Can Face Exercises Reverse Signs of Aging?

Can Face Exercises Reverse Signs of Aging

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Can face exercises reverse the signs of aging? With age, the skin becomes wrinkled and sagging, which urges people to search for ways to bring back the youthful glow and smoothness of their faces. Is it possible to bring back the radiance and youthfulness of your skin by doing facial exercises?

Can face exercises reverse the signs of aging? Yes, facial exercises can reverse the signs of aging. Anti-aging facial exercises can help combat wrinkles and sagging skin by toning and tightening the muscles on the face, which also results in tightening the skin. The facial exercises increase blood circulation. Proper blood circulation gets more oxygen to the cells in your face which provides a younger-looking appearance.

How can Facial exercises reverse the signs of aging? What exercises are the best? How long until results ate show? Check out the rest of the post below for more tips and information.

Can Face Exercises Reverse Signs of Aging
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How Facial Exercises Reverse the Signs of Aging

JAMA Dermatology published a studyOpens in a new tab. which shows that that middle-aged woman looked about three years younger doing facial exercises for a few months. The human face significant changes as we age and some begin to notice the appearance of wrinkles as early as thirty years old. The skin starts to sag, and crow’s feet appear in the eye area.

The reason behind the study done by JAMA Dermatology is that the significant part of facial aging is because of the loss of soft tissue and fat on the face that leads to wrinkles and saggy skin. Facial exercises are like lifting weights. If lifting weights can enlarge biceps and makes out muscles stringer, the same happens to our faces. We can fill the contours of our faces with the help of facial exercises.

However, the study done by JAMA Dermatology is hard to conclude concerning the longevity of the results. The exercises should be continued to maintain the effect, but for how long? And also, how frequently should face exercises be done? What kinds of exercises are the most effective? More studies are still needed to address the questions.

How Often Face Exercises Should Be Done

You can do anti-aging exercises three to five times a weekOpens in a new tab. for around 20 minutes so that you can get the best results. Yes, it may seem like a long time, but you can start seeing a noticeable difference in your face.

You can take a look online for some of the best facial exercises that you can try. If you are targeting specific areas of your face like your chin, cheeks, or jaw area, you can also find exercises for that. Make sure that you strictly follow the routine to see results.

Anti-aging exercises can slim your faceOpens in a new tab. and is also free. You do not have to pay for anything to do the exercises, which make it the cheapest option to have younger-looking skin.

✅ Video – Anti Aging Face Yoga

Facial exercises and yoga can combat the signs of aging by tightening your facial muscles. By exercising your face, you are also working your muscles, which can result in preventing wrinkles and sagging skin. Check out the video below for a facial yoga that you can try at home.

How Long to Wait to See Results

The results vary for each person. Some can see results in as early as two weeksOpens in a new tab. with improvements after several months of doing facial exercise. Moreover, anti-aging exercises can also counteract the effects of agingOpens in a new tab.. Doing facial exercises while you are still young can delay the aging process on your face.

If you want a natural way to reverse the signs of aging, doing facial exercises is your best option. Rather than spending a lot of money and risking side effects while undergoing surgery to remove and tighten sagging skin, you can safely do facial exercises at home for free. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin that prevents you from using anti-aging creams or other face slimming products, you can do facial exercises.

Fortunately, there are many facial exercises that you can find onlineOpens in a new tab.. You can check out various videos and look for the best facial exercises that target the areas of the face that you want to improve individually. Most of the videos that you can find online also tackle and discusses the benefits of doing facial exercises. You can create a playlist of the different facial exercises videos that you would like to perform daily.

✅ Video – 5 Easy Facial Yoga Exercises

Check out the video below for five easy facial yoga exercises that you can follow. You can try these exercises in the morning or before going to sleep. If you have time, you can take a break from your work and set aside a few minutes to exercise and relax your face.

Related Questions

What Causes Sagging Skin and Wrinkles?

The fat pads that lie under the skin become thinner as we age,Opens in a new tab. which results in sagging skin that appears in large parts of the face. When we are young, the pads snuggle together and provides much of the structure and contours of the face. The pads also change, and as we age, the connections loosen, and gravity also draws them downwards. It is why the cheeks become hollow, and visages become droopier.

Can You Do Facial Exercises at Home?

You can do anti-aging facial exercises at home. The technique stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin. It gives you a suppler and tighter skin. Danielle Collins, a face yoga expertOpens in a new tab. says, “Everyone has different faces, so the time that it will take to see changes varies from person to person. As a general rule, you will start to see more of a long term improvement in your face and neck after two weeks.” She also recommends doing facial exercises for twenty minutes, six times a week.

✅ Video – Non-Surgical Face Lift Exercises

So you want to get rid of wrinkles without undergoing surgery? You can watch the video below to find how. Undergoing surgery is expensive, and there are also some risks that you need to consider. If you want to fight wrinkles and sagging skin for free, you can try facelift exercises.

What Other Options Do I Have to Prevent Wrinkles?

Some options that you can have included using face products. There are many anti-aging products sold on the market. On the other hand, not all of them guaranteed to work. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before using any kind of face product, especially if you have sensitive skin. Another thing that you can do is to undergo surgery.Opens in a new tab. On the other hand, this is an expensive option, and you will need some time to recover from the surgery. Moreover, some risks come with undergoing surgery.


Taking care of the skin while you are still young is vital to prevent wrinkles, but having sagged skin is inevitable as we age. On the other hand, this does not have to mean that we have to gravity take its toll and just accept the changes in our faces, especially if you can do something to reverse the signs of aging. There is no harm in doing face exercises daily. There are many benefits that you can get from doing face exercises. If you are curious about what positive changes facial exercises can do to your skin, you can start doing start exercises today. Thank you for reading!

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