63 Elegant Black Christmas Decorating Ideas that You Need to Try

Elegant Black Christmas Decorating Ideas

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If you think that red and green are too cliché for your Christmas decoration, why not choose black as your color motif this year? Most people are hesitant to use the color black when decorating because they think that the color is too dark and does not really suit the celebration. However, that is not always the case because you can create an elegant and bright theme for your home with the use of black Christmas decorations.

A black Christmas tree with silver and gold decorations and white Christmas lights will look elegant and stunning. You just need to make sure that you carefully consider the decorations and lighting that you use. To help you get started, we have reviewed the best products that you can purchase.

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This specific black Christmas decorationOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The black Christmas balls are shatterproof and unbreakable. They are made of plastic and available in 5 special finishes.

There are many black Christmas decorations and ornaments that you can find on the market. How can you choose the right ones that you can incorporate into your Christmas theme? We have provided a list of black Christmas decorating ideas that you can follow. We share some tips on how you can transform the look of your home with elegant black Christmas decorations without creating a dark atmosphere.

Create a unique and elegant Christmas theme for your home using the black Christmas decorating ideas that we have provided. Below are the 55 black Christmas decorating ideas that you can refer to. Check out the list below for more tips and information.


1. Black Ombre Christmas Tree

Spice up your holiday decoration with a black ombre Christmas tree. It is a unique color that will transform the look of the room. The black Christmas tree measures 7.5 feet tall and has 1346 branch tips. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays. It is fire-resistant and non-allergenic Decorate the tree with bright Christmas lights and white decorations for a snowy effect.

✅ Video – How to Style a Black Christmas Tree

If you want to have a black Christmas tree this year, there are many decorating ideas that you can follow. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, it is not hard to decorate a black Christmas tree. Cityline shared the video below on YouTube. Lifestyle expert Shoana Jensen demonstrates how to style a non-traditional black Christmas tree on a budget. Watch the video below for some tips and ideas.

2. Black and White Christmas Tree

Create a winter wonderland ambiance using a frosted black and white Christmas tree. The tree is color black at the base and white at the top. It has a frosted effect which is perfect if you are aiming to have a winter wonderland theme. The tree is already pre-lit with energy-efficient LED lightsOpens in a new tab.. The assembly takes only less than 5 minutes. You can add more lights for a stunning nighttime display.

3. Black Pencil Christmas Tree

A black pencil Christmas tree is a great choice if you have a high but narrow space for displaying a tree. The tree measures 9 feet tall and 28 inches in diameter. It is fire-resistant and non-allergenic. The metal tree stand matches the color of the tree. You can display the black Christmas tree indoors or outdoors.

4. Black Tinsel Christmas Tree

A Pop Up Christmas tree is easy to set-up and store. It comes with 4 detachable steel pipes and 4 polypropylene that support the stand. The tree is perfect for small and crowded areas like the entryway, office, office, and kid’s bedroom. It measures 5 feet long and comes in a sturdy gift box for storage. You can decorate the tree with white Christmas lights for a glowing effect.

5. Little Black Christmas Tree

For your centerpiece, you can choose a little black Christmas tree. The tree stands 18 inches tall. You can decorate it with lights and ornaments that match the decorations that you already have. Cute Christmas reindeer ornaments will look great on the tree. You can also place the tree on your coffee table or as a festive office decoration.

6. Orange and Black Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you want to have an odd but fun Christmas tree this holiday, you can choose an orange and black color motif. This mini ceramic Halloween Tree is hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss. It features 57 purple and orange light bulbs and a matching base adorned with a series of bats and cats. The tabletop Christmas tree is battery-operated.

7. Gold and Black Christmas Tree

For a glowing display, you can choose a gold and black Christmas tree. The tree is slim shaped and stands 7 feet tall. It is made from black and gold PVC needles and tinsel. It includes a gold tree stand. Decorate the tree with silver, white, gold, and black ornaments for a stunning look.

✅ Video – Decorating a Gold, Silver and Black Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun and exciting thing to do. There are just so many ideas that you follow. You can create a simple or extravagant Christmas tree depending on your budget and preference. Interior Design Info shared the video below on YouTube which shared tips and tricks on how to decorate a stunning Christmas tree. Check out the video below for the tutorial.

8. Miniature Black Christmas Tree

The miniature black Christmas tree is the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. It is made from realistic plastic needles and is compact enough to fit countertops and fireplace mantels. The min Christmas tree is already pre-decorated with white Christmas balls, pinecones, and bows. It comes in a sturdy basket base to support and balance the tree.

9. Black Fir Christmas Tree

TThe black fir Christmas tree has 400 PVC tips and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. It is already pre-lit with 200 clear lights. The lights can be operated with an on and off switch. You can decorate it with Christmas ornaments for a more festive look.

10. Black Christmas Tree with Lights

For a fast and easy decoration, you can purchase a black Christmas tree with lights. The Christmas tree stands 4 feet tall and is pre-strung with 70 clear lights. The blubs features a bulb-lock to keep the bulbs from falling out. You can decorate the tree with elegant Christmas ornaments for a stunning look.

11. Black Tabletop Optic Christmas Tree

Aside from choosing the right tablecloth for your table setting, you also need to choose the right tabletop display. The black tabletop Christmas tree is pre-lit with 32 fiber optic color-changing lights. It is 32 inches tall and has a dual-use power that works with a USB or a standard plug. It is a colorful tabletop Christmas tree that you can display indoors and outdoors.

12. Black Christmas Tree Skirt

The Christmas tree skirt will protect the floor and the Christmas rug from damage and needles and debris that falls from the tree. For a black Christmas theme, you can choose a black tree skirt. It is made from polyester and covered with shiny 3MM round sequins. The light reflects from the sequins and adds elegance to the Christmas tree display.

13. Black and White Christmas Tree Skirt

Another option that you can have is the black and white Christmas tree skirt. The buffalo tree skirt is handcrafted and sewn with double layers for added protection and made of polyester and fabric. It measures 48 in diameter and uses magic tape for quick and convenient decoration. The simple vintage style will add elegance to your tree.

14. Black and Red Christmas Tree Skirt

A black and red Christmas tree skirt looks festive and elegant. The classic plaid in red and black has an inside bandage-style for a flexible and easy adjustment. It measures 48 inches in diameter and is perfect for small to large Christmas trees. The face lining of the skirt is cotton and the lining is non-woven fabrics. Read this article about red Christmas decorating ideas for more information.

✅ Video – No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

There is a wide array of Christmas tree skirts that you can purchase on the market. On the other hand, you can also create your own. You can create a Christmas tree with simple materials. It is even possible to create a tree skirt even if you do not know how to sew. The Hebert House shared the video below on YouTube that demonstrates how to sew a Christmas tree skirt. Watch the video below for the step-by-step instructions.

15. Black and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

For a simple yet elegant look, you can choose a black and gold Christmas tree skirt. The fabric is color black with gold dusting. It is tied together with a red bow. This simple Christmas tree skirt is perfect for a black and gold color motif.

16. Black Christmas Ornaments

There are many black Christmas ornaments that you can choose from. For your Christmas tree, you can use a glittered black Christmas berries. The berry ornament is crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s. It is made of molten glass and mouth-blown into finely carved molds. The ornaments are hand-painted and glittered. You can also use it for DIY Christmas decorations like wreaths and garlands. p>

17. Black and White Christmas Ornaments

The black and white geometric shapes Christmas ornaments are shattered resistant. The ornaments look expensive without the heavyweight and hazard. They are made from shatter-resistant plastic that stays in place with the use of strings. The ornaments have black and white color and a matte texture in the shape of a flat-sided geometric circle.

18. Black Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas ornament measures 6.7 inches in diameter and comes in color black and is made of plastic. The packaging includes a set of 20 pieces of artificial poinsettia flowers. It is shimmered with glitter powder for a glowing look. You can use it in DIY projects like in wreaths and Christmas trees.

19. Black Cat Christmas Ornament

If you are a cat lover, the black cat Christmas ornament is a charming addition to your Christmas tree. The ornament is made from an old-age tradition that originated in the 1800s. It is made from molten glass that is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. They are hand-painted and glittered to achieve a beautiful design.

20. Black and Gold Christmas Ornament

The tinsel garlands are fluffy, rich, shiny, and thick. It is measured 4 inches wide and 25 feet long. The wide cut gold tinsel and thin cut white ink tinsel is combined to add fullness and dimension. It is easy to attach and use for decoration.

✅ Video – Black and Gold Christmas Decors

If you are planning to create a black and gold theme this Christmas, you can refer to online videos and magazines for some ideas. Black and gold are elegant colors that will add a festive vibe into your home. Homeinteriordesignideas shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for tips and ideas on how to decorate your home using black and gold decorations.

21. Black Lab Christmas Ornaments

For dog lovers, a black lab Christmas ornament is the perfect addition to your Christmas decoration. The black Labrador ornament is made from molten glass that is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. It is hand-painted and glittered to create a stunning design. You can place the ornament into your Christmas tree or you can hang it on your fireplace mantle.

22. Black and Silver Christmas Ornaments

Black and silver looks classy and is the perfect color motif for an elegant Christmas theme. Decorate using shatterproof black and silver Christmas balls. The balls feature sparkling decorations with a clear glaze base. They are made from durable and eco-friendly plastic materials. To avoid glitter from coming off, they are stuffed inside the clear ball ornaments and glued in the inner surface of the balls.

23. Black Angel Christmas Ornaments

A black angel Christmas tree ornament is the perfect addition to your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree figurine measures 13 inches tall and is a festive addition to your holiday decor. The angel is wearing a stunning gold gown with four ribbons coming down from the waist. Her wings are gold and resemble a traditional feather. The angel is holding a candlestick in each hand. It is a great Christmas tree topper for a black and gold Christmas tree.

24. Black Bear Christmas Ornaments

The hand-crafted black bear Christmas tree ornament is a charming addition to your Christmas tree decoration. It is made from molten glass that is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. It is a traditionally designed ornament that will add a whimsical look into your Christmas tree. You can also place the black bear ornament as an additional centerpiece decoration.

25. Black Dog Christmas Ornament

Another charming addition that you can add to your Christmas decoration is the dog and gingerbread house Christmas ornament. It features a black German shepherd sitting at the front of a gingerbread house. The ornament has a felt bottom so that it can be placed on a desk or a shelf. It is made from hand-painted resin. You can give it as gifts to your friends who are dog owners. Read this article for more dog Christmas gift ideas that you can give to fur parent.

26. Matte Black Christmas Ornaments

For a dark yet elegant look, you can choose matte black Christmas ornaments. The ornaments are made from plastic but looks like real glass. They are perfect for families with kids and pets. You do not have to worry about breakable glasses that can shatter and hurt the kids. They come with hooks for easy hanging.

✅ Video – DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament

If you love DIY projects, you can create ornaments using fabrics and other materials. You can experiment on the designs and colors that you can incorporate into the ornament. Island Girl Lifestyle shared the video below on YouTube. She shows how to recycle old Christmas ornaments to turn them into new ones. Learn how to create a DIY black and white buffalo check Christmas ornaments by watching the video below.

27. Black Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper

A unique Christmas tree topper that you can use is a black top hat. The hat is made from black polyester felt and decorated with silver glitters, bows, and berries. Simply place the hat at the top of the tree for a one of a kind decoration. You can also create a DIY Christmas top hat using simple materials.

28. Black Star Christmas Tree Topper

A rustic Christmas tree topper that you can use is the multi-pointed Bethlehem star. It measured 10 inches in height and made from capiz, metal, and plastic. It is elegantly made and is for indoor use only. The star is a great addition to your Christmas tree.

29. Black Christmas Tree Topper

For a funny and quirky look, you can add a Yoda tree topper to your Christmas tree. It measures 12 inches tall and is made from plastic. This decoration is perfect for those who are a big fan of the Star Wars movies. It features Yoda holding an LED lightsaber. It is battery operated.

30. Black Christmas Lights

Light up your outdoor decoration with black Christmas lights. Make sure that your inflatable Snoopy and inflatable Star Wars displays are properly lighted using LED Christmas lights. The lights have 8 lighting modes which include in waves, sequential, slow glow, flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on. They are water-resistant and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

31. Black Christmas Tree Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree with black Christmas lights. The lights have small mini LED heads that are waterproof. The cold light source is not easy to heat, the lights are easy to move, and not prone to damage. It has 8 flashing modes and brightness settings to provide the perfect solution to your decorative lighting needs.

32. Black Christmas Lights LED

LED lights are safe and energy-efficient that is why they are the perfect choice for your holiday lighting. The string lights have 8 different lighting modes to choose from. It features a short-circuit protection design which makes the warm string lights shut off power when any short-circuit happens by accident. You can use the lights indoors and outdoors.

✅ Video – How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Are you worried about hanging outdoor Christmas lights? If you do not know how to properly hang Christmas lights outdoors, you can always ask for help or you can also watch video tutorials. The Home Depot shared the video below on YouTube on how to hang outdoor Christmas lights properly. Learn the proper ways to hang outdoor Christmas lights by watching the video below.

33. Black Christmas Decorations

The geometric black string lights are a stylish addition to your decorations. They emit soft white lights that will add warms to the room. The ironwork design reflects a vintage style that will increase the aesthetics of your home. They are made from high-quality iron materials and copper cores that are covered with plastic layers and easy and flexible twining.

34. Black and White Christmas Decoration

Decorate your home with black and white striped ribbons. The ribbon measures 2 and ½ inches wide by the 10-yard spool. You can create ribbons of different sizes that you can add to your Christmas decorations. The ribbon is made from 100% polyester and has a wired edge. You can use it to create elegant bows for your Christmas tree or garlands.

35. Red and Black Christmas Decorations

The red and black outdoor porch sign banners are a great way to greet your guests as they enter your house. They are made from quality polyester oxford fabric. The banner features dear head and red and black buffalo plaid patterns. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas are stenciled into the banner and can be read from far away.

36. Black Santa Christmas Decorations

Display a black Santa Christmas inflatable outdoors. The 4-foot tall inflatable is a perfect lawn décor. You can place it beside an inflatable Christmas snowman and your outdoor Christmas tree for an eye-catching display. The inflatable self-inflates quickly. It comes will everything that you need to set-up the inflatable like yard stakes and ropes.

37. Black Christmas Stockings

Decorate your fireplace mantle with black Christmas stockings. The buffalo plaid Christmas stocking has a classic and rustic feel. It comes in four pieces of 18 inches Christmas stockings with plush faux cuff. They are embellished of fleece cuff that are soft and warm. The stockings are made of cotton fabric and with double-layer design.

38. Black and White Christmas Stockings

The black and white plaid Christmas stockings are exquisitely woven, very thick, and luxurious. They are made from double-layer fabrics and add a rustic charm to your home. The stocking can store holiday sweets and small keepsakes and makes a great substitute for gift bags at Christmas. They are designed with a faux fur cuff that makes them look cozy.

✅ Video – DIY Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are part of the holiday tradition. Every home has stockings hanging on their fireplace mantel or staircase. You can also create your very own Christmas stocking. The Missouri Star Quilt Company shared the video below on YouTube on how to make an adorable Christmas stocking. Watch the video below for the step-by-step instruction.

39. Black and Gold Christmas Stocking

The luxurious black and gold Christmas stocking will add elegance to your home. It measures 21.5 inches long and features metallic gold damask prints with gold tassel and trim. It comes ready to hang on a black fabric loop. The stocking is made of polyester and is washable.

40. Black and Red Christmas Stockings

The plaid black and red Christmas stockings with white plush cuff are a cute addition to your decoration. They measure 19 inches and are made from 100% canvas, safe quilted fabric, classic plaid, and plush faux fur. The stocking comes with a hanging loop for easy display. They have triple-layer designs to stay study after being filled with treats.

41. Black Christmas Background

For the perfect Christmas photo, you can use a sequin black Christmas background. The curtains are made from 3MM round sequins stitched into a mesh background. It comes with a 3 inches rod pocket at the top for easy hanging. The sequin backdrop adds a sparkle effect that will look great in photos. It measures 6×8 feet which are perfect for group photos.

42. Black Christmas Wrapping Paper

Cover your presents with black Christmas wrapping paper. The paper is made from 100% recycled materials. The thickness of the paper is perfect for wrapping gifts. It comes in a roll wrapped in plastic so it is not folded and you do not have to worry about creases. You can add a decorative white or red bow into the wrapped presents for an elegant finish. Read this article about white Christmas decorating ideas for more tips.

43. Black and White Christmas Cards

Greet your friends a merry Christmas by sending Christmas cards. The chalkboard Christmas cards contain 25 note cards with 5 different designs. White envelopes are included. The cards are scored for easy folding and mails with standard postage. The black and white designs of the cards are elegant and classy.

44. Black Christmas Garland

Decorate your home with black Christmas garlandsOpens in a new tab.. The garlands are full and thick for an elegant look. The bright metallic tinsel reflects lights for extra sparkle. It has 6-ply winding which means a fuller and richer coverage without being bulky. You can add Christmas ornaments and lights for a stunning display.

45. Black Christmas Wreath

A black Christmas wreath will look elegant on your doors and windows. The star galaxy wreath is an artificial pre-lit wreath in deep space black that features bright white LED lights. It measures 30 inches in diameter and is for indoor use only. You can display the wreath as it is or you can add ornaments and lights.

✅ Video – DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are a great addition to your Christmas decoration. They are commonly displayed on doors and windows. If you have spare ornaments like Christmas balls and ribbons, you can create a Christmas wreath. Lauren Midgley shared the video below on YouTube. She demonstrates how to make a cheap Christmas wreath under twenty dollars. Check out the video below for the instructions.

46. Black Christmas Tree Balls

The black Christmas tree balls measure 60 mm and come in a set of 34 pieces. They come in 4 finishes that include glitter style, pierced style, shiny style, and pearly luster style. They are shatterproof and features a combination of elegance and lightweight with a pre-looped which for easy hanging.

47. Black and White Christmas Tree Balls

The black and white Christmas tree balls are shatterproof. They combine the beauty of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic. There is no need to worry about shards of glass to clean in case the balls feel off from the tree. The package includes a set of 36 pieces assorted Christmas balls in various styles and finish.

48. Black Christmas Hats

Rather than using the traditional red Santa Claus Christmas hats, you can choose a unique black Santa hat for your decorations. You can decorate your home with black Santa hats. If you are using stuff toys for decorations, you can make them wear black Santa hats for a coordinated look. You can even hang mini black Santa hats on your Christmas tree.

49. Black and White Christmas Ribbon

The striped black and white Christmas ribbon is a great addition to your holiday decoration. It is perfect for doing DIY Christmas projects. You can create bows that you can use for decorating your Christmas tree or Christmas garlands. The ribbons can also be used as finishing touches to your Christmas gifts.

50. Black Christmas Bows

Decorate your Christmas tree with black Christmas bows. The bows come in a set of 60 pieces and are perfect for DIY crafts. You can even embellish the bows with beads and glitters for an added shine. Sew sequins for a lighted effect.

✅ Video – How to Make the Perfect Christmas Bow

You can create colorful and elegant Christmas bows that you can hnag on your Christmas tree. It is easy to make a bow. All that you need are ribbons of various colors and designs. Learn how to make the perfect bow for your Christmas tree. StampinStuff01 shared the video below on her YouTube channel. She demonstrates how to make a bow without having to actually tie it. Watch the video below for the tutorial.

51. Black Christmas Figurines

This stunning black Christmas figurine will be a great addition to your center table. The figurine is made from high-quality resin. The hand-painted details make it stand out.

52. Black Christmas Tablecloth

Choose the right Christmas tablecloth for the perfect table setting. The black tablecloth is made from 100% treated polyester. It is spill-proof so all liquids bead up for easy cleaning. It creates a luxurious and elegant table setting which is perfect for Christmas.

53. Black Nativity Sets Christmas

The set of 11 nativity figurines is a perfect decoration this Christmas. The set comes in 14 pieces of figurines. They are made from resin and hand-painted to create a detailed design. The set includes a separate chest that is filled with real 23k old and authentic frankincense and myrrh.

54. Shatterproof Black Christmas Balls

If you want to have a kid friendly decoration, choose shatterproof black Christmas balls. The balls are made from high-quality plastic that will not easily get damaged in case it accidentally fell off the tree. You can choose from 5 different finishes that are available. The Christmas balls can also be used as table centerpieces.

55. Black Plastic Glitter Snowflakes

Decorate your Christmas tree with black snowflakes. The snowflakes are made from plastic and are shatterproof. They are also covered with glitters for an added shine. The package contains 30 snowflakes with 3 different styles. Hooks and strings are also included for easy hanging.

56. Black Christmas Pillows

Make your guests comfortable while sitting on the couch with black Christmas pillows. The square pillows are made from natural and durable cotton linen and feature an invisible zipper that closes and opens smoothly. You can use the pillows on your indoor or outdoor sofa.

✅ Video – No Sew Pillow

Create pillows that you can proudly display in your living room. It is a great addition to your Christmas decoration and you can choose a fabric and design that you like. Vanessa Vendetti shared the video below on her YouTube channel on how to make a DIY no-sew pillow. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.

57. Black Ostrich Feathers

Create a stunning wreath out of black ostrich feathers. They come in a set of 50 pieces and perfect for decorating your home. You can hang the feathers on your Christmas tree for a cute accent. You can also use its an added accent into your Christmas garland.

58. Black and White Table Runner

Aside from a tablecloth, a table runner also makes a great table setting. The table runner is made from high-quality cotton fabric and polyester which makes it durable. It has the classic black and white print for a stylish and simple design. It is perfect for decorating your table this Christmas.

59. Black Plaid Check Rug

The black plaid check rug is a functional addition to your outdoor decoration. It is made from high-quality material and is resistant to outdoor elements. The rug is soft, comfortable to touch and is built to last for a long time. It has the classic buffalo plaid pattern which is ideal for a country style home.

60. Black Pearl Strings

If you are doing a lot of DIY decoration this Christmas, the black pearl string is a great material that you can use. 1 roll of string measures 200 feet and is made from high-quality ABS pearl beads on the fishing line. They are the ideal accent to your garlands, wreaths, and Christmas tree.

61. Black and White Gift Bags

When giving small gifts this year, you can use black and white gift bags. The package includes a set of 9 pieces with three different sizes. They have a tie-in ribbon and are made from high-quality materials. The bags provide an easy and convenient way to wrap gifts.

62. Black Mini Candle Lantern

Light-Up your outdoors using black mini candle lanterns. You will receive a set of 12 mini candle lanterns with flickering LED tea lights. The lanterns measure 10 inches tall and require a battery to operate. They are perfect for hanging on trees or you can also place them on a table for an added accent to your table setting.

63. Black Candle Holders

Create a romantic ambiance for your home this Christmas using black candle holders. The candle holders comes with LED battery tea light candles. It features rubbed black tone metal construction with wreaths included. You can place the candle holders indoors or outdoors for a relaxing and peaceful ambiance.

The End

You have reached the end of this post that tackles black Christmas decorating ideas. Let your creativity flow this holiday season and transform your home into a masterpiece. Do not be afraid to use black when decorating. You can mix black with other colors to brighten up a room and to create a unique decoration that will reflect a festive and warm atmosphere. Consider the many decorating ideas listed on this post and chose the ones which you think will look great into your home. Enjoy decorating and have a happy holiday!

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