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Dog fashion has broken the internet. More dog pet owners are warming up to the fact that their dogs should also look as fashionable as they do. If your dog feels comfortable in any attire, then it might be the right time to visit any of the following dog fashion brands. Go the extra mile and make sure that they look as good as you do. Below are some of the leading dog fashion brands in the market.

Lazybonezz– This pet line has a story behind it. The owners are a mother and daughter, who started out by designing a dog bed for small apartments. They then graduated to state of the art dog pieces such as patent pet coats and studded collars.

Ralph Lauren pets– Their renowned polo shirts and sweater collection set them apart from the rest of the American dog-styling brands. They pride themselves in making your pet look and feel stylish. Your dog will stand out in their amazing pony logo attire.

Barker- This list kicks off with an amazing Korea-based brand. This brand caters to all round dog fashion styles. It ships their merchandise to anywhere across the globe. They feature cool fashion styles for articles like jackets, to accessories like classy dog-frames.

Ed Ellen DeGeneres– the TV talk show personality and comedian own quite a wide array of businesses, one of them being this dog fashion brand. Their styling sense is impeccable as evident for their bow-tie dog collars.

Moshiqa– This celebrity dog-styling company prides itself on its high-end customers, namely Leonardo DiCarpro dog Django, and Lady Gaga’s dog Asia. They mainly sell their cloth articles online. They have some of the unique clothing articles that guarantee that your dog feels as special as you do. This is evident from their bathrobe collection, which caters to your double-spa dates with your dog.

Max-bone– This celebrity dog styling brand pride itself in some of its high-end clientele such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kylie Jenner. Their simple and yet sophisticated pieces are eye-catching. With this brand, your dog will hands-down be the best dressed in the entire park.

Canine Styles– This famous New York City brand dresses celebrity dogs. This trendy store will keep your dog clothes collection very up-to-date. They only release a maximum of two collections in a span of a year. They base their collections on the emerging human fashion trends.

Rororiri– This Californian brand provides a cool edge to your dog’s closet. Their collection guarantees utmost uniqueness in every piece, from their bandanas to their cardigans.

Ruby Rufus– This renowned British brand has the most amazing and unique collection of dog sweaters for the winter.

Oh, Joy– Their nark for color is evident in their brand. Brighten up your dog’s day, by procuring one of their amazing and colorful attires. Their most amazing collection is the raincoat collection, which provides all round protection for the rainy season. You can now take your dog for walks during the rainy season.

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