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Smart Luggage Trackers

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Smart luggage tracking devices are made by many companies and come in a variety of forms. Whether in the form of a single bar code card inside the bag or an outer tag similar to the type you attach to suitcases before flying. You have options when figuring out how you want to track your bag and how obvious you want it. While this won’t solve every single problem when it comes to missing luggage, it does create a variety of options that weren’t available before.


To keep track of your luggage and make sure that it will not get lost, you need to have the best smart luggage tracker. Many smart luggage trackers are available on the market, so you can have a wide array of choices to opt from. In this post, we have provided a list of the best products that you can choose from. We have also shared tips on how you can benefit from using smart luggage trackers.

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Airline Smart Luggage Ban – Effective Jan 15, 2018

Before purchasing a smart luggage tracker, please take note of the airline banOpens in a new tab.. Some smart luggage and luggage tracker making companies have stopped manufacturing these products due to the ban. However, it’s still worth considering these products if they don’t interfere with the new regulations or pertain to non-airline travel.

Feel free to scroll through our smart luggage tracker buying guide, check out prices and reviews, and pick the best option for your needs.

Best Smart Luggage Trackers

#1. Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth TrackerOpens in a new tab.

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#2. Tile Pro (2020) Bluetooth TrackerOpens in a new tab.

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#3. Tile Slim (2020) Bluetooth TrackerOpens in a new tab.

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#4. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real Time TrackerOpens in a new tab.

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#5. Cube Smart TrackerOpens in a new tab.

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How Can a Smart Luggage Tracker Help You?

You can track items as small as a handbag or a wallet, or a huge suitcase or bag. Whatever your specific needs, there will be a smart luggage tracking device that can meet those needs and a lot more. So it is important to do your homework to get the type of device that best fits your specific needs.

Losing your luggage while traveling from one place to another could be the worst thing ever to happen. According to some sourcesOpens in a new tab., the aviation industry suffers a loss of nearly £2 billion a year due to this problem. However, companies have now developed a phenomenal technology to easily track your luggage, whether it is stolen or stashed at some airport facility.

Benefits Of Smart Luggage Tracking Devices

Have you ever had a sinking feeling when you are waiting for your luggage at the airport only to find out that it never shows? If so, you are not alone. For this reason, a lot of consumers have demanded that smart luggage tracking devices enter the market. In this article, we will be going over some of the unique benefits of these devices.


The main benefit that you will get from these kinds of devices is the ability to track your luggage from place to place. This will allow you to keep track of your luggage should it happen to be lost in transit. Ultimately, this is the biggest reason to invest in one of these devices.

Peace Of Mind

By having a tracking device on your luggage throughout your travels, you are going to have the peace of mind that will allow you to travel without worrying that you would lose your luggage forever. While it can be nerve-wracking not knowing whether or not the airport will be able to find your luggage at all, knowing that you have access to the location of your luggage at all times will alleviate your concerns. No longer do you have to be waiting for days and days for the airlines to find your lost luggage. You will be able to tell them its exact location and retrieve it as soon as possible.

Technologies Used in Smart Luggage Trackers – GPS vs. Bluetooth vs. Tags


Pros: Can be tracked in real-time and cover a wide area

Cons: Sometimes only nationwide coverage network, or subscription-based. Poor GPS signal affects usability.


Pros: Very small and inexpensive, long battery life

Cons: Small detection range, typically up to 30 yards/meters

Scannable Tags

Pros: They store your information in electronic format; no battery required

Cons: Not a tracker per se, just a more secure way to store your information in case of loss

How to Choose the Best Smart Luggage Tracking Device

A device is going to have to have some app that you can use with it. You’re going to want to make sure you read on the packaging what you’re going to need to use to ensure that your device can communicate with your tracker. Do you need an Android, iOS, or another type of phone or device to use with the tracker? What about just using a computer that can get online? Whatever it is, you have to know about it before you buy the tracker to get stuck with one that you need to return.

Read Reviews

Read reviews on third party websites. Avoid the product website reviews because they will not put anything negative up against their company. It’s best to work with various reviews that you know were written by others that don’t have too much to do with the company, so you know you’re getting legitimate people talking about using the device. Of course, companies can still hire people to review things for money. If you notice that a site has all positive press and there are no cons listed, it’s probably because the company paid for those reviews. Yes, it does happen.

Battery Life

The number one thing that you should look for is battery life. The device’s battery is one of the most important things to consider because the tracking device is going to be of no use to you if it simply dies every couple of hours. It would be best to count on it accurately to track your luggage location long after it is lost. This means that you should be looking for a device that will last a long time in terms of battery.

Some tracking devices use AA batteries, while others make use of a proprietary rechargeable battery. You should choose the device which uses rechargeable batteries as they are more reliable and convenient. On the other hand, the standard AA batteries can be purchased at the airport if you are unprepared. As always, evaluate your pros and cons.

Is the Device FCC Certified and FAA Compliant?

Make sure the tracking device you are using is FCC certified and also FAA Compliant. You really don’t want your luggage to start buzzing when going through a checkpoint. In such a case, the airport security might even remove the device.

Annual/Monthly Subscription

Most tracking companies offer their device on one-time payment, and the mobile phone application is available for free. However, some even require an annual or monthly subscription fee. It is better that you choose the one which required minimal or no subscription fee.

Customer Support

You must check if the company you are opting for offers the best customer service and is linked with airports. Finding lost luggage is not the only concern, but figuring out a way to get back your luggage is also essential.


Q1. Can you put a GPS tracker in your luggage?

Yes. You have three options to choose from GPS, Mobile/GSM, and Bluetooth trackers. Each option has its own benefits and limitations. For example, GPS can be detected anywhere in the world, but its signal can be inaccurate. Whereas, Mobile/GSM trackers use a mobile network to locate the luggage. As well as, Bluetooth trackers are accurate, but they don’t have a large range.

Q2. Can you track your luggage?

Yes. In fact, they’re popular all over the world. As you know, many airlines are incapable of keeping your luggage safe, so you don’t want to keep yourself at the mercy of them. Since technology has improved over the years, it doesn’t matter what technology you use. Each tech will provide accurate results. They’re also affordable to all types of pockets.

Q3. How do I track my luggage on a plane?

It’s very easy to do so; thus, you don’t have to worry about losing your baggage. If you want to track your checked baggage, you will need the Bag Tag Number you receive. You can also use the App that comes with the tracker. The good news about them is that you don’t need service for the app to work. In addition to this, they’re compact, which means they will fit in pockets with ease.

Q4. How does the smart luggage tracker work?

Such devices will help you track your luggage regardless of where they are. They will connect to your smartphone, so you will be the first person to know when your luggage arrives. All you will need to do is put the tracker in the check-in baggage and connect to the app. Some models will even let you know when the bag has been picked-up or opened.

Q5. Would I be able to track my luggage in real-time?

Yes. By login on to the app, you will be able to find out the luggage’s location, which carousel to pick it up from, and you will also be provided with a map of the airport. Thus, you will always know where you are and how to get to the desired carousel.

Q6. What is a smart luggage tag?

Such a tag will automatically store information such as your contact details, flight details, and itinerary. Similar to the trackers, some models do not require cell service as they’re designed with Bluetooth. Whereas some will provide global tracking.

Q7. Smart luggage tag vs. GPS tracker

Without a doubt, a tracker is much more convenient to use because it provides reliable information. A smart luggage tag will allow your luggage to be shipped to your hotel as it has all of the information needed.

Q8. What is a smart suitcase (smart luggage with a tracker)?

Such luggage has been crafted with many technologies. You will be able to charge your devices, track your luggage, and ensure that your bag cannot be openedOpens in a new tab. without your consent.

More Tips & Tricks

Test Your Luggage Tracking Device Before You Actually Use It

When you finally find something that works with your budget, try to see if it works properly. Try putting the tracker somewhere near you, and then try to look at where it says it is on the device you’re going to track it with, like a computer or phone. Try testing the tracker as you’re traveling as well to see how well it’s keeping up with its job. If anything goes wrong, then you know that you should try to buy something else that works better.

Don’t Keep Valuables in the Luggage

The tracking devices don’t work all the time perfectly, and due to an inefficient GPS, it is possible that the location of the luggage cannot be tracked. Thus it is always a good idea to keep important stuff with you and not in the luggage.


Getting a smart luggage tracking device for your next travel is an excellent idea. Smart luggage tracking devices have to be installed before you travel next. It’s a great investment, especially if you are going to travel with anything expensive. Don’t let anyone get away with stealing or losing your luggage ever again!

Right now, we see just private individuals using them, but I’m hoping for the times when airlines and bus companies would catch up on the idea and implement them across the board for all of our travel.

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We hope our smart luggage tracking device shopping guide helps you make the best buying decision.


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