Top 10 Best Portable Mini Laser Printers, Reviews 2021

Portable Mini Laser Printers

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This post talks about portable mini laser printers. We provide you with tips on how you can be able to purchase the right product. To help you save time, we have narrowed down the options to only the best products available on the market. We based the list on the reviews and ratings given by customers. Here are the top products that you can choose from.

What is the Best Portable Mini Laser Printer?

The best portable mini laser printer can be taken anywhere. They are portable and can print colored and black and white documents. They have high-quality features that makes them durable and easy to use. Portable mini laser printers are ideal for both home and office use.

This specific productOpens in a new tab. is one of the most popular. This is your best choice if you are looking for a reliable printer for home or office use.

Portable Mini Laser Printers are perfect for people on the go. They function as an ordinary laser printer but are much smaller and lighter. You can find numerous options for this kind of printer available online. They can print invoices, reports, photos, and many more. Because of their size, you can take them anywhere with you. They can print colored and black and white documents.

See Today’s Most Popular PORTABLE MINI LASER PRINTERS on Amazon

There are many kinds of portable mini laser printers that are sold on the market. How can you find the one that suits your needs and budget? What are the benefits that you can get from purchasing this kind of printer? How portable are they? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this post.

This kind of printer can last for a long time. You can rely on it to print various types of color or black and white documents. They are suitable investments and built for the long haul. The printers are ideal for both home and office use.

We have also provided a list of the best products that you can choose from. Compare various options until you can find the one that suits your preferences and budget. For more information and tips about portable mini laser printers, you can check out the rest of the post below.

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Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer-get more info

3 Portable Mini Laser Printers:

1. Pantum M6552NW All in One Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.
2. Wireless Small Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.
3. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.

The folks at Amazon also have their own list of best portable mini laser printers below – many are on sale.

Top 10 Best Portable Mini laser Printers

Below is a list of the best portable mini laser printers that are available on Amazon. Check out the features and descriptions of each product. Scroll down below and choose the best product that suits your preferences.

#1. Canon TR8520 All-In-One PrinterOpens in a new tab.

The printer features print, scan, and copy options. Android users can easily detect and connect to the printer using Wi-Fi direct. It has long battery life and delivers the most pages. This printer is ideal for professionals on the go and telecommuters who need a reliable, portable, and high-quality printer that they can take anywhere.

#2. Pantum M6552NW All in One Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab. The laser printer is efficient. It comes with different features that you can avail. The laser printer is adjustable. Its stylish and space-saving design makes it convenient to place anywhere.

#3. Brother HL5450DN High-Speed Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.The portable printer helps reduce operating costs with its low-cost printing. It can yield 8,000-page replacement toner cartridges. The printer features an adjustable 300 sheets capacity per tray. It has a built-in device, document, and network security features. Moreover, it has features that help protect against unauthorized device access.

#4. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.

This printer is engineered for increased efficiency with class-leading prin that can speed up to 36 pages per minute. It has a capacity of 250 sheets and allows flexible printing. The manual feed slot of the printer provides flexible paper handling of various papers and sizes. It allows wireless printing from your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet. The printer has versatile connection options with built-in WIFI and Ethernet interfaces.

#5. Wireless Small Laser PrinterOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab. The single-function laser printer provides fast and high-definition printing of up to 22ppm in A4 and 23ppm in Letter. Its sleek design makes it compatible with any desk or workspace. The metal frame structure of the printer is durable and can last for a long time. It has an easy one-step wireless installation and can connect with high-speed USB 2.0 and WIFI. Moreover, it is also compatible with mobile device printing.

#6. HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M428fdwOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab. This printer is a mono laser multifunction printer that is designed for energy efficiency and enhanced workflow. It has duplex printing and dual-band Wi-Fi. Moreover, it has different embedded security features that help protect the printer from being an entry point of attacks. You can use built-in Wi-Fi directly to connect to your Smartphone directly to the wireless printer for easy mobile printing.

#7. HP OfficeJet 250 Portable PrinterOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.The portable printer can wirelessly print from your laptop or mobile device. It is durable, and because of its size, it can easily fit in your backpack for convenient printing anywhere. With a long-lasting battery, you can reduce charging interruptions. It is easy to use with its large and user-friendly control panel.

#8. HP LaserJet Pro M404dnOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.The portable printer prints consistently high-quality documents. It has embedded security features that help ensure the safety of your sensitive data. The automatic 2 sided printing can help you stay productive. It can produce 40 pages per minute. The compact size is ideal for your working area.

#9. HP LaserJet MFP M234dweOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab. This printer features wireless networking and can print from a mobile device with up to 5,000 pages. It has an LED control panel and is also an energy-saver. The reloadable laser printer provides white and black printing at 21ppm. It has 150 sheet papers per tray and also includes a mess-free toner refill.

#10. Canon imageCLASS LBP162dwOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.This printer is designed for home office and personal use. It has a paper capacity of up to 251 sheets. You can load 250 sheets in the standard paper tray and one sheet in the multipurpose tray. It has wireless capabilities which allow it to print from a mobile phone or tablet.

Kinds of Portable Mini Laser Printers

HP Portable Printer

HP is one of the trusted brands when it comes to printers. You can find many printers in various sizes and designs. HP provides many portable printers. These printers are small-sized and can be carried wherever you go. Some of the printers that they produce are small enough to fit your briefcase. Others are small enough to be placed in the backseat of your car, so you can easily reach for it when you need to print a document while you are traveling. Choose from the many high-quality portable printers that they are offering.

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Portable Printer Scanner

Any office or household should have a portable printer scanner. It is necessary to scan documents, papers, and photos to email or print them. Portable printer scanners are wireless and compact, which means that they can easily be carried from one place to another. It is perfect to have if you are always traveling and needing to scan documents to be emailed. With the many portable printer scanners sold in the market, you can definitely find the one that suits your needs.

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Portable Laser Printer for Car

Are you attending a conference and need to print a document while you are in the car? Do you need to print a business card, but you are driving in a remote area? If this is the case, you do not have to worry because you can purchase a portable laser printer for the car. There is a wide array of choices that you can opt from.

The great thing about a portable laser printer for the car is that they are wireless, so there is no need to fuss about connecting wires on the devices. It is also portable, which means that it takes little space, and you can store it in your car for emergency use. If you need printing a document, you better have the best portable laser printer for the car sold online.

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Brother Portable Laser Printer

If you look online, you can find a lot of Brother portable laser printer. This shows that it is one of the most in-demand brands when it comes to portable laser printers. You can choose from the different designs and sizes of laser printers that they have. From black and white to colored, you choose from a wide array of models that suits your preferences and budget.

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✅ Video – Brother All-In-One Printer Review!

For more information about the Brother Compact Monochrome Laser all-in-one multi-function printer’s features and specs, you can watch the video below.

The Primera Trio Portable All-in-One Printer

The Primera Trio portable all-in-one printer is the world’s smallest and lightest printer. It can print, copy, and scan documents. It is small enough to fit a backpack or briefcase, which is perfect if you need to carry it with you wherever you go—this printer prints in both color and black. If you want to have the lightest printer, this is your best choice.

✅ Video – Primer Trio portable all-in-one printer review

For more details about the Primer Trio portable all-in-one printer, you can watch the video below.

HP LaserJet Pro M15

The HP LaserJet Pro M15 is a wireless laser printer and considered the world’s smallest laser printer in its class. You can connect it to your smartphone and print using the HP smart application. It is known for its fast printing – it can print up to 19 pages per minute. It has wireless connectivity that you can use. You can connect to the printer via mobile, network, and wifi. It is the best laser printer if you are looking for something compact and portable.

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✅ Video – Introducing The LaserJet Pro M15 | HP LaserJet

Check out the features of the HP LaserJet Pro M15 by clicking the play button below.

What is the Best Mini Printer?

When it comes to mini printers, there is a wide array of choices that you can choose. The best mini printer should have high-quality features that make it stand out from among the rest. It should be compact and portable. The best mini printer can easily and quickly print photos and documents.

It should also deliver high print quality. One of the features that you need to look for is the connectivity of the mini printer. Can it connect to your smartphone or wifi? Is it wireless and battery operated? Look for a printer that provides you with high-performance and convenience.

What is the Best Compact Wireless Printer?

The best compact wireless printer is the ones that can be set-up anywhere as long as there is a wifi signal. It should be versatile and wireless, so you do not have to worry about cables when connecting to devices like tablets and phones. Moreover, the best compact wireless printer should have advanced network features, so every PC connected to the network can print to the printer. It makes it ideal for both business and home use.

What is the Smallest Laser Printer Available?

Many small laser printers are available on the market. One of the most sought after features of these kinds of laser printers is compact and portable. Recently, HP revealed its latest product, which is the LaserJet Pro M15 and M28 series. These are the smallest laser printers in their class.

How small are they? The printers are about the height of a No. 2 pencil. They can print 18 to 19 pages per minute. The good thing about the printers is that they are mobile-optimized. It means that the user can control the printer using their smartphones.

Smallest All in One Laser Printer

Laser printers are efficient when it comes to speed and high-quality prints. Offices and households have laser printers. The smallest all-in-one laser printer is the best choice if you are looking for a portable printer to bring with you anywhere you go. You can use them for scanning and printing, and copying. Most printers have USB, wifi, and wifi direct technology for easy access.

What is the Best Small Printer for Home Use?

With a wide array of printers sold online, it can be confusing to make the right choice. What is the best printer that you can use at home? The best small printer for home use should be versatile. Take note that many documents need printing, from forms to your kid’s homework and photos.

If you are into crafts and are printing templates for your scrapbooks, you need to make sure that the printer will do its job dependably. Bear in mind that the best small printer for home use can rival the features of any high-end printers used in offices and classrooms.

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Are Laser Printers Better than Inkjet?

Should you choose a laser printer or an inkjet? Which one is better? While laser and inkjet printers put letters and images into paper, the method used by both printers to achieve the result is different. Inkjets use liquid ink while laser printers use toner, which is a powder. Toners last longer as compared to liquid ink. On the other hand, laser printers are more expensive as compared to inkjet printers.

✅ Video – Inkjet vs. Laser Printers

For an in-depth comparison between laser and inkjet printers, you can click the play button below.

Why Business Travellers Should Opt For Portable Mini Laser Printers

Business travelers are busy people and are always on the go. An easy trip should opt for portable mini laser printers designed to output letter-size documents. The great thing about this kind of printerOpens in a new tab. is that it can connect to any device. If you want to print a document from your mobile, you can easily connect it to the mini printer using WI-Fi, and you’re good to go.

✅ Video – Epson WF-100 Portable Printer Review

Here is a video review about portable mini printers that explains why it is convenient to use for travelers and people on the go.

Easy Wi-fi Connection for Portable Mini Laser Printers

One of the best features that modern portable mini laser printers have is connecting to wireless devices. It includes Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Printing via Wi-fi is fast and easy.

✅ Video – How to Print from an Android Phone or Tablet

Here is a video tutorial on how to print a document from your phone through Wi-fi.

Portable Mini Laser Printers for Every Device

Technology has given birth to numerous portable devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Thus, it is necessary to upgrade printers so that they can easily connect to any device. Portable mini laser printers can now handle mobile devices’ input via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB wire. Life can be so much better with wireless printing.

Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Wi-fi is perfect if you want to go wireless. Some printers enable direct printing from compact digital storage cards such as cameras and SD cards. It is ideal if you’re going to print your photos without accessing your laptop or computer directly.

Power Options

It will include the AC adapter, car adapter, and internal rechargeable battery. Ideally, the more self-powered options that the printer has, the better it will be.

5 Benefits That You Can Get From Using Portable Mini Laser Printers

Affordable Price for Its Size

Portable mini laser printers are affordable as compared to a traditional printer. Even if it is small, it can print many pages like an ordinary printer. The ink replacement is affordable and does not cost much compared to the ink used on larger printers.

Clear Text Print Quality

The printing output of portable mini laser printers is the same as the bigger printer. Of course, the amount of ink will affect production. Otherwise, the documents will have high-quality printing output if the ink is full. Always make sure that you choose the best features available to get the most out of the money you have paid.

Print through Variety of Papers

If you need to print a document or photo, the mini laser printer can print through different kinds of paper. If you need stickers for your luggage tags, the printer can print through sticker papers as well.

Perfect for Home and Business Use

Portable mini laser printers are ideal for both home and office use. If you have kids who love to do crafts, they can print photos, stickers, and holiday cards using the printer. You can even personalize your kitchen with food containers by printing stylish labels.

Space Saver and Handy

Since the printer is mini, you can be able to save space in your home and office. You can place it on a small table near your computer. You can bring it with you since it is handy and does not weigh much. It is why most business people who love to travel should bring this kind of printer with them.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Portable Mini Laser Printers


How long will printing take for every document? Note that some factors can affect the printer’s speed, like the font files and hard drives for storing data. Always check out the printing speed of the product before purchasing it.


The ideal portable mini laser printers should connect to all devices, from laptops, computers to mobile phones. It should also be able to connect to a wireless network like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It will allow fast and easy printing.

Memory and Processor

Memory and processor will affect the printing speed of the printer. Make sure that the printer has enough memory to cater to your printing needs. You can also choose printers that have upgradeable memory.

Paper Handling

Another thing to consider is the paper handlingOpens in a new tab. capacity of the portable mini laser printers. Usually, a printer can handle A4 size. Ideally, you look for a printer that can also print envelopes and heavier paper.


Just because it is portable does not mean that the printing quality is lower than a bigger printer. Always consider the printing quality of the printer. Otherwise, you will have a printer with a slow printing speed and low-quality printing output.


Are Laser Printers Good for Photos?

You can print photos using a laser printer, but how good can the photos get? You can print both colored and monochrome images like portraits and landscapes. Take note that some image types produce better results as compared to others. Most often, the best prints are from images with a lot of details and bright colors. Images with subtle tonal nuances tend to have low color quality. The reason for this is that the laser printer boosts contrast, and it is harder to print subtle transitions in pastel hues with the use of a four-color printer.

How Long Do Laser Printer Toners Last?

There are a couple of factors that you need to consider, like the size of the print cartridge that you have and how much you print. If you print normally or you seldom print, the toner can last up to two years with proper maintenance. Moreover, toner cartridges do not degrade when not in use. They are more reliable as compared to inkjet printers.

Can I Print Photos Directly From a Camera?

Yes, most printers have can connect to a camera via USB wires, Bluetooth or Wi-fi. All that you need to do would be to choose the photos from the camera and choose the printing option. Make sure that you are using the right photo paper so that the qualities of the images are at its best.

Is the Ink refillable?

Yes, you can easily change the ink from the portable mini laser printers. Using the manual that is provided by the product, you can follow the instructions on how you can easily refill or change the ink.

Does the Printer Prints in Color?

Most laser printers support color printing. On the other hand, make sure that it is specified on the product that you choose if it prints in colored or black and white only.

The End

Thank you for reading this article about portable mini laser printers. We hope that you acquire some tips on how to purchase the right laser printer for your home or business use. Consider all the options that you have before making a decision.


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