If you are a parent to toddlers, then you are aware that Halloween is a very important holiday to them. If Halloween ever catches you off-guard, then you should have some few tricks up your sleeve. Preparation is important as a parent. The idea is to help your child stand out, meaning that you will have to forego purchasing a store costume. This read aims at helping you make or purchase a few last minute Halloween costumes for your child.


An Egyptian Mummy– Take note that the use of tissue paper to illustrate a mummy will be equally as embarrassing for you as it will be for your child. This is one of the easiest costumes to make because most of the time only one item is in use. However, you could spruce up your child’s outfit by using bandages to wrap roughly around the body. You could use markers on the exposed skin to depict cuts or bruises. Try smudging a little dust and mud on the bandages.

Lion King character– You could use clothes from your child’s closet to come up with a lion outfit. You can visit your local craft store to get faux fur. Work with the available household items to bring out the character that your child prefers. You could use a marker for whiskers, and eyeliner for the eyes.

Cowboy or cowgirl– Making a cowboy costume is easy because the materials used to make them are available around the house. Look for a cowboy or girl hat, a checked shirt, boots and some jeans. If your child wants to include to some more effects, you could include rope as an accessory. Alternatively, you could team up with your child and come up with a way of creating a makeshift cow or horse, with straps that you will attach to your child to make it seem like he or she is riding the cow or horse.

Lumberjack- This costume requires minimal input. The main items to make this costume come to life are a beard and an axe. You could team up with your child to come up with ways of making an ax out of arts and craft materials.

A Disney princess– You can get the inspiration for this costume from any Disney world princess. Make sure you allow your child to choose which character she wants to emulate. The common factor in all the Disney world characters is the gown, crown, gloves, and shoes.

The little mermaid– You will need sewing skills to bring out this character perfectly. You might want to consider sewing a fishtail skirt and maybe using a child-sized nude body suit to sew in the upper part of the mermaid. You might want to look for a red wig and some pearl-like necklace for your child too.

Cloud– This is a unique costume. The chances of meeting another child with the same costume are slim to none. Just look for a white puffy material, and put your sewing skills to the test.

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