30 Thoughtful Cat Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers and Their Cats

30 Thoughtful Cat Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers and Their Cats

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Are you looking for the best Cat Christmas gifts that you can give to your friends who are cat owners or cat lovers? You might be wondering about the perfect gift that you can send, which will definitely move them. To help you solve your dilemma, we have provided a list of cat Christmas gift ideas that you can refer to. The list includes simple gifts like cat toys and cat costumes to heartwarming gifts like cat memorial keepsakes and cat figurines. We have shared a review of the best products that you can purchase.

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Find the “purrfect” gift for your cat lover friends this Christmas. If you are a cat owner, now is the time to cuddle your fur babies and thank them for being a source of happiness and cuddliness for the whole year. Choose the ideal gift that you can give to your cat lover friends and family members by reading our list of 30 Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats.

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This specific cat Christmas giftOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The interactive cat toy is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored moving balls.

Include your cats on your list this Christmas. Find a thoughtful and sentimental gift for your friends and family members who are cat lovers. Check out our list below for more ideas and tips. You can also read this post about dog Christmas gift ideas for tips and information on what to get your dog-loving friends this Christmas.

1. Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you have friends or family members who are cat owners, a thoughtful gift you can give this Christmas is a cat Christmas tree ornament. The ornament is hand-crafted in old age tradition that originates back in the 1800s. It is made from molten glass and is mouth-blown to create a finely carved mold. The cat ornament is hand-painted and glittered to achieve a stunning display. It is a cute addition to any cat lover’s Christmas tree.

✅ Video – DIY Christmas Pet Ornaments

Carfty Cheli shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for a DIY tutorial on how to make cat Christmas ornaments.

2. Black Cat Christmas Ornament

If your friend owns a black cat, you can purchase a black cat Christmas ornament. The cat is wearing a winter scarf that can be removed. It has a flat bottom so it can be placed on a flat surface. The ornament is made from resin and mounted with a gold-tone eyelet and gold tone cord. The ornament can be hanged in the car’s rearview mirror or can also be used as a keychain.

3. Cat in the Hat Christmas Ornament

Another gift that you can give to cat lovers is the cat in the hat Christmas ornament. It is for indoor and outdoor use.The cat measures 4.33 inches tall and comes with a loop for easy hanging.

4. Cat Memorial Christmas Ornament

Your friend will surely appreciate a gift if he or she has a cat that has recently passed away is a cat memorial Christmas ornament. The hand-painted ornament of an angel holding a cat is made from resin. The ornament has a cord style hanger for easy hanging and is packed in a gift box. It is a thoughtful gift that you can give to your friend this Christmas.

5. Cat Christmas Tree Topper

A cute cat with a star Christmas tree topper is a great gift this Christmas. The handmade aluminum cat can be used all year as home décor. The tree topper is hand-crafted and has heavy-duty clips attached to the back for easy attachment. You can easily clip it on the Christmas tree.

6. Cat Christmas Tree Skirt

This attractive Merry Christmas cat tree skirt will complete the look of any cat lover’s Christmas tree. It measures 48 inches and is perfect for any size of the tree.Not only does it look cute, but the tree skirt will also protect the floors and the Christmas rug from pine needles and other Christmas tree debris. It is an essential Christmas tree accessory.

✅ Video – Create a Christmas Tree Skirt

Nancy’s Notions shared the video below on YouTube. Below is a tutorial on how to create a Christmas tree skirt using simple materials.

7. Cat Christmas Stockings

Another gift that you can give to cat owners is a cat Christmas stocking. The stocking features a cute smiling cat and some paw prints. The stocking is made of a non-woven main body and beige cuff. It has an embroidered kitten face. The stocking is tightly stitched with durable linings for long-lasting quality. It is great storage for cat treats and toys.

8. Needlepoint Cat Christmas Stockings

A handmade hooked cat Christmas stocking makes a wonderful gift this Christmas. The stocking is made from 100% acrylic with 100% polyester backing. It comes with a hook for easy hanging. You can fill the stocking with cat toys and goodies before you wrap it and give as a gift to your friends who are cat owners.

9. Christmas Cat Collar

A nice gift that your friends would surely appreciate is a Christmas cat collar.Opens in a new tab. The collar is adjustable from 7 to 10 inches. It has a breakaway clasp and adjustable cat collar design. Its bowties are made from high-quality materials. The collar is made from polyester webbing and fine stitching. The mix of plaid and snowflake patterns on the collar looks adorable.

10. Nightmare Before Christmas Cat Collar

If your cat owner friend also loves the Nightmare before Christmas movie, a Nightmare Before Christmas cat collar is the perfect gift. The collar is buckle-down and fits 8 to 12 inches neck size. It is perfect for medium-sized cats. The collar features a cemetery scene from the movie.

11. Cat Christmas Decorations

For a quirky yet fun Christmas decoration, gift your friends with a mischievous cat garden gnome figurines. It is the perfect garden or lawn décor this Christmas for cat lovers. The hand-painted cat with tiger stripes is made from resin. The cat is eating a gnome while capturing three gnomes. A grandmother gnome is pointing a weapon into the cat. The figurines are big enough to be noticed while small enough to fit a bookshelf.

✅ Video – Custom DIY Christmas Kitties

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Christmas decoration using old toys.

12. Christmas Cat Yard Decorations

If your friends love to decorate their yard with inflatable products like an inflatable snowman and inflatable dragons, you can gift this cute inflatable cat. The cat lights up for a glowing nighttime display. It self inflates in seconds for easy set-up. The inflatables come with tethers and stakes to keep them from falling.

13. Cat Christmas Costume

Cat owners will appreciate an adorable cat Christmas costume. The cat had with scarf costume set is made from soft fleece with red and white color. It has a Velcro design to adjust strap length and collar length. The costume is easy and comfortable to wear. The cat will surely look adorable wearing the Santa costume.

14. Cat Christmas Hat

A cute Christmas hat is a great gift for cat lovers. The Santa Claus Christmas hat comes with a beard for a complete look. The hat fits most average-sized cats. The side flaps of the hat are attached under the chin using Velcro. It is a great gift that the cat can wear for Christmas parties and costume parties.

15. Cat Christmas Toy

Cats love to play as much as they want to be petted. An interactive toy will keep the cat busy. The balls spin and roll are designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored balls to attract the cat’s attention. It is built with a non-slip base to hold the cat track and ball toy in place. The cat toyOpens in a new tab. is perfect for one or more cats.

16. Christmas Cat Bed

Gift your friend’s cat with a self-warming 2 in 1 foldable triangle cat bed. It is made from cozy materials with a small and enclosed space to make the cat feel safe and warm. The bed is made of printed flannel and arctic velvet. It is made from quality materials that are durable and will not limp easily. The surface is washable for easy cleaning.

17. Cat Christmas Accessories

Cute cat Christmas accessories will also make a great gift. A cat collar with a bell and flowers are cute accessories that the owner and the cat will love. The collars are made specifically for cats and can be worn every day. It is a removable accessory that is made with glitters, removable flowers, and bells. It comes in colors pink and red.

✅ Video Tutorial – DIY Cat Collar Tutorial

Rachel Weiland shared the video below on YouTube. The video below shows how to create a cat collar. Push the play button for the step-by-step instructions.

18. Cat Antlers Christmas

These cute cat antlers will look adorable on cats. The antler headbands are elastic for easy adjustment. It has fuzzy fabric ears and headband for the cat’s comfort. The antlers are perfect to wear during the holidays, photoshoots or even when taking a walk around the park.

19. Cat Christmas Gift Bags

After wrapping your presents, place them in a cute cat Christmas gift bag. The reusable bag is printed with a cute cat design. It is washable so you can throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The bag can be used for grocery shopping or as additional storage when traveling. It is big enough to hold 2 to 3 ordinary grocery bags. The bag can be folded into a tiny square pouch.

20. Cat Christmas Shirt

Cat lovers would surely appreciate a cat Christmas shirt. The shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The design features a Christmas tree that is littered with cats. There is a print at the top which says “Meowy Catmas”. It is a cute t-shirt for your male friends who love cats.

21. Christmas Cat Pajamas

If your friends have a little boy who also loves cats, the Christmas cat pajamas is an ideal gift. The pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are comfortable to wear. It is machine wash and fire safety. The set includes matching sleep tee and sleep bottoms. You can also choose from other designs and colors that are available.

22. Christmas Cat Dress

In preparation for the ugly Christmas party, you can gift your friend with a Christmas cat dress. The dress is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is a pull on closure dress which is comfortable to wear all day long. The material is silky to the touch and is the perfect gift for those who want to world to know how much they adore cats.

23. Christmas Cat Onesie

Another gift that you can give is the Christmas cat onesie. It is made from 100% polyester. The onesie is designed to have a tail, eyes, and nose like real cats. It is made from loose-fitting materials and is comfortable to wear. You can choose from sizes small to extra large.

24. Christmas Cat Socks

Another thoughtful gift that you can give to cat lovers is Christmas cat socks. The socks are made from 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex. The cute socks feature a lovely cat paws pattern and cute cat face on the top. The materials are stretchy and very comfortable to wear. The package contains 5 pairs of socks in different colors.

✅ Video – DIY Cat Socks

Annika Victoria shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video bwlow to learn how to make DIY cat socks out of your old socks.

25. Cat Christmas Sweater

A fashionable gift that cat lovers can wear is a cat Christmas sweater. The sweater is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The plush cotton-blend fleece keeps you warm without wearing you down. It has a relaxed fit and is roomy enough for outfit layering. The sweater has stretchy mini-rib trim finishes cuff and hem.

26. Christmas Cat Stuffed Animal

Your cat-loving friends would surely love to receive a stuffed cat this Christmas. The pushed stuffed animal is made from polyester fibers. It is made of soft and huggable materials. The plush toy features surface washable construction for easy cleaning. It is a cute and huggable gift that you can give this Christmas to cat lovers.

27. Cat Christmas Figurine

The lighted cat Christmas tree figurine is a great gift for cat owners. The Charming tree id decorated with colorful, hand-painted ornaments, sparkling glitter details, color-changing balls, and festive cats. The figurines can be placed on the mantel, shelf, or a centerpiece display. It is made from resin and is battery operated.

28. Christmas Cat Snow Globe

Another thoughtful gift that you can give to your cat-loving friends is the Christmas cat’s musical snow globe. The globe plays the “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” tune in the 18-note movement. It features two adorable kittens wearing Santa hats inside the globe. The base of the globe is made from sturdy resin with Christmas cat details. When the globe is shaken, snowflakes flurry inside the globe.

29. Pandora Christmas Cat Charms

The Curious cat charm from Pandora is another gift that you can give this Christmas to your friends. The cat is designed with sleek and defined expression and will make a great addition to any bracelet. The sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver, and 7.5% other metals. It has an excellent blend because it preserves the color, weight, and luster of the silver. The charm is a sentimental gift for cat owners.

30. Christmas Cat Pillows

Cat lovers would definitely adore the decorative pillow covers. The covers are made from polyester which is soft and durable. It comes in a set of 4 different patterns of pillowcases. The designs of the pillowcases are cute and funny.

✅ Video – DIY No-Sew Cat Face Pillow

DIY with Ollie shared the video below on YouTube. The video below shows how to create a no-sew cat pillow. Click the play button for the instructions.

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Thank you for reading this post that shows cat Christmas gift ideas. We hope that the ideas that we have provided can help you decide on the right kind of gift that you can give to your friends who are proud cat owners. Ask them about their preferences and make sure that you k of the cats’ sizes before purchasing any dresses or collars to avoid purchasing an item that is too tight or too loose. Enjoy shopping and have a Merry Christmas!

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