Christmas Reindeers – Creative Decorations for Your Home

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time once again for Santa and his reindeers to make an appearance in every home. One of the most sought after decorations are Christmas reindeers. There is something festive and magical about reindeer that you can find a lot of decoration made from their image. If you look online, you can choose from a wide array of Christmas reindeers that are available. They come in various sizes, designs, and styles. You can easily transform the look of your house by adding cute and appealing Christmas reindeers.

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If you are thinking about making your very own reindeer themed Christmas décor, you need to start thinking about the theme that you want. Are you going to decorate your outdoors as well? You can find many Christmas reindeer ornaments that you can use for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

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Creative Decorating Ideas Using Christmas Reindeers

From mini reindeer decors to life-sized ones, you can easily find amazing styles and designs that you can use for your Christmas theme. It’s time to get creative and let the spirit of Christmas inside your home. Learn more about the different kinds of Christmas reindeer that you can use for decorating your house this Christmas.

Christmas Reindeer Names

Aside from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Santa has eight other reindeer that pull his sleigh. They are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. You can use Christmas reindeer names for your decorations. It is a great way for your kids to learn about the names of the reindeer. There are many reindeer name decorations that you can find which includes the reindeer ornament set that you can hang on your pop-up Christmas tree. Along with other Christmas tree ornaments, the reindeer names will add a whimsical vibe into your tree.

Click here for the reindeer name ornament set

Animated Christmas Reindeer Outdoor

When decorating your outdoor property, what better way to do it but to use animated Christmas reindeer? These are lighted holiday deer that are perfect for outdoor use. They are easy to assemble and no tool required. The lights work in a way that makes the deer gaze back and forth. The deer will appear to be moving its head which will certainly attract attention from passersby. They will add an enchanting feel to your outdoor property.

Click here for the animated reindeer decor

Outdoor Christmas Reindeer Decorations Lighted

Do you want to see little Rudolph outside your property? It will definitely catch the attention of kids most especially during the night when Rudolph is glowing with lights. This lawn ornament is fun and festive looking. It is made from durable metal frame colorful tinsel fabric for a jolly look. The statue is pre-lit from the inside by LED lights. It is a cute decoration that you can display outdoors.

Click here for the lighted Christmas reindeer for outdoor decoration

If you want to have more reindeer loitering your lawn, you can also purchase a pair of reindeer with a sleigh. They are also lighted using LED lights. The bulbs are durable and fade-resistant so you can rest assured that it will continue to light up for the whole time that you put it on display.

Click here for the battery operated LED reindeer outdoor display

✅ Video Tutorial

If you want to create your very own reindeer decor for outdoors, you can follow the instructions from the video below. You can choose the size and colors of light that you want to have for your DIY lighted outdoor reindeer decoration.

Christmas Reindeer Figurines

There is a wide array of Christmas reindeer figurines that you can find online. They are made from different materials and come in various designs. If you are going to have a winter wonderland theme where the dominant color is white, you can choose silver Christmas reindeer figurines to add a whimsical look into your house. These figurines measure 12.5 inches in height and are perfect as a centerpiece to your coffee or dining table. They are made from sturdy plastic with light silver glitter finish.

Click here for the Christmas reindeer figurines

Another Christmas reindeer figurine that you can have is made from acrylic. The great thing about this figurine is that even though it is made from affordable acrylic, it gives off the impression of being an expensive crystal. It looks elegant and it will add grace and power into your decorations.

Click here for the acrylic reindeer figurine

3 Piece Gold Mesh Deer Family

If you want to have gold for your color motif this Christmas, there are many gold-colored Christmas reindeer decorations that you can purchase. For instance, this 3 piece gold mesh deer family will certainly look good for your indoor or outdoor decoration. They are lighted using LEDs and are made from durable bulbs that do not easily break. The reindeers come with metal stakes to help them stand. They look great when lighted during the nights which makes them a great attraction that you can use for your outdoor decoration.

Click here for the gold mesh deer family

Santa’s Reindeer

If you want a complete set, you can also purchase Santa with his reindeer for your indoor decoration. This features Santa riding a sleigh that is being pulled by his reindeer. The whole set lights up for a beautiful glow. Santa is approximately six inches tall whole his reindeer are 3.5 inches tall. You can hang them on your fireplace. You can also use them as an outdoor Christmas tree decorations. Santa’s reindeer is also perfect for a window display.

Click here for the Santa’s reindeer display

✅ Video Tutorial

You can also create Santa’s reindeer using tree branches. Find out how to do this by watching the video below.

Indoor Christmas Reindeer Decoration

If you want something cute but whimsical for your indoor decoration, why not choose reindeer tea light holders? The reindeer are 4 inches in height and are made from metal. They have a spot at the back to hold for tea lights or LED tea light candles. Each set is made up of 6 reindeer. You can buy a whole set to use as decoration around the house. They look cute and are also sturdy.

Click here for the reindeer tea light holders

Christmas Reindeer Stuffed Animal

Reindeer are cute and they look even cuter as stuffed toys. Christmas reindeer stuffed animals are a great addition to your room decoration. Decorate your living room sofa with stuffed animals for a more festive feel. You can choose from a wide array of stuffed reindeer online. Ask your kids to pick a stuffed reindeer that they like. Christmas reindeer stuffed animals are huggable and are perfect for kids of all ages.

Click here for the stuffed Christmas reindeer

Christmas Reindeer Costume

It is always fun to dress up during Christmas. There are many costumes for both kids and adults to choose from. You can choose to be Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer for a day. These costumes are easy to wear but they look cool. For instance, this hooded onesie of Rudolph is great for adults. You can easily wear this costume for the Christmas party.

Click here for the adult reindeer costume

There is even a cute Christmas reindeer costume for toddlers and babies. These costumes are made from 100% polyester and are available in color brown. It has leg snaps for an easy diaper change. The costume also comes with slip-on booties with skid-resistant bottoms. Your baby will look extra adorable wearing this costume.

Click here for the baby reindeer costume

Christmas Reindeer and Sleigh

In Christmas decorations, it is common to see Santa riding on his sleigh while being dragged by reindeer. There are Christmas reindeer and sleigh decorations that are animated. For instance, this reindeer and sleigh figurines are attached to a pole that rotates. It appears as though the reindeer are dragging Santa around the trees. This is a perfect addition to your mini Christmas village.

Click here for the animated Christmas reindeer and sleigh

✅ Video Tutorial

Watch the video below to find out how you can create a reindeer and sleigh using plywood. You need to enlarge a template into cardboard and draw them on plywood. For more information, watch the video below.

Christmas Reindeer Antlers Headband

You can choose from a wide array of Christmas antlers headband online. Like Santa Claus Christmas hats, you can find reindeer headbands with simple to funny and odd-looking designs. Choose the ones that suit your taste. Most reindeer headbands are uni-sized to fit most kids and adults. You can purchase a set for the whole family. These are great for themed Christmas party. Everyone would look adorable wearing reindeer antlers headband.

Click here for the reindeer headband

Christmas Reindeer Antler Game

You can also find inflatable Christmas reindeer antlers headband that can also be used as a ring toss. This is a great prop to use for games. The inflatable headband comes with 4 inflatable rings. To play the game, one person will wear the headband and another person will try to toss the rings into the headband from a distance. Both kids and adults would definitely have fun wearing the headband while playing.

Click here for the inflatable reindeer antler ring toss game

Christmas Reindeer Blow Mold

A great decoration for your rooftop would be this Christmas Santa sleigh with reindeer blow mold. You can place this decoration near the chimney of your rooftop. The blow mold will light up during the night and will attract attention from passersby. It is a great addition to your outdoor Christmas décor and can make your property look festive.

Click here for the Christmas reindeer blow mold

Christmas Reindeer Centerpieces

Christmas reindeer also make great centerpieces. There are many styles and designs that you can find online. For instance, this stunning reindeer pillar candle holder is made from 100% polyresin and is crafted by hand. You can place an elegant candle on top for a stunning effect. It is a great centerpiece for coffee tables and dining tables. They will look great with your elegant Christmas tablecloth.

Click here for the Christmas reindeer centerpiece

Christmas Reindeer Inflatable

Inflatable Christmas products are in demand because they come in different sizes. The biggest inflatable Christmas décor like the inflatable snowman can reach up to six-foot-high. It is a massive décor that you can use for both indoor and outdoor. These inflatables come in various designs. You can choose inflatable Christmas reindeer that are lighted with LED lights. They make an attractive sight during the night. They are easy to set-up and most inflatables can withstand different weather conditions like rain and snow.

Click here for the inflatable Christmas reindeer

✅ Video Guide

Watch the video below on how to set-up an inflatable Christmas reindeer decor. Check out what it looks like after it is inflated.

Click here for the product featured above

Christmas Reindeer for Mantle

Your mantle is one of the areas of your house that is wonderfully decorated during Christmas. It is the place where you put candles, hang stockings, and display knick-knacks. If you are looking for Christmas reindeer for the mantle, why not purchase one that can also be used as a stocking holder? These décor comes in distressed gold antique style and their bases have hooks where you can hand the stockings. They look rustic and warm which will make your mantle look homey.

Click here for the Christmas reindeer for mantle

Christmas Reindeer Garden Decorations

If you want your garden to look festive, you should also decorate it with cute and whimsical Christmas reindeer garden decorations. The reindeer sculpture will add beauty to the surroundings. The deer is designed with natural and realistic colors and features that will surely draw attention from your neighbors. It’s as if a real deer got lost and settled in your garden. It is made of resin and can withstand different weather conditions.

Click here for the reindeer garden decoration

Christmas Reindeer Head Wall Decoration

If your walls are a bit bare and you want to decorate it with something that is eye-catching, you can use Christmas reindeer head wall decoration. They are attractive and they make the wall pop. You can purchase this reindeer head that is made from resin. It has a keyhole at the back for easy hanging. The deer has three antler colors that you can choose from. They look realistic and will surely catch the attention of your guests.

Click here for the reindeer head wall decoration

Christmas Reindeer Tabletop Décor

If you are looking for stunning tabletop décor, you can choose from a wide array of Christmas reindeer ornaments. With the many decors that are sold online like tabletop Christmas tree, you can find the one that suits your theme. You can choose simple designs like these faux mahogany reindeer figures that are made from polyresin. They look elegant and classy. The dark brown color will look great will any Christmas theme.

Click here for the reindeer tabletop decor

DIY Christmas Reindeer

If you love crafts or you want to have a Christmas reindeer décor that is original and unique, you can create one using a few materials. DIY Christmas reindeer are fun to do because you can let your imagination run wild. You can create a cute reindeer figure for your centerpiece using rocks. It is possible to create a massive reindeer décor on your rooftop using white Christmas lights. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to DIY Christmas reindeer decors.

✅ Video Tutorial

You can use any material that you want for your DIY Christmas reindeer. In the video below, wires are used to create small and delicate reindeer figures that you can display indoors. Find out how it is done by watching the video below.

What is the Meaning of Reindeer at Christmas?

Reindeer are associated with Santa Claus. They are the ones who pull up the sleigh from roof to roof while Santa is dropping the presents in the chimneys. They represent wandering, journeying, and safe travels. Christmas reindeers symbolize cleverness, knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. They are survivalists and can live in harsh environments. They are considered to be animals that are worthy of nobility.

Why Are Reindeer associated with Christmas?

Before the 19th century, Santa Claus was depicted riding a horse or a donkey. It was the Scandinavians who were the importance of the reindeer-drawn sleigh. It is appropriate because the reindeer can pull a sleigh at a rate of 12 to 15 miles per hour. They can travel for many hours at a time. There was also the popular poem which is commonly known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Moore. The symbol of Santa Claus in a sleigh that is pulled by eight reindeer became a tradition.

What Are the Names of Santa’s Reindeer?

Santa has 9 reindeer pulling his sleigh. They are Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Vixen, Blitzen (also called Blixem which is Dutch for lightning), and there is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Why Decorate Using Christmas Reindeer?

Since reindeer are associated with Santa and Santa is a popular Christmas figure, there is no doubt that many people are decorating their homes with Christmas reindeer. From tiny ornaments that are hung on Christmas trees to centerpieces and life-sized statues, there is a wide array of decorations that you can choose from. Reindeer are cute and magical. They make the surroundings festive and of course, you can have many décor options to incorporate to your Christmas theme.

Where is the Best Place to Purchase Christmas Reindeer?

Many local stores are littered with reindeer decorations during the Christmas season. You can visit your local home depot and choose the decors that you want. A more convenient option would be to go online. There are many online stores that sell different designs and styles of Christmas reindeer. The great thing about shopping online is that you can have many options to choose from. You can shop any time of the day because online stores are open 24/7. The items that you ordered will be delivered at your doorsteps after a few days and with a reasonable shipping rate.

The End

Decorating using Christmas reindeer is fun because there are many options that you can choose from. Take a look at magazines and online videos for some ideas on how you can make your décor more attractive. You can even create your very own Christmas reindeer using simple materials. Be as creative as you like. Thank you for reading!

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