35 Stylish Christmas Frame Designs to Display Heartwarming Holiday Photos

Christmas Frames

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Relieve special moments that have occurred during the year by displaying them on stylish Christmas frames. Photos displayed on the mantle or the walls will always bring back memories that will bring warmth during this season of loving and sharing. Christmas frames are also a great gift that you can give to your loved ones.

Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas by sending personalized photo frames to your loved ones. Choose photo frames that are eye-catching and will focus attention on the photos on display. To help you get started, we have shared a review of the best products you can choose from.

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There is a wide array of Christmas frames that you can choose from. Ensure that the frame you choose as an additional decoration will complement and blend in with your Christmas theme. You might find it difficult to choose the right frame to display at home or give as gifts. To help you solve this problem, we have gathered a list of the different Christmas frames that you can choose from. We have considered everything from size, color, material, and design.

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This specific Christmas frameOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The frame is made of the same material of mirror glass. It featured a beveled cut and silver border.

Decorate your home with the right Christmas frames. Take a look at our list of Christmas frame options for a wide selection that you can choose from.

1. Christmas Frames

Christmas frames are a great addition to your decoration, and they also make great gifts that you can give this holiday season. The glitter photo frame sparkles when turned, and the small floater will fall and swirl, which makes the picture looks amazing. It is made from super clear acrylic and filled with non-toxic and eco-friendly liquid.

✅ Video – How to make a Unique Christmas Photo Frame out of Cardboard

El Mundo De Lala shared the video below on YouTube. Learn how to create unique Christmas frames using cardboard. It is a fun project that you can do with the kids. Watch the video below for more tips.

2. Christmas Frame Ornaments

The cute hanging Christmas frame ornaments come in a set of 8 pieces. It can hold 2 x 3 photos and comes with loops for easy hanging. The frame is made from metal with a plastic cover. You can decorate your wall using the frame with a picture of your family in it. It will also look great as an additional Christmas tree ornament along with a Christmas angel.

3. Christmas Frame Border Design

For a stunning Christmas frame border design, choose a sparkle glass photo frame. The frame is made of mirror glass, which gives a good perspective of the photos. It protects the photos from dust, tearing, and moisture. The sparkling glass is accented with a beveled cut and silver border. Photos can be added by turning the button at the rear. It can be placed in portrait or format orientation.

4. Craft Christmas Frame

The Christmas snowman is a cute Christmas frame that you can use to display your kids’ winter photos. The kit can create 24 picture frames with colorful glitter designs. It comes with magnets and instructions. It is made with self-adhesive foam pieces. Your kids will definitely love this creating this Christmas craft.

5. Christmas Frame Cards

For a personalized card giving this Christmas, you can use Christmas frame cards. Create a one-of-a-kind greeting card that you can send to family and friends. The holiday greeting cards feature creative designs that will go with whatever photo you choose. The set comes with 48 pieces of photo frame greeting cards with 4 different designs. Simply slide in your family photo into the cards.

6. Christmas Frame Decorations

Enjoy photoshoots this Christmas with photo frame decorations. The Christmas party photo booth is made from high-quality card stock that is thick and firm. The material is made of PVC materials. It is a fun Christmas prop that you can use for Christmas parties and family reunions.

✅ Video – Balloon Photo Booth

Ask Me For A Balloon shared the video below on YouTube. Learn how to make a photobooth out of balloons by watching the video below. It makes a great photo background for a fun photoshoot.

7. Christmas Frame for Photo

A cute Christmas frame perfect for any kind of Christmas theme is the Santa and Me wood picture frame. The frame can hold a 4 x 6 photo. The beautiful wood frame is painted with white with red trim and features a rustic distressed finish. It is perfect for displaying photos that you can display on your fireplace mantle.

8. Greetings Christmas Frame

The stunning Christmas card photo frame has a festive design. The front of the frame features a sleek red border with white dots. It comes in a set of 24 greeting cards with envelopes. The frame can fit 4 x 6 inches photos. It is a personalized way to greet friends and family this Christmas.

9. Gift Christmas Frame

For cute Christmas frame that you can give as gifts this Christmas, choose a snowman winter Christmas frame. It is perfect for displaying family photos and will look adorable on the fireplace mantle. The frame features snowflakes and snowballs. The picture lights up using 3 AA batteries. It includes USB cords that can connect to a power outlet.

10. Christmas Frame Labels

A charming decoration that you can display this Christmas season is an engraved picture frame. It is made of top-quality natural wood and can be hanged horizontally. The frame measures 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 and holds 4 inches by 6 inches photo. It has curved beveled edges with a complete glass front. The frame has a back stand easel for table display.

11. Christmas Lights Frame Border

A cute Christmas gift that you can give this Christmas is a light-up Christmas picture frame. It can hold one 5 x 7 photo. The frame features presents, a clock, a Christmas tree, a snowman, and other Christmas ornaments. It has 5 lights on the border that changes colors. Activate the lights by flipping the switch located at the bottom of the frame.

✅ Video – How to Make Fairy Light Frame

EzyCraft shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for a tutorial on adding LED lightsOpens in a new tab. to photo frames for a cool and lighted look.

12. Modern Christmas Frame

For a modern look, you can choose the mirror photo frame. The frame has a simple and elegant design that will make your photographs shine. It features a glass mirror to protect the photos. The beautifully crafted glass frame is a perfect gift to friends and family members this holiday season. It comes in a pack of 2 pieces.

13. Monogram Christmas Frame

A sentimental decoration that you can display is a monogram family picture frame. The excellent design features handy craft laser engraved monogram “Family” with metallic silver finish. It has black faux wood with a texture pallet as the frame base. The frame comes with an easel back for easy display. It has opening tabs at the back to insert photos.

14. Magnet Christmas Frame

A Christmas magnet frame is a fun and crafty way to display photos. The strong magnet will hold the photos securely. It is ideal for personalized gifts that you can give to friends and colleagues. The frames are available in three different shapes and 5 colors. You can get 6 pieces of ornaments with hooks for easy hanging.

15. Nutcracker Christmas Frame

A quirky decoration that you can display this Christmas is the Christmas nutcracker frame. It features a traditional nutcracker soldier holding a sword and standing behind a frame. It is perfect for inserting tiny close-up photos. You can display it on the mantle, or you can also display it as a centerpiece. It will look great with a red Christmas tablecloth.

✅ Video – Christmas Picture Frame Ornaments

Learn how to make crochet picture frame ornaments that you can hang on your trees. Watch the video below for the tutorial below, shared by Ruth L on YouTube.

16. Snow Globe Christmas Frame

Display the stunning photo snow globe Christmas ornament for a customized ornament this Christmas. The snow globe can hold one curved photo that easily slips in the top. It features snow and glitter flakes on the inside. The back of the photo ornament is flat with a large heavy-duty magnet to hang on the fridge. It is made from a durable plastic material.

17. Resin Christmas Frame

A cute ornament that you can hang on your tabletop Christmas tree is the family picture keepsake frame. The frame measures 3 1/2 inches with an approximate 1 1/2 square photo space. The frame is made from durable resin and painted with bright colors and vivid patterns for a stunning display.

18. Santa Christmas Frame

Brighten up your Christmas decoration with a decorative Santa Christmas frame. The frame is made of top-quality natural wood that is engraved. It measured 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 and held a 4 inches and 6 inches photo. The frame features curved beveled edges with a complete glass front. You can also give it as gifts to friends.

19. Stocking Christmas Frame

Hang a personalized Christmas stocking frames on your fireplace mantle. The package comes with an assorted 3 pieces of stockings that feature Santa Claus, Christmas snowman, and Christmas reindeer. It measures 17 inches, and you can add photos at the top part of the stocking. Instead of writing names, you can slip-on each of your family members’ photos on the stockings.

20. Christmas Frame Tree Ornaments

Create a festive Christmas tree by hanging Christmas frame ornaments with your family photos on it. The frames come in a kit that can be easily assembled using adhesive foam pieces. It is a fun and enjoyable craft that the kids can do for the holiday season. The charming picture frames can be hanged on your pop-up Christmas tree.

✅ Video – Felt Photo Frame Ornament

Learn how to create a felt photo frame ornament to hang on your Christmas tree using simple materials. Mommywoodcom shared the video below on YouTube. Check out the video for the instructions.

21. Vintage Christmas Frame

For a vintage look that will add charm to your home decoration, choose a vintage Christmas frame. The frame is designed according to the vintage European family style. You can put a 4 x 6 inches of the photo inside the frame. It comes with a protector that is made of glass and stain-resistant. It will keep your photo in good condition for a long time.

22. Christmas Frame with Lights

A great gift to give this Christmas is a light-up Christmas frame. The frame holds one vertical 4 x 6 photo. It is made from poly resin and is hand-painted. The frame features different Christmas characters for a festive look. It has 5 lights on the border that changes color. To activate the lights, flip the switch that is located at the bottom of the frame.

23. Gold Christmas Frame

For a simple yet elegant picture frame that you can display at home, choose the gold Christmas frame. The gold frame is coated with a premium metallic finish with resin finish. It has a high-definition tempered glass for clarity and damage resistance. The frame includes hanger hooks for easy hanging and a kickstand easel for a horizontal or vertical display.

24. Red Christmas Frame

For a modern and chic display, choose a red Christmas frame. The shimmering jewel picture frame is an eye-catching display for your photos. It is designed with radiant stones that have a retro-inspired look. The stones are reflective and bring attention to the photo. It can be placed in landscape or vertical orientation. This is perfect for a red Christmas theme decoration.

25. White Christmas Frame

For a white Christmas decorating theme, display a white Christmas frame. The frames are ready to be mounted on the wall or displayed on the mantle. They are made from recycled PS and glass. The frames have a distressed look for a rustic effect. They are sturdy and can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

✅ Video – How to Create a Modern Frame Wall

Learn how to create a modern frame wall for displaying holiday photos. Room and Board shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for more information.

26. Round Christmas Frame

A creative way to display many photos at once is to use a collage photo frame. The frame comes with nine 4 x 6-inch openings that are perfect for displaying photographs. It includes hanging hardware for easy wall hanging. The frame has a black plastic design with easy-open tabs at the back to slip and change photos easily. Read this post about black Christmas decorating ideas for more tips on decorating using a black color motif.

27. Square Christmas Frame

For a minimalist look, use square Christmas frames. The frames come in a set of 3 6 x 6-inch square photo frames in color black. They are made from wood and real glass. The frames are perfect for hanging photos of your walls and mantle. You can also give them as gifts to friends and families.

28. Round Balls Christmas Frame

Decorate your outdoor Christmas tree with a cute photo ornament ball. The ball can hold 2 photos, one on each side. The cap of the ball can be pulled off to open the photo ornament. You can choose between a silver or gold cap. It is packed in a clear box and is ready to be wrapped as a Christmas gift.

29. A4 Christmas Frame

There are many styles of A4 Christmas frames that you can choose from. The handmade Moorish art inspired frame is made from resin and pine. It has pine wood MDF with tie and metallic clips for a beautiful display. It is the perfect frame to display for a blue themed Christmas decoration.

30. 5 x 7 Christmas Frame

If you are specifically looking for a 5 x 7 Christmas frame, choose a rustic wood frame design. It has a blue background with white laser cut trees and snowflakes. The frame features a grayish-brown wood shiplap with white snowflake and dark red trim. It can be used for vertical or horizontal photos.

✅ Video – How to Create Photo Frame from Foam Board

Guidecentral English shared the video below on YouTube on how to make a photo frame from the foam board. It is a fun DIY project that you can do at home. Watch the video below for the instructions.

31. 8 x 10 Christmas Picture Frame

A classic gift that you can give to your grandparents is the retro vintage Christmas frame. The picture frame is made of environment protection resin with a weathered wood look veneer. It is easy to mount and built to last. The frame has a rustic style that is simple and fashionable.

32. 4 x 6 Christmas Picture Frame

A cute frame perfect for a green-themed Christmas decoration is the vintage baroque style 4 x 6 Christmas frame. It comes with an easel back for a tabletop display and installed hardware for hanging on the wall. The frame is made of resin and hand-painted with lead-free paint in moss green color. It is a stylish display for your home.

33. First Christmas Frame

Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with a first Christmas frame. The frame is made from top-quality natural wood with the words “My First Christmas” engraved on the frame’s bottom. It comes with curved bevel edges with a glass front. The frame also includes a back stand easel for table display and wall hanging clips for wall mounting.

34. 5 x 7 My First Christmas Frame

Let everyone know of your baby’s first Christmas celebration. Send the frame along with your baby’s photo to family and friends. The frame is made from top-quality wood and measures 5 x 7 inches. It is displayed vertically. It comes complete with a glass font that is easy to clean. The frame can be displayed on tables or hanged on walls.

35. Christmas Frame 2019

The Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas frame is perfect for those who are a big fan of Mickey Mouse. It is made of resin and comes with a loop for easy hanging on the red Christmas tree. Decorate your tree and relieve the memories of 2019 with the year-dated ornament. It can be used as a keychain or can be hanged on cars as a keepsake.

✅ Video – Beautiful Handmade Photo Frame Ideas

Learn how to make a handmade photo frame using paperOpens in a new tab. by watching the video tutorial below.

The End

You have reached the end of this post that talks about Christmas frames. When it comes to displaying photos for your home this Christmas, there are many kinds of Christmas frames that you can choose from. They are also considered as charming gifts that you can give to friends and family members. We hope that this list of Christmas frame options can help you decide on the style, color, and size of the frame you will display in your home to remind you of happy memories. Thank you for reading, and have a happy holiday!

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