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College days are your grooming days – probably the most important 2-4 years of your life, because this is the point where you actually build up your own identity by portraying the true colors of your personality. The way you dress up is one way how your personality is defined. Sometimes people don’t really want to put an effort on what they are going to wear every morning. But looking nice is a healthy state for any man, because after he hears good reviews about himself he is more confident and uplifted. Isn’t college supposed to build that confidence in you? Posted below are 3 ways how guys should dress up in college.

Torn jeans and white sneakers

The sneakers superstars are clichéd but quite a trend these days. No matter how much people say, “Everybody is wearing it!” it still has got class and looks perfect with a good pair of jeans.  Torn jeans in the shades of blue compliments the white footwear worn below. If guys find the torn part too cheap, they can get a patch stitched at the back. It will still give the same look and magically solve your problem. Selection of a good plain t-shirt is important because usually, it’s the plain thing that holds class.

Corporate style for presentation days

Make your presentation days less boring and more happening. Presentation is not just about delivering your idea well. If you are dressed well, your body language will tell that you are confident, your personality will convince the audience in to believing you, you might be adding up a lot to your persona by that chic look of yours.

Get a nice blazer and a belt that matches your shoe color. Please note that no shoes look good on a pair of pants that does not fit perfectly. It should have a good width and length (till ankle) to compliment the shoes that you are wearing. Chinos has lately become a good option. You are not always supposed to wear dress pants and full suit to attend meetings and deliver a presentation, even not necessarily a tie!

The one with casual shirt and loafers

Looks cool, eh? That’s what guys are supposed to wear 7 out of 10 days of their college. Loafers have been trending for quite some time now but they are a good semi-formal option for guys to wear in college. How you carry your shoes matters a lot. In this case, the guy has folded his pants till ankle which looks great and a lot of people have been doing that. In addition to this, loafers are usually worn with no-show socks or no socks at all.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the collar shirt here is a casual one – just right for guys to wear in college. A modification that you can make to this style is by tucking in your shirt and wearing matching belt (to your shoes).

The 3 ways how guys should dress up in college which are posted above are just the basics that every guy must know!

Additionally, what adds well to your dressing is an accessory. Some kind of dog chain or a watch, a hand band maybe, or even a cap would do well. It’s essential to carry your outfit well. Hence, be confident in whatever you wear!

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