Accessorizing using sunglasses is a developing trend. Finding the right sunglasses is very easy if you know the right frames for your face shape. Your unique facial features will point you in the right direction. Knowing your face shape is the first step.


With the aid of a mirror or your phone, you could take a selfie to analyze your features. Make sure that you are looking directly at the device of your choice. Relax your face and ensure that you pull back your hair for a better outlook. If you still are not quite sure of the face of your shape, you could use an application, marker or lipstick to outline your face. Make sure that you start outlining from the bottom of the chin and work out the edges of your face. The shape could be either square, round, oval or heart-shaped.

There are various shapes of the face such as:

  • Square-shaped face

If your face has distinct and defined angles, which work with the aid of other oval and round-shaped features, then this is your category. As you search for the right sunglass frame, strive to settle for thinner and round-like frames. These are good since they help to soften up your defined facial outline. With the emerging sunglass trends, you could go for a cat eye-shaped frame or a semi-rimless frame, which help to balance out your jaw line.

  • Round-shaped face

If your face is in this category then you most likely have youthful features, in comparison to the other face shapes. Your cheeks are also fuller in comparison to the rest. The ideal sunglass frame for this face shape should be rectangular. Take note that it will be in your interest to settle for thinner frames, as they add more length to this face shape. To aid in widening your face shape, you can settle for frames that have a contrasting material or color at the bridge.

  • Oval-shaped face

This face shape is similar to the round shape in terms of the frames. Just like the round face shape, people with this facial outline can play around with just about any type of frame. Play around with the size, color, texture, and angles that will bring out your best facial features. It is also advisable t choose bold sunglasses that aid in covering up the cheekbones and eyebrows. This face shape is good for statement pieces.

  • Heart-shaped face

People with this facial shape are lucky enough to have high cheekbones and a narrow-like chin.  This face shape goes with sunglass frames that are wider than your forehead.  This helps to define the wideness of the forehead and the face tapering off as you move towards the chin. It is also advisable to settle for thin frames, as they aid in enhancing the symmetry of the face. This aids in warming up the wide upper part of the face. The bottom part of the sunglass frames could be wider to help to add bulk to the pointed nature of the chin.

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