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This post is about electric heated eye masks, its uses, and the benefits that it offers. We have provided you with the best products that you can choose from. When looking for the best product, make sure that you compare one product to another. This way, you can choose the one that offers many benefits at a reasonable price. Read below for further details.


These kinds of masks look like an ordinary eye mask. It has an elastic band that secures it in place over your eyes. The temperature can be adjusted, which gives you a choice to select the desired warmth that you want to help your eyes relax.

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It would be best to choose the right electric heated eye masks that will last for a long time. Consider all the options that you have before making a choice. Below are the best products that you can choose from.

Best Electric Heated Eye Masks

#1. Aroma Season Heated Eye MaskOpens in a new tab.

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#2. USB Steam Heated Eye MaskOpens in a new tab.

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#3. Silk Heated Eye Mask for Dry EyesOpens in a new tab.

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#4. Electric Heated Eye MaskOpens in a new tab.

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#5. Esonmus USB Heater Eye MaskOpens in a new tab.

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A Brief Introduction to Electric Heated Eye Masks

Electric heated eye masks are designed with an electric heating pad for the eyes. It features an adjustable temperature to soothe the eyes and is best used for puffy eyes or dark circles. It offers relief for people who are suffering from eye allergy, rosacea, sty, and blepharitis. You can place the electric heated eye masks on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. This reusable mask can be used as many times as needed within a day.

How to Use Electric Heated Eye Masks

Electric heated eye masks either contains a gel pack that is soaked in hot water and placed into the mask or charged for reheating. This kind of eye mask retains heat longer as compared to an ordinary face cloth. This means that there is no need for you to get up from the chair and re-soak the mask in hot water every ten minutes. Below is a video tutorial on how to use electric heated eye masks.

✅ Video Tutorial

5 Benefits That You Can Get From an Electric Heated Eye Masks

It Relieves Pain

Electric heated eye masks relieve pain. This is a practical device that you can use to suffer from eye redness, discomfort, and other eye infection. Using this mask can provide you with quick relief and will allow your eyes to feel relaxed. YOu can use it with an electric head massager machine for a spa-like experience at home.

It Moisturizes the Eyes

If you are suffering from dry eyes, electric heated eye masks are your best solution. You can easily place the mask over your eyes for 10 minutes. It will moisturize your eyes and will remove the itchiness that comes with dry eyes.

It Maintains Natural Oils in Your Eyes

The glands in your eyelids produce natural oils. If these oils get clogged, they can get thick or clumpy. This can lead to eye swelling or stye. Using electric heated eye masks will thin the oil and drain it easily.

It Relaxes the Eyes

Using electric heated eye masks will relax the eyes. If you are suffering from eye spasmOpens in a new tab. or pain due to many hours of looking at a computer, you can relax your eyes by putting on eye masks.

It Reduces Eye Swelling

Having swollen eyes is uncomfortable. If your eyes are too swollen, it will reduce your eyesight as well. To help reduce the swelling, you can use electric heated eye masks.

5 Things That You Need to Consider When Purchasing Electric Heated Eye Masks

Infrared Ray

Check out if the electric heated eye masks have infrared rays. It promoted eye blood circulation that relaxes the eyes, removes dark circles, and eliminates eye strainOpens in a new tab..

Adjustable Temperature

The eye masks should have an adjustable temperature. This will allow you to choose the suitable temperature for your eyes. An eye mask that is too hot can cause a burning sensation in the eyes, and it can be uncomfortable. There are products with a remote control that you can easily press to adjust the temperature.

USB Powered

Another factor that you need to consider is charging the device. An eye mask that is USB powered is more convenient. You can easily plug it into your laptop or computer and wait for it to charge.


Since you will be wearing the mask over your eyes, you need to make sure that it is comfortable. The material should be soft and cool. Avoid materials that are rough looking and are itchy when you wear them.


Choose eye masks with a timer that you can set for a few minutes. This is a great feature that you can use especially when you plan to nap while wearing eye masks. You can set the time to 45 minutes and take your precious nap. The heater will automatically stop when it reached 45 minutes. This will prevent your eyes from taking in too much heat while you sleep.

Electric Heated Eye Masks to Soothe Weary Eyes

Today, we are dealing with a lot of issues that can lead to eye issues. Among these is the everyday pollution that you encounter while you are driving on the road. If you are working in an office, you will also be required to face the computer for many hours. Sometimes, too much pressure can cause uncomfortable eye problems.

Electric heated eye masks are perfect for people who are working at the office. Pamper yourself every time you get home by wearing the mask. This will relieve the fatigue and stress in your eyes. This will also remove the unwanted dark circles around your eyes and will make you look refreshed in the morning. Students who are also faced with the endless task of reading and doing research can take comfort in wearing this device and rest their weary eyes for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you are dealing with serious eye problems, you first need to consult with your doctor before wearing the eye mask. Here is a video that tackles how an electric heated eye mask can help dry eyes.

✅ Video Guide


Can Children Use it?

Children should only use electric heated eye masks under adult supervision.

Is the Device Reusable?

Yes, the device is reusable. It will last for a long time when used accordingly. You can clean it with soap after every use to keep it clean.

I Have an Eye Infection, Is it Safe to Use?

Electric heated eye masks relieve pain and soothe the eyes. On the other hand, if you are suffering from a sensitive eye infection, it is always best that you consult your doctor before using the device.

Is It Safe to Fall Asleep With the Eye Mask On?

It would be best if you put the eye mask for a few minutes over your eyes. Prolonged exposure to the head can cause other eye issues to arise.

The End

Thank you for reading this post about electric heated eye masks. We hope that we have provided you with the right information to help you choose the right product.


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