How to Choose Sunglasses Fit for the Shape of Your Face

How to Choose Sunglasses Fit for the Shape of Your Face

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Accessorize With Sunglasses

Accessorizing using sunglasses is a developing trend. Finding the right sunglasses is very easy if you know the right frames for your face shape. Your unique facial features will point you in the right direction. Knowing your face shape is the first step.

With the aid of a mirror or your phone, you could take a selfie to analyze your features. Make sure that you are looking directly at the device of your choice. Relax your face and ensure that you pull back your hair for a better outlook. If you still are not quite sure of the face of your shapeOpens in a new tab., you could use an application, marker or lipstick to outline your face. Make sure that you start outlining from the bottom of the chin and work out the edges of your face. The shape could be either square, round, oval or heart-shaped.

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Choosing Sunglasses According To the Shape of Your Face

Square-shaped face

If your face has distinct and defined angles, which work with the aid of other oval and round-shaped features, then this is your category. As you search for the right sunglass frame, strive to settle for thinner and round-like frames. These are good since they help to soften up your defined facial outline. With the emerging sunglass trends, you could go for a cat eye-shaped frame or a semi-rimless frame, which help to balance out your jawline.

Round-shaped face

If your face is in this category then you most likely have youthful features, in comparison to the other face shapes. Your cheeks are also fuller in comparison to the rest. The ideal sunglass frame for this face shape should be rectangular. Take note that it will be in your interest to settle for thinner frames, as they add more length to this face shape. To aid in widening your face shape, you can settle for frames that have a contrasting material or color at the bridge.

Oval-shaped face

This face shape is similar to the round shape in terms of the frames. Just like the round face shape, people with this facial outline can play around with just about any type of frame. Play around with the size, color, texture, and angles that will bring out your best facial features. It is also advisable t choose bold sunglasses that aid in covering up the cheekbones and eyebrows. This face shape is good for statement pieces.

Heart-shaped face

People with this facial shape are lucky enough to have high cheekbones and a narrow-like chin.  This face shape goes with sunglass frames that are wider than your forehead.  This helps to define the wideness of the forehead and the face tapering off as you move towards the chin. It is also advisable to settle for thin frames, as they aid in enhancing the symmetry of the face. This aids in warming up the wide upper part of the face. The bottom part of the sunglass frames could be wider to help to add bulk to the pointed nature of the chin.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Lens for Your Sunglasses

Choosing the right lens for your sunglasses will have a big impact not only on your features but in your vision as well. There are three kinds of lenses that you can choose from. The choices include interchangeable lenses, polarized lenses, and photochromic lenses. Interchangeable lenses have two colors and will enable you to choose a lens that will best suit the activity and outdoor conditions. Polarized lenses will reduce glare. This kind of lens is perfect if you are sensitive to glares or love water sports. Photochromic lenses automatically change according to light intensity and conditions. These kinds of lenses get darker during bright days and lighter when it is dark. Below is a video about the different kinds of lenses and the benefits that users can get from each lens.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses

It Is A Cool Accessory

Sunglasses come in various style shape and colors. Due to the demand, there are now fashionable sunglasses that you can purchase at an affordable price. It is now possible to collect sunglasses to coordinate them with your clothing. Other than protecting your eyes, sunglasses will also make you look mysterious. There are even sunglasses that are equipped with Bluetooth headsets that you can purchase online or in your local department store.

It Has UV Protection

Sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful elements like UV rays. Ultraviolet raysOpens in a new tab. can cause permanent eye damage, scar and can lead to different kinds of eye problems when not prevented. Moreover, sunglasses will block the dangerous blue light produced by the sun and artificial lights.

It Prevents Too Much Sun Exposure

It is possible to burn your eyes. Too much sun exposure can lead to eye redness, irritation and the feeling of having sand in your eyes. Choosing the right sunglasses can protect your eyes from sunburn no matter how sunny the day is.

It Protects Your Eyes From The Elements

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, your eyes will be exposed to different elements such as sand, snow, and wind. These elements can be harmful to your eyes. For instance, the wind can carry dust that may irritate your eyes. Grains of sand can enter your eyes and can cause permanent damage. By wearing cool sunglasses, you can rest assured that your eyes are protected at all times. Nowadays, sunglasses are made with different features like a camera that takes photos and videos secretly.

It Allows You to See Better

You do not have to squint your eyes every time you went outdoors to see well. Wearing sunglasses will enable you to see well even if the sun is shining brightly. There are many lenses with different optical qualities that are available to sharpen your vision outdoors.

It Can Prevent Wrinkles

If you want to avoid crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye areas, you need to wear sunglasses. Because sunglasses offer shade protection, there is no need for you to keep on squinting every time you go outdoors. This will prevent premature wrinkles from occurring around your eyes.

Wear Sunglasses According to Your Outfit

With the wide array of style, color, and design of sunglasses that are available in the market, you can now coordinate them with your outfits. You can choose to wear sunglasses according to the color of your outfit. This will make dressing up more fun. Not only will sunglasses protect your eyes but they are also part of fashion. As a matter of fact, sunglasses with a weird structure such as the shutter sunglasses are now available but are worn more for fashion rather than eye protection. Have fun incorporating your sunglasses to your daily outfits! Below is a video on how to incorporate your outfits with your sunglasses.

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Will Sunglasses Protect My Eyes From Infrared Rays?

Yes, sunglasses will protect your eyes from infrared rays. There are sunglasses made specifically to avoid infrared rays from entering the eyes.

What Kind of Sunglass Lens do I Need?

It depends on you. You need to consider what you need when choosing the lens. There are many kinds of lenses that you can choose from. If you are more concerned about glare, then you need to purchase lenses that will block glare and will improve visibility.

Can Babies Wear Sunglasses?

Yes, babies can also wear sunglasses. Their eyes need protection like adults. There are sunglasses that are specifically made for babies. You can look online for stores that sell sunglasses for babies.

The End

Thank you for reading this post. Take time and effort to make sure that you choose sunglasses that will fit the structure of your face. It will enhance your features and will make you look great as well.

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