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FPV Goggles with HDMI Input

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If you are looking for FPV goggles with HDMI input, you have come to the right place. This post provides information and tips on how you can be able to find the best FPV goggles for your drone. With the many products that are sold, it can be confusing to choose the right one. Here are the best FPV goggles with HDMI input that you can choose from.

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FPV goggles with HDMI input provide the user with a first-person view which is important when playing virtual games or flying a drone. Find out about the many benefits that you can get from the device by reading the rest of the post below. Drone racing enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the aerial view that the goggles can provide. They feature high resolution for the best quality viewing.

If you love to fly drones as your hobby or you are joining drone racing activities, you need to have the best equipment. The FPV goggles with HDMI input will provide you with high-quality drone flying experience. You can keep track of your drone while seeing the view from above. With the HDMI input, you can connect the FPV goggles to the PC or TV for a wider screen resolution.


If you want to find the best FPV goggles with HDMI input, check out the list below. The products are chosen based on customer ratings and reviews. Scroll down below to find out more about each product.

Best FPV Goggles with HDMI Input

#1. GOOVIS Young Meta-UniverseOpens in a new tab.

#2. VISIONHMD Bigeyes H3Opens in a new tab.

#3. Visionhmd Bigeyes H1Opens in a new tab.

#4. Fat Shark HDO FPV GogglesOpens in a new tab.

#5. DJI Goggles Racing EditionOpens in a new tab.

What Are FPV Goggles with HDMI Input?

FPV goggles with HDMI input are goggles that are commonly used in flying drones and provide the user with a first-person view. It allows the person to control the drone to see what is happening on the ground and in the air. Using this kind of goggle will improve the reaction time and increase the concentration of the user. This makes it easier to avoid any obstacles that the drone might encounter.

How Do They Work?

The drone has a built-in camera that captures images and videos. A signal from the drone will be sent to a video transmitter which in turn broadcasts the signal wirelessly. The FPV goggles with HDMI input will pick up the signal and display it on the screen found inside the goggles. Using HDMI, you can easily connect the device into your television, computer or laptop.

✅ Video – How to Connect an FPV Goggle to an HDMI Input

The great thing about FPV goggles with HDMI input is that they can be connected to a computer, television or laptop. Here is a video demonstration on how to connect FPV goggles to an HDMI input. Check out the video below for useful tips and information.

Eachine FPV Goggles

Eachine FPV goggles are one of the most popular goggles that are available online. You can choose from a wide array of models that they offer. Each product is equipped with different features that cater to the needs of users. Make sure to check out the different models that they offer and choose the one that can provide you with the best user experience.

Flysight FPV Goggles

If you are looking for FPV goggles, you should check out the extensive models that Flysight has to offer. They have come up with the best FPV goggles that can be used in various activities. You can rest assured that your money will not go to waste. You can check out reviews and ratings from users who have used different models of Flysight FPV goggles.

FPV Box Goggles

Enjoy the many benefits that you can get from using FPV box goggles. The mini FPV goggles have an ergonomic and optical design. It is ideal for people who wear glasses and have a patented design of optical refraction which has no eye strain even after using for a long time. It features a detachable 5-inch monitor, combines goggle, separate monitor all in one. The goggles have a built-in DVR recording for up to 10 minutes in one file, one key recording, and supports HDMI input.

3D FPV Goggles

Enjoy high-quality viewing when you fly your drone by using 3D FPV goggles. It is the world’s first FPV goggle to use OLED display technology. The OLED display stack produces vivid colors and higher contrast ratios which give pilots the ability to see better detail challenging lighting conditions. It is equipped with reduced artifacts from image retention that provides better and fast-moving images. The goggles have patented optics that produces crisp images from corner to corner on each display.

2.4 GHZ FPV Goggles

The 2.4 GHZ FPV goggles feature a redesigned facial pad and headband which makes them more comfortable to wear. It supports Sphere pano photo viewing and local video playback. The goggles also work with the DJI OcuSync air unit and can receive the analog video signals. It is ideal for RC drones.

5.8 GHZ FPV Goggles

The goggles feature an adjustable lens focus with a focal distance that can be adjusted with a simple dial on the bottom unit. It is designed with automatic switching to the antenna and auto-scanning function for fast and easy channel searching. The ViewOptixHD auto-recognizes the format and displays the image properly regardless of the model of the camera that you are using.

Mini FPV Goggles

Enjoy drone racing using mini FPV goggles. The goggles feature double antennas for a more stable signal. It is equipped with a built-in 3.7V/1200mAh high-capacity Li-ion polymer battery which provides more flying time. It comes with an advanced auto-searching function and shows the working frequency on screen.

5 Inch Monitor FPV Goggles

Make sure that you keep track of your drone all the time by using an FPV goggle. The goggle is specifically made to work with all DJI drones or any other drones only if your remote controller has an HDMI output. It will also work if you are using a tablet with HDMI output to transmit the video since the goggles are connected via HDMI cable.

Glasses Support FPV Goggles

The glasses support FPV goggles is ideal for drone racing. It features upgraded goggles with DVR HDMI in order to adjust the IPD distance more precisely like the military glasses. The goggles have a built-in DVR that can help in recording FPV without delay. It also features an auto-save function if the power is disconnected. The detachable receiver module allows users to upgrade the device. It features a detachable eyecup and built-in automatic fan to prevent fogging.

HeadPlay FPV Headset

The goggle is packed with features that every FPV enthusiast will definitely enjoy. It is designed with quality, performance, and comfort. The FPV headset gently rests on the forehead spreading the weight out evenly. It is comfortable to wear even for a long time. Three straps securely hold the headset in place while blocking the light that is coming from the outside. It creates a cinematic experience that users will definitely enjoy.

FPV Goggle Kit for iPhone

The FPV goggle kit for iPhone will provide you with the flying experience and aerial shots that you want. It is what you need of you are looking for an FPV goggle set-up for Phantom 2, Inspire 1, or Typhoon Q500. The goggle is equipped with a front-facing camera to clearly see your surroundings. It is equipped with 2 antennas to get the maximum reception possible.

Skyzone FPV Goggles

The Skyzone SKY02C is the updated version of Skyzone 02S V+ and is the latest FPV goggles released by Skyzone. It has a built-in 5.8 GHz diversity receiver and designed to have a more stable reception. The built-in tracker allows the user to have an immense FPV experience. It is integrated with a defogging fan which prevents fog even in the cold weather.

FPV Goggles VS FPV Monitors

What is the difference between FPV goggles and monitors? Which one can provide the user with the best viewing experience?

FPV monitors are cheaper, easily allow you to easily switch FPV LOS and give the user an overall situational awareness. On the other hand, it can be hard to see in bright sunlight and you easily get distracted by your surroundings. Moreover, the select monitors do not have an auto blue screen feature that pops on during weak video signals.

FPV goggles are made up of a head-mounted goggle system with built-in screens and lenses. Using these kinds of goggles is like watching a large virtual TV screen. FPV goggles are expensive as compared to monitors but if you have an unlimited budget, you can take advantage of the viewing experience that the FPV goggles offer. They are lighter, more portable, smaller, and blocks out sunlight which is perfect to use during a sunny day.

Have Fun Flying Drones Using FPV Goggles

If you love to fly drones then it is best that you are equipped with the right devices that will make the experience more fun and exciting. Today, FPV goggles with HDMI input are popular when it comes to taking videos. The device offers endless possibilities for users. Here is a video review on what FPV goggles can provide for users.

✅ Video – DJI Goggle Review

Why FPV Goggles are Essential for Drone Pilots

FPV goggles are essential for drone pilots because they provide clarity and a complete viewing experience that cannot be achieved with the use of any other viewing equipment. FPV goggles give you the feeling of seeing what the camera sees as if the object is right before you. This is very important most especially for professional drone racers. On the other hand, the quality of the goggles that you purchase will determine your viewing experience. Choose high-quality FPV goggles so that you can easily maneuver your drone through any obstacles.

The Best Place to Fly Drones Using FPV Goggles

It is fun to fly using FPV goggles with HDMI input. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you do not fly over people. You need to do this in order to avoid any accidents from happening. It is best that you do fly it on the beach or in the open park. The best place would be in areas where there is plenty of space for the drone to maneuver around.

You should also take note that there are some areas wherein you cannot legally fly drones. Flying drones is not allowed in various places and countries. You need to follow rules and regulations when you are flying a drone most especially if you are flying it in overcrowded areas. Airports are no-fly zone areas. You can check online about drone flying rules and regulations in your area so you can rest assured that you will not break any rules.

What Are Good FPV Goggles?

There are a lot of FPV goggles that are available in the market. You can choose from a wide array of features that are available. Some FPV goggles can even be upgraded for the best user experience. You should choose the one that you need and can provide you with the things that you are looking for. It helps to compare the features and prices so that you can get the best deals. You can also read reviews from users who have tried the product. They can provide you with an unbiased review of their experience.

3 Kinds of FPV Goggles

Standalone Goggles

They offer the best first-person view experience. On the other hand, they are more expensive as compared to other kinds of FPV goggles. They are usually used by professional drone racers. Standalone goggles are equipped with a small LCD screen and a magnification lens. They are small, comfortable to wear, and can easily be carried in your bag.

Box Goggles

These kinds of goggles are made of a regular LCD screen and a magnification lens that is enclosed by a box to hold everything together. They are less expensive as compared to standalone goggles and are commonly used by beginners. On the other hand, they are big and bulky which makes them hard to carry around.

FPV Monitor

These kinds of goggles are made from screens and have built-in FPV receiver. FPV monitors are used by aerial photographers. They enable the user to look up and see where the drone is positioned. On the other hand, you cannot wear them since they are just monitors.

5 Benefits That You Can Get from FPV Goggles with HDMI Input

Cover More Flying Area

If you fly drones by a line of sight only, you will be limited to a short distance. Without FPV goggles, you would want to keep your drone insight so that it will not get lost. Using FPV goggles with HDMI input will enable you to have the freedom of flying your drone for many miles. You can make sure that it is safe since you can keep track of it no matter how high it soars in the sky.

Stunning Aerial Shots

Having the first person view provides lots of benefits and one of them is that you can get high-quality aerial shots. You will see what the drone camera sees which enables you to have control over the photos and videos that you will get. You can also control the angle of the drone so that you can take well-positioned photos.

✅ Video – Cinematic Footage with a Racing Drone

If you are wondering how a racing drone can provide next-level cinematic footage, you can check out the video below. You can take advantage of the beautiful sceneries that you come across while you are drone racing and create a stunning video about it. To find out how cinematic the videos can be, click the play button below.

Agile Flying

By using first-person viewOpens in a new tab. goggles with HDMI, you can control the drone swiftly. You can fly between obstacles more easily. Since you can have a first-person view, controlling the drone becomes minimal in terms of difficulty.

Have More Fun

FPV goggles make drones flying more fun. With the recent technologies that are made on the goggles, you will feel like you are flying in the skies as well. The drone can reach great distance and you can maneuver even in difficult areas. With the view that the FPV goggles provides, operating the drone can be so much fun. It is always fun and exciting to maneuver the drone into different places and having a first-person view.

Keep Your Drone Safe at All Times

You do not have to worry about your drone getting caught in wires or getting lost somewhere. With the real-time video capture, you can keep track of your drone; you’ll know exactly where it is. You can easily hurdle obstacles that come your way by maneuvering the drone. With the first-person view, you can have a clear view of the area where you are flying and can make sure that your drone will come back to you safe and sound.

5 Things That You Need to Consider When Purchasing FPV Goggles with HDMI Input


You can choose from a wide array of styles that are available. While it is true that stylish goggles will not make you any better in operating the drone, it looks good and will make you look like a professional as well. The old models are usually bulky and heavy but manufacturers nowadays have created lightweight and portable FPV goggles with HDMI input that is comfortable to use and will not strain your head and neck after many hours of using the device.

Screen Resolution

Take note that the first person view experience will not be fun if you do not use the right screen resolution. The higher the screen resolution is, the better it will be for the user. This also means that you will be able to have a wider view when above the ground. While it requires you to add extra when you want higher screen resolution, you will enjoy the viewing experience that you will get.

Field of View

The field of viewpoints out how the incoming visual image is positioned in the center of your eyes. Most goggles have 25 to 45 FOV angle. Go for the widest field of view as possible. It is recommended that you choose FPV goggles with HDMI input that have 30 degrees or more field of view. This is perfect for wide-angle or panoramic scenes.

✅ Video – Fat Shark FPV Goggle FOV Comparison

Check out the video below for a field of view comparison of an FPV goggle. It is important that you choose the best field of view so that you can get the best user experience from the FPV goggle that you are using.

HDMI Input

It is best that you choose FPV goggles with HDMI inputOpens in a new tab.. This enables you to attach the goggles to the computer. This is ideal for first-person view simulator practice. Usually, FPV goggles support analog video input. On the other hand, HDMI input is a better choice since it provides many upgrade possibilities in the future.

Built-in Video Receiver

There are FPV goggles that have built-in video receiver. This is perfect if you do not want to buy a separate one. The downside is that they can have a limited channel selection.

What Are The Uses of FPV Goggles With HDMI Input?

Drone Racing

The most popular uses of FPV goggles with HDMI input are for drone racing. It is a well-known sport that has been growing all across the globe. Drone racing provides enthusiasts with a great combination of virtual reality, adrenaline rush, and friendly competition. Using a racing drone, you can add FPV goggles and immerse yourself in the sport. It will give you a first-person view of everything that the camera catches which enables you to easily maneuver the drones.

Flight Simulation

Another use of the FPV goggles with HDMI input is to train beginners to become a better drone pilot. This can be done with a virtual practice. There are a lot of FPV flight simulators that can help you improve your quadcopter handling. They are useful tools for those who want to learn drones flying especially to those who have the unfortunate experience of crashing their drones during their first flight. This is an effective way to learn how to properly and effectively fly a drone through any obstacles.

✅ Video – How to Fly an FPV Race Drone

Flight simulation is important to make sure that you are properly and effectively flying your drone. Here is a video that shows how to become a better pilot by practicing on an FPV simulator. For more tips and information on you can benefit from this activity, you can watch the video below.

Search and Rescue

The great thing about having FPV goggles is that it can give video feedback in real-time. This has the potential to help save lives which makes FPV goggles ideal equipment in search and rescue operations. The most dangerous part of the operation is finding the people who are in need of help. This can be difficult and can also put the lives of the rescuers at risk. To make the operation fast and easy, the drones are sent to search for survivors. They can reach high and narrow places easily and send live feedback footage to the rescue teams so that they can prepare for the rescue operation.


FPV goggles proved to be very helpful when it comes to the field of agriculture. With the use of a drone and FPV technology, the farmers can fly high above their fields for mapping and to evaluate the health of their crops. Using sensors and gadgets, they can have a detailed picture of the ground below. It is cheaper to collect data with the use of a drone and FPV goggle. These gadgets also accurate because drones can fly closer to the ground as compared to planes and helicopters.


Drones and FPV goggles can help prevent lives from being put at risk during dangerous inspections. Structures like towers and bridges need regular checks to make sure that they are working properly and in their best condition. With the use of FPV goggles, the engineer can easily spot the areas of risk from drone footages. The drones can easily get close to the structures and can fly over them which allows the engineer to have a look at the different areas and determine if they are in fine condition or not. With the use of FPV goggles and drones, it is easy to spot on the top of an 80 feet building. It is a fast, reliable and easy way to inspect dangerous structures.

Affordable DIY FPV Goggles

If you love do-it-yourself projects, here is one that you can do. FPV goggles can be expensive most especially if it is equipped with the latest technology. If you want to have your own goggles at an affordable price, here is a fun DIY that you can do.

✅ Video – DIY FPV Goggles

5 Accessories That You Can Use With FPV Goggles

There are many kinds of accessories that you can use with your FPV goggles. These accessories make your viewing experience even better. You can purchase these accessories online at a reasonable price. Here are some of the accessories that you can choose from,


This is a common accessory that you can find online. The tripod enables you to use your goggles as a free-standing FPV monitor if they are equipped with a visible screen.

Tilt Mounds

The tilt mounds allow you to customize the angle at which your FPV camera sits. You can choose the right angle that is comfortable and will provide you with the best viewing experience.


You can add this accessory to your FPV goggles. This will effectively reduce glare and will maximize the clarity of your videos. This is a great accessory that will provide you with a clear video when you are shooting on a sunny day.


You can upgrade the antenna of your FPV goggles to have a stronger signal. This will make sure that you can keep track of your drone at all times.

High-grip Straps

If you want to customize the straps of your FPV goggles, you can do also do that by purchasing high-grip straps that are sold online. These straps will make sure that the set-up is attached to your head and neck safely and comfortably.

✅ Video – Fat Shark Goggle Strap

The video below talks about FPV goggles straps. For more information about how to adjust straps for more comfortable viewing, you can watch the video below.

3 Kinds of Batteries to Consider

Your FPV goggles with HDMI input are powered by a separate battery. Making sure that you choose the right battery is crucial when it comes to operating the FPV goggles. Here are the three kinds of batteries that you can choose from.

18650 Batteries

These kinds of batteries are lithium-ion and are usually found in e-cigarettes and are known to have a great capacity to size rations. As compared to their lower lithium polymer counterparts, these batteries can be discharged lower and are also used to create a goggle battery. These batteries can be charged using a 18650 charger.

External Lipo Batteries

These are external battery packs that are kept either in the pilot’s packet or on the goggle strap. These batteries work well but the downside is that it can be cumbersome to plug in and charge with every use. The smaller lipo packs will not also last for long on many goggles.

Built-in Batteries

Most users would opt for these kinds of batteries because they built into the goggles. On the other hand, they are limited by pack size and cannot be quickly changed. The lifespan of the goggles will be determined by the life of the built-in battery. The batteries can be charged with a USB power bank.

How to Prevent FPV Goggles with HDMI Input from Overheating

It is vital that you prevent your FPV goggles with HDMI input from overheating. The inconsistent temperature will result in your goggle lenses becoming cooler. This can cause water vapor that can turn into liquid and will cloud your goggle lenses and cause a blurry image. To avoid this, you should wear your FPV goggles at all times to sustain a stable temperature between the goggles and your face. Clean the goggles after use to get rid of any moisture on the lens.

You can also punch small homes in the lower part of the eyecups to allow a small amount of air to pass in and out which reduced fog. Another option would be to use sprays and creams. There are many anti-fog sprays that can be purchased online. You can use anti-fogging sprays that are used for standard glasses. This will reduce fogging and blurry images.


Can I Use it for Photography?

Yes, you can use it for photography. More and more photographers are reaping the benefits of using FPV goggles for taking stunning and wide-angle photos. You can use for wedding photos to capture stunning footage of the guests from above. It can also be used to create cinematic footage of different sceneries. The great thing about using FPV drones for photography is that they can provide wide-angle photos with a great background.

Does it Have Audio?

Yes, you can have audio. If you want to record aerial sounds such as the air rushing around the drone, you can easily record it with the use of audio.

Can I use smartphones for FPV goggles?

Yes, you can. You can send live video using wi-fi to display the footage on your smartphone. On the other hand, video streaming can be delayed.

The End

You have reached the end of this post. We hope that we have provided you with the necessary information that you need. Choose the best FPV goggles with HDMI input and reap the many benefits that you can get from it. Thank you for reading!


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