Birthday Present Ideas for 6-Year Olds

Birthday Present Ideas for 6-Year Olds

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Choosing the Right Present for a Child

Some people tend to just buy anything just for the sake of a birthday present which is a flaw and must be avoided. Take their child as your own and make sure you are buying something that will only have a positive and right impact on him/her.

Six is an age when kids have started going to school without their parent’s company and they are learning to make new friends. This means that they are now sharing their playtime with their new buddies and how do they exactly do together? Bring their toys and share them! It is peer pressure for them that they have to get good toys to play with, and new toys every now and then because it’s common about kids, they get bored with one thing too soon. Posted below are some birthday present ideas for 6 years olds which are fulfilling the above mentioned three concerns.

4 Birthday Present Ideas for 6-Year-Olds


Toys are good if they are benefiting your child in a way or the other. Toy producers have a big challenge in identifying how exactly they will design the toy to help kids learn. Acuity is a game that would build visual-spatial skillsOpens in a new tab. and will reinforce them into using their brains for the right logic to score while recognizing patterns during the game.


This seems like a fun game for kids who love to ride two or four-wheeled bikes. It’s a very creative innovation because it’s colorful, it gets you into drawing something while you ride and it’s a new idea.

Every evening when your kid gets out to play, you will be satisfied that he will come home with a happy face and some exciting experience. They will leave their marks on the streets of their creativity and love for fun that will stay forever.

Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium

It’s important to expose your children with the natural side of the world i.e. flowers and greenery. Fairy Triad Dome is a simulation of a garden full of varieties of flowers and to enhance the beauty of it, there are fairies that are found in the natural setting. A fabulous stimulation is created to ignite the imagination of the little brains so that they see this side of the world too, a little unrealistic and too good to be true but a treat to watch.

For a fact, this game is suitable for girls, in case you are thinking to buy a birthday present for a birthday girl.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Finally a board game and an interesting one! The idea of a scavenger hunt is always thrilling to the heart because you act no less than a detective to win the game! Like a physical game, this board game also gives clues to the players and they can proceed further only if objects that are reflecting the clues are found! Teamwork can be learned at an early age if kids play such games more often.

Purchase Toys That Promotes Development and Learning

The best toys are the ones that promote development and learning. This includes the coordination, imagination, social skills and confidence of the kid. There are toys that are specifically created to encourage the kid to lean. From a letter, number and animals, you can find a variety of these kinds of toys in the market. You can also look online for more options that are available. Below is a video about the different toys that can promote language and development for six-year-old kids.

✅ Video Guide

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Birthday Present for a Kid

You are often not sure what gift to bring along to a birthday party of a kid. What concern you are five important things:

Age Appropriate

When purchasing gifts, you need to make sure that it is age-appropriate. Most products have marked labels which indicate the ages that they are appropriate for. You have many options to choose from clothes to toys and art supplies.

Interactive Toys

Nowadays, there are interactive toysOpens in a new tab. that are available online. A wonderful thing about interactive toys is that kids can learn and interact with it. Aside from the fun that they can get from playing with the toy, they will also learn new things.


Is the item that you will purchase worth its price? Take note that a six-year-old will use it and kinds can get tough when playing. The item should be made from materials that will not easily get damaged when accidentally dropped.

Encourage Creativity

Kids are creative. They like to color and paint. You can choose a gift that encourages kids to explore their creative side. You can buy paint, crayons and a big palette for the kid to draw.


Make sure that the gift is safe to use by six years old. Purchase items that are made from safe materials and free from any harmful chemicals such as lead that are used to paint most toys.

Consider the Interest of the Kid

To make sure that the kid will love the present that you give, you need to consider his or her interests. If the kid loves to draw and paint, you can purchase art supplies. Moreover, if the kid loves to swim, you can purchase a swimming outfit. If you are not aware of what the kid likes, you can ask the parents for their input. They will gladly tell you of what interests their kid. Below is a video on how to choose the best present for 6-year-old girls.

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Is it Okay to Give Food as A Present?

Yes, it is okay to give food as a gift. You can bake the child’s favorite dessert or you can also bake a delicious cake.

How Much Do I Need to Spend?

It depends on you. You need to set a budget and make sure that you do not overspend. After all, it is the thought that counts when buying a present.

Where is The Best Place to Purchase a Present?

Do your research and determine the best place to purchase near you. For more options, you can also check out online stores.

The End

With the many gift items that are sold in the market, you will have less trouble in finding the right item for a six years old child. When choosing an item, consider the preferences of the child. Make sure that you purchase an item that the child will be happy to have. Thank you for reading!

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