Best Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms – Buying Guide

Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms

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This post talks about wireless video doorbell intercoms that you can install for your home. We have come up with the ideal products that you can choose from. These products are proven and tested to be the best according to customer reviews. Take a look at these products and decide about the right one that you will purchase.


The great thing about wireless video doorbell intercoms as compared to a security camera is that the former is using low voltage wiring and is easily installed. Security camera needs to be placed in high areas so that it can cover a wide viewing angle. Also, security camera needs outlet power.

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Below are the top wireless video doorbell intercoms products that you can choose from. Check out the features and descriptions of each product to make the best choice. Choose the best product that will be perfect for your property.

Best Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms

#1. XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with ChimeOpens in a new tab.

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#2. Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell CameraOpens in a new tab.

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#3. KAMTRON Wireless Doorbell CameraOpens in a new tab.

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#4. TMEZON Wireless WIFI Video IntercomOpens in a new tab.

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#5. GBF New Upgraded -Global Wireless Video DoorphoneOpens in a new tab.

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Find Out Who Is At the Door with Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms

Wireless video doorbell intercoms is a device that allows you to see the person that is standing in your doorway. This is a perfect way to safeguard your property from theft and home invasion. It serves as the first line of defense for homeowners since you can be able to see whoever is outside before opening the door. The video feature will also record footage allowing you to see who has been lurking in your porch while you are away.

How does Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms Works?

Wireless video doorbell intercoms is a smart device that makes use of Wi-fi to stream videos. With Wi-fi, you can view the live stream video on your phone, laptop, or computer. Among the features offered by this device includes motion detection, smart lock, and alarm. It is easy to install and operate. The product comes with an instruction manual to guide you in the installation.

✅ Video Tutorial – Wireless Doorbell Video Installation

Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms versus Security Camera

You can get the same benefits from a security camera when you install wireless video doorbell intercomsOpens in a new tab.. Like a security camera, the doorbell intercoms will allow you to view the situation outside the house. It is also equipped with detection and motion sensor and records everything that is happening outside of your door.

5 Benefits That You Can Get from Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms

Fast and Easy Installation

The wireless video doorbell intercoms can either run on battery or use low voltage doorbell wiring. It is easy to install since it uses a battery as its source of power. This means that you do not have to connect wires to your home electric supply for it to operate. With a step-by-step guide, you will finish the installation in a matter of minutes.

Rechargeable Batteries

It depends on the usage but it usually takes at least two to six months for the batteries to deplete. You can easily open the device and replace the battery. You can purchase the battery from the same shop where you have purchased the device.

Available in Different Shape and Size

You can choose from a wide array of sizes and shapes. The upgraded products are made to be slim and are available in different finishes to complement the color of your door. They are also more expensive. On the other hand, the old models are bulky with limited color but are more affordable.

High-Quality Video Feature

The wireless doorbell intercoms are equipped with video features that are of the highest quality. The videos are high definition so that you can clearly see the people outside your house. The recorded videos can also be set to 1080p. The video can be viewed on your mobile or laptop. This is perfect to monitor your house especially if you are on a vacation and want to know who has stood on your porch while you are away.

Multi-function Technology

Among the technologies that are included in the device are motion detection, alarm, and two-way audio. With the two-way audio, you can speak to the person outside without opening the door. This is ideal to protect yourself from burglars. If you are away from home and someone is pushing the doorbell, the device will send an alarm in your phone informing you about the visitor.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms


The Ideal wireless video doorbell intercoms have a wireless range of up to two thousand feet while others can only cover up to 500 feet. You need to make sure that you purchase a product that can cover a wide range so that you can access the intercom anywhere in your property.

Video/Audio Quality

Make sure that you choose a wireless video doorbell intercoms that have high-quality video/audio feature. While most products are now updated with the latest technology that allows HD videos, there are still old models that you need to consider. The higher the video/audio quality, the better the device will be.


Choose a wireless video doorbell intercoms that are water-resistant. This is important most especially if your doorway does not have awnings and the device can easily get wet when it rains. The same thing should also be considered when it shows in your area during the winter season. There are some products that will easily freeze and stop working in low temperatures.


Since the device is wireless, you need to make sure that you choose a battery that can last for a long time. Avoid products that have a battery life span of fewer than 3 months. It can be cumbersome to change batteries that often. It is better if the battery can last up to 7 months or more.

Lens Angle

It is ideal that you purchase a wireless video doorbellOpens in a new tab. intercoms with lens angle that can reach a full 166 degrees view. This will allow you to see more of your outdoor property and not just the door area. You can see a full view of the visitors standing on your door.

DIY Cheap Wireless Video Doorbell Intercoms

If you have existing doorbell intercoms but would like to upgrade it yourself, here is a do-it-yourself project that you can follow. When dealing with this kind of project, it is best that you are familiar with technical stuff since this device needs technical upgrades. If you are into techie do-it-yourself projects, take a look at this video.

✅ Video Guide – DIY Wireless Smart Doorbell


What Devices Can The Doorbell Intercoms Be Used With?

It can be connected to various devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. You can view live streaming videos from the mentioned devices. It is another wireless device that provides many benefits.

Is The Video Clear During The Night?

Most wireless video doorbell intercoms come with a night vision mode so that it can clearly view and record during the night.

Do I Need to Have an Existing Doorbell?

No, you do not need to have an existing doorbell. The device is equipped with that feature.

Where is the Best Place to Install the Doorbell?

It depends on you. It is best that you install it to your door where it can view a wide-angle outside of your property.

The End

You have reached the end of this post. Thank you for reading. We hope that we provided you with the right information that will help you decide in choosing the right wireless video doorbell intercoms. Keep your property safe and protected by installing the best device for your door.


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