Fashion has always been known to be a woman dominated field in terms of choice and variety. Well that is true. No matter how many male designers are there, for men, it will always be a smaller scope. But how long will this be the case? With the increased sense of fashion in almost every profession, there is a need to watch what we wear. This is far more than just looking sharp, but being the envy of the office bringing glamour, taste and life to what might just be another dull Monday! Men have kicked it up a notch, and from all the women in the world, we appreciate it! From infinite scarfs to suede jackets, rugged jeans to V-neck sweaters, we cannot get enough of it! However, this is a seasonal glimpse of what might be coming. With the autumn eaves bidding us good bye, it’s time we appreciate the summer times and we hope to merrier winters.

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About last summer

Summer looks are probably the hardest to manage. I mean, you can only take off so much until it becomes illegal. With the humidity and heat that defined summer, staying cool was a must for every tom, dick and harry! The one cutting edge look that rocked throughout the summer would probably be the khaki shorts with a fold tease at the bottom. These came in colours beyond a spectrum most men can identify (if you know what I mean). These were elegantly paired with L’asher V-necks and official shirts to pull off a smart casual outlook. For bold looks, folded denims were spotted as well as brightly printed silk shirts and tribal printed baggy vests. It is summer after all. This look of the summer was topped off with casual neutral boat shoes or just a pair of converse, depending on the mood and tone of the day. The ultimate cherry at the top was the variety of sunglasses! Pull out your ray bans, because summer was lit!

Winter has come

The cold knocked at our door, and the season for scarves and boots has come. But wait, that’s not all that’s in store for us this winter. With great inspiration for the games of thrones and probably past winters, we are seeing the resurfacing of fir for men with Bordeaux-based palettes. Winter will never be this stylish. Not to set off any alarms, but the British are coming. With great fashion predictions for winter, Italian and French houses have taken the market by a storm. Experimentation with layers has never been this exciting. This winter we are seeing a lot of pullovers. This look is coming back, coupled with a scarf and a jacket, you can hardly keep your eyes off the elegant. The suede professor look is another we are digging and there are hopes of a resurface. This goes hand in hand with a long coat, folded hems slim-fit jeans, brown leather gloves and boots to match. And I thought summer was hot!

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