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Fat Shark FPV Goggles allows you to see things from a pilot’s perspective. It enables you to experience what makes drones flying so magical and addictive. With the many models that Fat Shark is offering, you can choose the one that suits your preferences and budget. Choosing the right goggles can make a big difference between your first flight is a wonderful experience or just plain failure. After putting on FPV goggles, you can see where your drone is and control it properly.

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In this post, we have made a list of the best Fat Shark FPV Goggles. Learn more about what the brand can offer to users and how you can take advantage of the different models that they are offering by reading the rest of the post below.

What Are Fat Shark FPV Goggles?

Fat Shark is an FPV brand that provides users with a premium flying experience for their drones. Fat Shark has made a name in the emerging drone industry with a comfortable and high-quality video goggles that they offer. In the past, pilots are using FPV monitors or uncomfortable headsets to guide their drones. Fat Shark has changed that. With the products that Fat Shark is offering, pilots can now fly in complete immersion with the high fidelity OLED screens that provide a clear FPV picture. This enables the pilots to see exactly where they are flying which is crucial for freestylers and drone racers.

Best Fat Shark FPV Goggles Reviews

Fat Shark Transformer Special Edition Bundle

The Transformer Single Panel Bundle is the ideal kit for ready-to-fly drone racers who are looking for the ultimate FPV experience. The bundle includes an updated 720 HD panel with a built-in diversity receiver, binocular viewer, two antennas, and a LiPo battery. It has everything you need to pick-up an FPV feed. Just charge the battery, choose a channel and fly. The Fat Shark Transformer Special Edition Bundle includes a 720p panel that can take digital and analog feeds. It has a built-in 32 channel diversity receiver that has been reconfigured to cut down multipath interference. Moreover, it can be decoupled from the headset to act as a standalone ground station.

Fat Shark Dominator V3

The Fat Shark Dominator V3 is an affordable digital video that is equipped with a wide feature set to FPV racing. The headset is equipped to have a modular design that allows the pilot to customize receiver modules. It also includes head trackers to stay on the cutting edge. You can record FPV footage using the DVR and use the modular bays for a wide range of analog video receivers and the Trinity head tracker. The Fat Shark Dominator V3 supports HDMI input at 720p with a 16:9 WVGA image. It can handle both analog and digital inputs which makes it a powerful and flexible headset for professional and casual pilots.

Fat Shark Recon Goggle

The Fat Shark Recon Goggle is an ideal entry-level FPV headset. It is designed to be affordable, simple and equipped with an ultra-immersive FOV. The goggles have an integrated four bands, USB charging, and 32-channel receiver. It is easy to use and allows the pilot to focus on the full FPV experience without having to worry about accessory components or extra charging cables. The Fat Shark Recon V3 has a very mature design. It includes onboard DVR, makes use of an integrated channel scanner to pick out the strongest video feed. The headset also has an improved 800×400 TFT resolution display for a sharper image. This is the best choice for beginners who aim to have a quality headset.

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Fat Shark Recon V2 Goggle

The Fat Shark Recon V2 Goggle is an affordable and simple solution to those who are looking for ultra-immersive FPV. It has an integrated four band, USB charging, and 32 channel receiver. This is easy to use and allows the user to focus on the full FPV experience without having to worry about extra charging cables or accessory components. Version 2 of the Recon Goggles is updated to include onboard DVR. The integrated channel scanner is used to choose the strongest nearby feed or manually change channel and band with the use of intuitive and simple controls.

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Fat Shark HDO

The Fat Shark HDO is the world’s first FPV goggle to use OLED display technology. The OLED display stack produces higher contrast rations and vivid colors which allows the pilots to see better detail under challenging and changing lighting conditions. The reduced artifacts from image retention also display better fast-moving images. The Fat Shark HDO has patented optics that produce crisp images from corner to corner on each display which alleviates any blurriness around the edges of the image. It also has an improved user interface for better switching between analog feeds and HDMI.

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Fat Shark Recon V3

The Fat Shark Recon V3 is an ideal entry-level FPV headset. They are designed to be simple, affordable and have an ultra-immersive FOV. It has an integrated four band, USB charging, and 32 channel receivers. It has a mature design that includes onboard DVR. The Fat Shark Recon V3 uses an integrated channel scanner to locate the strongest video feed and has an improved 800×480 TFT resolution display that provides a crisper image. The onboard OSD shows battery lifetime, selected channel and video signal strength. This is the best choice for beginners who are looking for a high-quality headset.

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Fat Shark Attitude V5

The Fat Shark Attitude V5 is a mini version of the Dominator HDO. The headset represents a leap forward with the same 30 degrees field of view. It has high-performance VGA OLED micro-displays and specialty pricing. The limited edition of machine green goggles is equipped with a digital video recorder and a built-in modular 5.8GHz OLED dual-receiver diversity which makes the headset a comprehensive high-performance package. The Attitude V5 has an easy to use a receiver with a one-touch band change capability, channel scanning and a spectrum analyzer for a simple and clean channel selection.

Fat Shark Scout

The Fat Shark Scout is the newest Fat Shark product. The scout is a high-performance goggle at an entry-level price. It uses a patented panel goggle optical module to deliver a fifty-degree field of view, a 60 fps refresh rate and 1136×640 resolutions in a comfortable to wear a headset. Moreover, it has a completely overhauled electronics performance. The Fat Shark Scout is equipped with diversity RX with an embedded 10 dB patch antenna to maximize reception, USB charging, a new OSD and an updated DVR. It has features that provide convenience to users which include removable foam that enables pilots to wear glasses, an embedded fan and an LED indicator on the antenna. It is ideal for pilots who are looking for high-quality performance at an affordable price.

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What is the Difference?

The difference between the different Fat Shark FPV goggles is the displays that each model has. There are also other small differences but the design is the first thing that a user will look for when choosing an FPV goggle. This is also the most important factor because the displays are what you use to view your FPV and to have the best user experience.

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What is the Best Fat Shark FPV Goggles?

When it comes to choosing the best Fat SharkOpens in a new tab. FPV goggles, it is always a personal choice. What works for others may not work for you. Consider your preferences and budget. What do you want to have from FPV goggles? Are you looking for high definition images and videos? Would you like your FPV goggles to have additional features? You can do your research and compare various models so that you can find the one that works best for you.

How Do FPV Works?

FPV works quite simply, but there are many products with various features and specs that can cause confusion. Every FPV uses the same components that include antennas, FPV camera, FPV goggles, video receiver, and video transmitter. The camera is mounted on the front of the quadcopter. The video transmitter sends real-time footage to the video receiver in the ground. Finally, the video is displayed on a pair of FPV goggles. There are some sophisticated models that include OSD, telemetry, DVR and other gear.

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2 Forms of FPV Goggles

Box Goggles

The Box FPV headsets are cheaper and have the image displayed on a single 3 to 6 inches LCD screen. Other users find box goggles more comfortable to wear because it has a larger contact area between the face and the goggles. On the other hand, they weigh more. They also feel more immersive because of the larger FOV, but this can also mean that your end ends up looking around inside the goggles more.


The Slimline FPV goggles have two little screens. They are lighter, smaller and easy to carry around. Users prefer slimline box goggles because they do not make them look like they have a large box stuck on their faces.

A Review of Fat Sharks’ Features


Like any other normal display screen, the higher the resolution, the better the picture. The limitations of the FPV camera resolutions and what the 5.8Ghz analog video transmission system can handle, you might not benefit from high resolution. On the other hand, Fat Shark has advanced FPV systems and technology. They offer HD FPV goggles that support HDMI input so you can hook them to a computer or television.

Field of View

The field of view of FPV goggles is a measurement of how large the image appears to your eyes. With a 45 degree field of view in your FPV goggles, the edges of the screen are at a 45-degree angle from the center point of your eyes. The larger the field of view, the more immersive the picture is. On the other hand, when the field of view becomes too large, it can get counterproductive. This means that you have to move your eyes more to see the edges of the screen. Fat Shark provides different models of FPV goggles with various fields of view that you can choose from.

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Inter-Pupillary Distance

Inter-pupillary distance is only applicable to goggles with two different screens. Everyone has a different inter-pupillary distance which is the distance between the center of the two pupils. It plays an important role in your FPV experience. The wrong inter-pupillary distance can cause the image to look blurry and it will be hard to focus. Fat Shark has had adjustable inter-pupillary distance which helps to keep the FPV screen ideally positioned to your eyes.

Video Recording

Video recording will help you locate your droneOpens in a new tab. in case of a crash. This is important because you can replay the footage to share with your friends in the effort to locate the point of the accident. Fat Shark provides FPV goggles that record details of the flight for reference purposes on external memory. Some can even replay the event with the use of goggles display.

Video Receiver Frequency

The video receiver frequency will determine your safe flight during obstacle encounters. There is the legal condition to choose a preferred frequency. However, experts agreed that choosing a lower frequency when encountering obstacles is the best. You can choose from frequencies that range from 900 MHz, 5.8 GHz, and 1.2 GHz.

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Fat Shark has created various FPV goggles that you can choose from. Each of the models is equipped with various features that will provide you with the best user experience. You can even choose to accessorize or upgrade the goggles for an ultimate viewing experience. The prices vary so you can find the best one that suits your budget. Fat Shark provides the best products for both beginner and professional pilots.


How Much Do They Cost?

Fat Shark FPV goggles come in different price ranges so rest assured that you can find one that suits your budget.

Are They Durable?

Yes, Fat Shark is using high-quality materials in creating FPV goggles. With proper usage and maintenance, the goggles can last for many years.

Can I purchase Online?

Yes, there are many online stores that sell a wide array of FPV goggles from Fat Shark. You can search online for the best one that you can find.

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The End

Thank you for reading this post that tackles Fat Shark FPV goggles. If you are looking for the best FPV goggles that you can use for your drone, take a look at the wide array of product choices that are offered by Fat Shark. Compare product features and prices to make sure that you find the one that suits your budget and preferences.



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