10 Magical Inflatable Christmas Dragons to Decorate Your Home

Inflatable Christmas Dragons

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Inflatable Christmas dragons are a great addition to your decorations for the holiday season. Who says that inflatable dragons are only for Halloween? More and more people are using life-sized inflatable dragons to decorate their lawns. Dragons are magical creatures and having one in your lawn will add a whimsical feel into your surroundings. If you look online, you can find a wide array of inflatable Christmas dragons. With the many choices that are available, it can be confusing to find the right one. Worry no more because we have gathered and reviewed the best inflatable Christmas dragons that you can choose from.


In this post, we tackle the benefits of having inflatable Christmas dragons in your lawn, why they make great decorations, and how to find the one that suits your preferences and budget. Stick around for more tips and information about inflatable Christmas dragons.

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This specific inflatable Christmas dragonOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The inflatable dragon measures 9 feet tall and comes with internal lights. It is equipped with a powerful built-in fan so it can self-inflate in seconds.

Here is a list of the best inflatable Christmas dragons available on Amazon. Compare each product to get the best deals.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Christmas Dragons

#1. 8 Feet Christmas Inflatable DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable Christmas dragon adds a whimsical look into your outdoor decoration. The dragon is wearing a Santa hat and is holding a wish list. This giant inflatable will light-up with bright and energy-efficient LED lighting. It self-inflates in seconds and can easily deflate for storage.

#2. Inflatable 3.5 Ft Tall Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable features a dragon with with wings and wearing a hat. It is a standalone decoration but you can also combine it with other holiday figures. The inflatable is ideal for both indoor and outdoor display. It is easy to set-up. Simply plug it in, stake it securely on the ground, and watch it self-inflate in seconds. The inflatable Christmas dragon is made from durable metal, fabric, and plastic. It also lights up for an impressive nighttime display.

#3. 6 Feet Fire Breathing Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The fire breathing Christmas dragon measures 6.75 feet tall. It features an animated LED lighting and the dragon is wearing a Santa hat. The dragon is illuminated by super bright LED lights and is ideal for nighttime display. You can place it on your entryway or in front of your porch to greet guests and passersby.

#4. Lighted Inflatable Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable Christmas dragon is easy to set up. It includes an electrical cord, tethers, and stakes. The dragon is animated and its wings will flap when turned on. Measuring 9 feet tall, it makes an ideal outdoor display. It easily collapses for storage.

#5. Inflatable Green and Red Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable Christmas dragon is a cute addition to your Christmas decoration. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Kids will definitely adore the cuteness of this inflatable. It is easy to set up and is also collapsible for storage.

#6. 9 Feet Inflatable Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The giant inflatable Christmas dragon measures an impressive 9 feet tall and is the ideal display for your Christmas decor. If you want something that is unique and fun for your outdoor display, you can choose this inflatable. It is designed with tie-down points and anchor ropes for secure fastening.

#7. Inflatable Christmas Dragon with LightsOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable dragon comes with everything that you need for easy set-up. It self-inflates in seconds. All that you need to do is to secure it on the ground and plug it in. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration. This is a magical yet fierce-looking character that you can add to your Christmas inflatable figure displays.

#8. Fire Breathing Inflatable DragonOpens in a new tab.

Another unique decoration that you can add to your outdoor display would be this fun lighted dragon. If you particularly love dragons and would like to incorporate it into your Christmas decoration, you an inflatable one is a good option. The inflatable self-inflates in seconds and comes with everything that you need for easy set-up.

#9. Airblown Christmas Inflatable DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable Christmas dragon projects turning and swirling lights for nighttime visibility. It is 8 feet tall and is an ideal outdoor display. The inflatable is easy to set-up and the package includes ground stakes, ropes, and anchors for stability. It can self-inflate in seconds and is also easy to store.

#10. Purple Lighted Inflatable Christmas DragonOpens in a new tab.

The inflatable Christmas dragon is lighted nighttime visibility. It is 3.5 feet tall and is an ideal outdoor display. The inflatable is easy to set-up and the package includes ground stakes, ropes, and anchors for stability. It can self-inflate in seconds and is also easy to store.

Why Purchase Inflatable Christmas Dragons?

Why not? Christmas is a time for festivity. You can make your property looking as festive as you can by adding various decorations that range from simple to extravagant ones. Nowadays, inflatable Christmas decorations are in-demand. You can find a life-sized inflatable snowman that lights up at night. There is also Santa and his reindeers. Why not add something unique to your decorations? What can be more eye-catching than inflatable Christmas dragons loitering around your yard, greeting everyone that passes by? If you want to have unique Christmas decors, you can go for inflatable dragons.

How to Set Up Inflatable Christmas Dragons

Setting up an inflatable Christmas dragon is as easy as setting up an inflatable Minnie Mouse. All that you need is an air pump. Most products come with an air pump. If there is none, you can purchase one online. All that you need to do is to carefully and securely attach the air pump into the valve of the inflatable and let it inflate. Most inflatable Christmas dragons will inflate in a few minutes depending on how big it is. Most products come with a manual that you can follow.

✅ Video – Giant Inflatable Unboxing

Another wold shared the video below on YouTube. For more information on how to set-up an inflatable Christmas dragon, you can watch the video below.

Inflatable Dragon Christmas Decoration

There are many styles and designs of inflatable Christmas dragons that you can use for your decoration. Some are breathing fire, others have colorful wings, and there are even those that are wearing Santa Claus Christmas hats. You can choose the one that suits your preferences. Do you want the dragon to stand out? Or do you want it to blend in with your other decorations? Are you going to place it outdoors or indoors? Choose the one which you think will work with the decorations that you already have.

Inflatable Christmas Dragon Costume

You can also dress up like a dragon by wearing an inflatable Christmas dragon costume. While everyone else is wearing a Santa or reindeer costume, you can wear a unique dragon costume. You can wear this for a costume party or you can just dress up like a dragon during Christmas Eve. You can purchase a set of inflatable dragon costume for the whole family. It is another fun way to celebrate Christmas.

Inflatable Christmas Dragon for Sale

There are many inflatable Christmas dragons for sale online. You can choose from a wide array of sizes and designs that are available. There are designs that are perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. You can purchase the funniest looking inflatable dragon and inflatable Christmas Minion online and entertain your neighbors by displaying the inflatable in your from the yard. Check online stores for some of the best designs that they have.

Customized Inflatable Christmas Dragons

With today’s technology, you can customize your own inflatable Christmas dragon. Most manufacturers offer customization for an additional price. You can choose the color, design, and height of your dragon. If you want the design of the dragon to blend in with your Christmas theme, you can share your ideas with the manufacturers and they will help you bring your design to life.

Animated Inflatable Christmas Dragon

Do you want your inflatable dragon not only to be life-sized but also life-like? You can choose an animated inflatable Christmas dragon. This inflatable dragon can flap its wings. It also features colorful, swirling lights that come from an internal spotlight. The lights create an amazing fire and ice effect that looks great both day and night. It will surely catch the attention of people passing by your lawn.

✅ Video – Inflatable Christmas Dragon

If you want to know more about the animated inflatable Christmas dragon and their features, you can watch the video below. Find out what the product looks like when inflated.

5 Benefits That You Can Get from Inflatable Christmas Dragons

They Are Easy to Set Up

Most inflatable products are self-inflating. This means that you do not have to exert a lot of effort to inflate the product. Just attach the inflatable to the air pump and wait for it to fully inflate. Depending on the size of the inflatable, it takes just a few minutes until it is fully inflated. The product also comes with stakes and tethers to help the inflatable stand and to avoid being blown away. The inflatable should be secured especially if you live in a windy area.

They Are Unique

If you want to have something unique for your decoration and can attract attention, your best option is inflatable Christmas dragons and inflatable Christmas trains. Who would have thought of making dragons a part of the Christmas decoration? It is a unique décor that will amaze everyone. You can purchase an 8 foot inflatable Christmas dragon and set it up in your front yard for everyone to see.

Can be Used in Different Occasion

The great thing about inflatable Christmas dragons is that they can be stored and reused for another occasion. If your kids love dragons, you can display the inflatable at your kid’s birthday party. It is another attraction that will entertain the kids aside from Christmas Snoopy inflatables. You can also display the inflatable dragon during Halloween. Make sure that you store it carefully to avoid punctures and tears.

They Are Cool

Inflatable Christmas dragons are equipped with cool features like lights and animation. You do not have to use white Christmas lights to make the inflatable glow. You can choose an inflatable dragon that can flap its wing or can breathe fire. There are some models that have LED lights inside which makes the dragon glow. There are many cool features that you can choose. Check out online stores for the coolest dragon features that they have.

Many Options to Choose From

One of the reasons why inflatable Christmas dragons are popular is because they are available in a wide array of designs and sizes that you can choose from. You can choose a dragon that will stand out from the rest of your tabletop Christmas tree decorations. Moreover, you can choose a small inflatable dragon that will blend in with your decorations. You can include the dragon along with other inflatable Christmas decorations that you have.

✅ Video – Inflatable Dragon Demonstration

Click here for a review of one of the inflatable Christmas dragons that you can choose from. Find out what the user has to say about the product by watching the video below.

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Inflatable Christmas Dragons


One of the first things that you need to consider is the size of the inflatable Christmas dragon. How big or small do you want it to be? The tallest inflatable dragon can reach up to 11 feet which is very high. You can also purchase a smaller one that reaches only up to 3 or 4 feet tall.


Are you going to set-up the inflatable Christmas dragon indoors or outdoors? If you want to have it for indoor decoration, choose a smaller one that fits your property. If your ceiling only reaching up to 10 feet, do not purchase an 11 feet inflatable dragon because there is no way it will fit into your indoor area. A Star Wars Christmas inflatable set is perfect for outdoor decoration.


What kind of design would you like? Would you go for a simple one or an odd-looking dragon with three heads? Of course, you need to consider your neighbors. Some people find it offensive to have a scary-looking dragon for a Christmas decorationOpens in a new tab.. If you want a scary looking one but you do not want to offend your neighbors, it is best that you display the dragon indoors.


There are many features that you can choose from. You can find animated dragons that can breathe fire. There are also those that light up during the night. Choose a feature that you like. Would you like your dragon to be able to flap its wings or light up its belly? You can choose from the many features that are available.


Inflatable products are made from light materials that easily inflate. Unfortunately, they can easily puncture or tear. Make sure that you choose a thick materialOpens in a new tab. that is also punctured and tear-resistant. The material should be durable and can withstand different weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow.


Do They Light Up?

There are inflatable Christmas dragons that can light up. They are equipped with LED lighting which makes them glow during the night. You can use inflatable solar lanterns around the inflatable dragon to make it glow.

Are they Affordable?

The price of inflatable Christmas dragons varies so rest assured that you can find one that suits your budget. The price ranges from around 30 to 100 dollars or more.

How Tall Are They?

The height of inflatable Christmas dragons ranges from three to 12 feet. You can even customize your dragon to be taller than that.

The End

Thank you for reading this post about inflatable Christmas dragons. We hope that we have provided you with information that can help you choose the right product that suits your preferences and budget. Consider all the options that you have and compare each product on the list to get the best deals.



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Inflatable Christmas Dragons

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