button twice quickly...

G-RO 22” International Smart Carry-On Luggage: Tough Terrain Wheels, Dual USB Ports, Luggage Tracker, Adjustable Handle, Expandable, TSA-Approved

as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • 9" width x 14" length x 22" height
  • Tough terrain wheels, Telescoping handle, Durable materials, Organizational pockets, Smart technology compatible, USB charging station, Optimized for maximum space, Garment sleeve with interior compression straps, TSA-approved dual lock, Waterproof bottom, Expansion zipper, Impact-resistant panels
  • Oversized, axle-less wheels increase G-RO's internal volume and allow you to roll easily over uneven surfaces like stairs, gravel, cobblestone, and curbs.
  • G-RO is the perfect travel companion for the frequent traveler who avoids checking bags and dreams of traveling only with a carry-on. Every G-RO comes with an additional bag strap. G-RO's unique design counterbalances the weight of additional bags and makes the total package feel lighter as you roll.
  • G-RO - A new way to go around the world.

Product Description

G-RO Carry-On Bag

Frotech Bluetooth NUT Mini Smart Tracker tracking Phone Wallet Bag Key Pets Luggage Bicycle Finder Locator, Auti-lost GPS for iOS / iPhone/ iPod/ iPad, Android system version 4.3 with APP (white)

Free shipping
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • Ultra-low power consumption. More light, more thin and smaller.
  • Two-way Anti-lost Smart Anti-lost: When the phone and Nut mini are left behind and out of safety range, they will both beep to alarm you
  • Location Record: Nut App will show you the location where and when Nut got disconnected on the map
  • One Touch Find: Call Nut mini by pressing the "Beep" button on Nut App, Nut will beep for you to find it
  • Internet search: when the item is missing, all the working Nut Apps users will scan the items around them and you will be notified of the location where it has been found

Product Description

Color: White Specifications: 1.Size: 36.4mmx26.4mmx4mm/1.4x1x0.16inches 2.Replaceable Battery: CR2016, 3.Standby time 100days 4.Anti lost: Under Bluetooth range How to use: 1. Install the APP the app store to search the nut 2. The binding the nut please make sure that the Bluetooth open the patch near the phone click on the patch button 3. Operating the nut through the APP can call the nut to check the position of the nut 4. Set the nut can adjust the alarm distance open two-way lost look for lost items. Two mode: Bluetooth anti lost: The maximum range of the device is 50 meter. GPS anti lost: No limit Compatibility: - iOS system: iPhone 4s / iPhone 5/ iPhone 5c/ iPhone 5s/ iPhone 6/6 plus/7/7plus IOS cell phones - iPad 2/3/4/ iPad mini Pro Air/ iPod Touch and so on. - Android system version 4.3: Samsung Note 3/4/5/6/7/Galaxy S3/S4/S5 /S6/S7/edge - LG Nexus, Lenovo VIBE, Mi, Huawei ect all android phones Warm Remind: - If your device is none of the above,...

GBD 3pcs Smart Finder Bluetooth Locator Pet Tracker Alarm Wireless Anti-lost Sensor Remote Selfie Shutter Seeker for Kids Bag Wallet Keys Car SmartPhone[Random color]

2 new from $9.99
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • ⊙ALARM FUNCTION:Bluetooth 4.0 connection lets you sound an alarm whenever your phone and the tracker are separated - great for kids, luggage, pets, and more! Operates using cTracing App via iOS or Android Smartphone.
  • ⊙INTELLIGENT SEARCH FUNCTION:Through precise calculation, locate your pet via digital display, and you can also press the calling button to let the device make sound.Compact size and lightweight design and low energy consumption,handy like a key ring,easy to carry and use,Keep Your Valuable Things Safe And Within Your Range.
  • ⊙LOOKING FOR YOUR ITEMS:Locates Where you last left them to the nearest Street and then give you signal strength Guiding you to your lost item!! You can even Locate Your Phone by pressing the button on the Gadget it will send the Phone a Ringing Noise until you locate your phone
  • ⊙REMOTE CONTROL:You can remote control the device camera or voice recording of your phone by press a button.It can take awesome wide angle selfies from your front or rear facing cameras. Works as a remote shutter for self-portrait, capture the happiest moment easily.
  • ⊙MULTIFUNCTION:Anti-lost alarm,remote control function,protect your valuables,kids,pets from theft or loss.It can also provide a last seen pin-drop on map via APP to help you recover your items and search your cars in parking site.

Product Description

Quick Guide:Scan QR Code-Download APP "cTracing" -Bluetooth Connection-Long press Power Key will alarm-Radar SearchingIntroduction:You may always forget your key, wallet,pets,bag before, With Our Smart Finder Mini Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracker! Help You Trace Your Belongings With Its Gps Locator Finder No Matter How Far You Go. A Pin-drop Will Be Marked Automatically On Map To Show You Where Your Belonging Is Lost.Just download the free app we provide details for onto your Android or iOS system and you can sync in seconds. You can then have multiple devices linked and a range of settings for distance alerts which are easy to programme and use.Features:*Leave you away from unnecessary troubles like losing keys,pets,phones,wallets,bags,luggage,kids and so on.*Compatible for IOS 8.0 or above and Andrioid 4.3 or above*Working distance: 0-15 m (Adjustable), Max. The distance can be up to 25 m in the open air*On connection status, if it lost connection with phone, the phone will ring. Keep...

Victorinox CheckSmart Luggage Tracker Luggage Location Mobile Alert System (One Size, Red/Black)

3 new from $99.00
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • 0.75"w x 3"h x 2.25"d (1.9w x 7.6h x 5.7d cm) 3.5 oz / 85 grams (with batteries)
  • Get peace of mind knowing where your checked luggage is the instant you land at your destination Works globally with most mobile phones (excludes countries where Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) does not function such as Japan and South Korea)
  • Notifications can be requested as text messages and/or emails
  • First year of service included; years two and beyond require an annual service fee of US $19.95*
  • FAA compliant. | Two AA Batteries are included

Product Description

PRODUCT DETAILS Get peace of mind knowing where your checked luggage is the instant you land at your destination Works globally with most mobile phones (excludes countries where Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) does not function such as Japan and South Korea) Notifications can be requested as text messages and/or emails First year of service included; years two and beyond require an annual service fee of US $19.95* FAA compliant Disclaimers *Annual service fee is subject to change CheckSmart Luggage Tracker uses cell towers to locate your luggage, not GPS Not recommended for use inside metal or aluminum luggage as material may inhibit cell tower connection There are no roaming fees on the CheckSmart Luggage Tracker device. Your mobile carrier may charge roaming and/or text message fees. Victorinox Travel Gear AG cannot guarantee your luggage will be available to you at baggage claim and is not responsible for lost or mishandled luggage FCC and CE certified. The...

iMounTEK Mini Smart Anti-lost Alarm, Remote (GPS Tracker for Luggage, Kids, Keys, Pets, Camera Shutter, Wireless, Bluetooth, Google Play App iTracing, Eight Tracker Tags, Selfie Shutter) - Blue


Free shipping
as of February 18, 2019 8:37 pm


  • MINI GPS TRACKER - - Compact and unobtrusive, this tag will help you keep track of your belongings once you pair it with your smartphone.
  • BLUETOOTH - Bluetooth 4.0 connection lets you sound an alarm whenever your phone and the tag are separated - great for kids, luggage, pets, and more! Operates using eTracing App (search for it in the Google Play or Apple Store).
  • CAMERA SHUTTER - Also works as a camera shutter so you can take great selfies and videos.
  • FEATURES - Standby time 6 months, working range 10m/33ft. Uses one CR2032 coin battery (included)
  • INDUSTRY LEADING CUSTOMER SUPPORT - You can continue to rely on Electro-Deal to offer the markets most competitive prices, paired with industry leading customer support, and all backed by a one year, full manufacturer's warranty on new products or a 90 day limited warranty for refurbished products!

Product Description

iMounTEK Mini SMart Anti-lose Alarm GPS Tracker This Bluetooth tracker tag adopts latest energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 technology, is compatible with IOS and Android 4.3 and newer systems. It works via app iTracing available in both app store and Google play. It keeps valuables within 10m/33ft by omnidirectional anti-lost alarm with loud beep of up to 20 bd. It can also enable selfie shuttering, recording and GPS locating. Its compact mini design allows uses on wallet, car, kid, pet, bag, suitcase and other items. iTracing can syncs with up to 8 tracker tags simultaneously. Specifications Bluetooth Version: 4.0  Compatible with: iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus, iPad Mini, iPad 3/4, iPad Air and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (Android 4.3 and newer)  Working Distance: 10m/33ft (open area )  Battery: CR2032 coin lithium battery (included)  Standby Time: 6 months  Power: 3V/3mA  Size: 3.1×5.2×1.2cm/1.22"×2.05"×0.47"  Weight: 0.31oz  Package Size:...

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