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5 Things to Consider when Buying a Smart Luggage Tracking Device

Losing your luggage while traveling from one place to another could be the worst thing to ever happen and according to one fact, the aviation industry suffers a loss of nearly £2 billion a year due to this problem. However, companies have now developed a phenomenal technology through which you can track your luggage easily no matter if it is stolen or stashed at some airport facility.

There are many different companies each developing their own luggage tracking device which differs somewhat in specifications. To help you choose the right device, we will discuss five general tips which you should consider before buying a smart luggage tracking device.

1. Don’t Keep Valuables in the Luggage

The tracking devices don’t work perfectly all the time and due to an inefficient GPS, it is possible that the location of the luggage cannot be tracked. Thus it is always a good idea to keep important stuff with you and not in the luggage.

2. Is the Device FCC Certified and FAA Compliant?

Make sure the tracking device you are using is FCC certified and also FAA Compliant. You really don’t want your luggage to start buzzing when going through a checkpoint, in such case the airport security might even remove the device.

3. Battery Life

Tracking devices such as Trakdot use AA batteries while LugLock makes use of rechargeable battery which can last for 15 days. It is preferable that you choose the device which uses rechargeable batteries as they are more reliable and convenient.

4. Annual/Monthly Subscription

Most of the tracking companies offer their device on one-time payment and the mobile phone application is available for free. However, some even require an annual or monthly subscription fee. It is better that you choose the one which required minimal or no subscription fee.

5. Customer Support

It is highly important that you check if the company you are opting for offers the best customer service and is linked with airports as finding lost luggage is not the only concern but figuring out a way to get back your luggage is also essential.


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