30 Vibrant Christmas Rugs that will Bring Warmth and Color into Your Floors

Christmas Rugs

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If you are the kind of person who goes all-in when decorating for the holiday season, do not forget to decorate your floors with stylish Christmas rugs. It is a jolly way to add cozy and warm underneath your feet. They serve a practical purpose in keeping dirt off and protecting your floors. You can entertain guests without worrying about dirty and muddy floors. Christmas rugs will add a festive and warm feeling to your home. Check out our review of the best Christmas rugs on the market.

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There are many kinds of Christmas rugs that are available on the market. How can you choose the one that is right for your home? You need to consider your motif. The color and design of the rug you choose should blend in with the Christmas motif you already have.

The last thing that you want to happen is for the rug to be different than it looks more of an eyesore than a decoration. Make sure that the rug will also serve its purpose of protecting your floor from dirt, moisture, and scratches.

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This specific Christmas rugOpens in a new tab. is our choice. It has a vinyl backing to help prevent movement.

Here are some of the best Christmas rugs that you can choose from. There are various designs, styles, materials, and sizes that you need to consider. Whatever your Christmas theme is this Christmas, you can find a rug that will fit right in.

Stylish Christmas Rugs That You Can Choose From

With the many kinds of Christmas rugs available on the market, you might get intimidated and confused. There are times where you end up buying Christmas rugs that do not blend in with the motif that you have. The key is to stick with what you need for your home and avoid buying other designs even when you find them cute.

Here are different kinds of Christmas rugs that you can find online. Check out and compare different products until you can find the one that fits your home décor.

1. Christmas Rug

No matter what kind of theme you are going for this Christmas, you can find the right Christmas rug that will add a festive look to your floor. You can use half circle rugs under your sofa. This rug features a bear with three trees in the background. It is synthetic and made of 100% nylon. This half Christmas rug will also look great in your doorways.

2. Christmas Rug Runner

Christmas rug runners can be placed in different areas of your home. They are available in various designs. One of the designs that you can choose from is this Christmas reindeer rug runner. It is made from coral fleece, which is super soft.

You can use it in entryways to greet everyone a Merry Christmas as soon as they enter your house. It is also ideal to be placed in bathrooms because the soft material is pleasant to stand on. You can walk on it barefoot without hurting your feet.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Rug

If you have kids and they are big fans of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, you can make the holidays more fun for them by purchasing a Nightmare before Christmas rug. One of the designs you can choose from is a black bath rug with Jack Skellington’s face printed in white.

The rug is made from synthetic polyester and acrylic blend fabrics for long-lasting durability. It has a non-slip and non-skid backing as an added safety feature. Your kids will surely adore this Nightmare before Christmas bath rug. Read this article about white Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas Area Rug

If you want to reflect your love for movies in your Christmas decoration, you can display a Nightmare before Christmas area rug. This rug is made from polyester and features Jack Skellington. You can place it near your fireplace or your living room. You can also display it in your kid’s room. If your kids love the movie, they will also love this Christmas area rug.

5. Christmas Area Rug

Your floor should also be decorated with Christmas ornaments and what better way to do this than to use Christmas area rugs. You can choose from a wide array of designs available. For instance, this Christmas area rug features a cabin.

The rug is made from nylon, which is durable and easy to cleanOpens in a new tab.. You can use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the rug. This Christmas area rug is colorful and soft, which makes it perfect for your living room.

✅ Video – How to Choose Area Rugs

Find out how to choose the right area rug by watching the video below. The video shares information on the things that need to be considered when purchasing an area rug.

6. Christmas Throw Rug

The great thing about a Christmas throw rug is that you can place it anywhere in your home. You can purchase a checkered red and black throw rug and place it in your kitchen. The rug is made of 100% cotton and is very durable.

This cotton handmade rug has a classic red and black checkered pattern. You can vacuum or hand wash the rug to clean it. Check out this article about black Christmas decorating ideas to learn how to decorate using a black color motif.

7. Christmas Accent Rug

You can highlight certain areas in your house by using a Christmas accent rug. This accent rug will draw focus to your floor. You can let go of those boring rugs you have at home and replace them with a colorful, bright, and fun accent rug.

You can choose an accent rug that features Santa Claus in the snow, looking up at a single bright star or any other design. The vivid colors of the rug will add brightness to the room.

8. Snoopy Christmas Rug

Greet everyone who enters your house a very merry Christmas by displaying a snoopy Christmas rug on your doorway. Snoopy is part of our childhood, and seeing the peanuts gang on a rug will bring pleasant memories. You can also give it out as gifts to friends and family members.

9. Christmas Reindeer Rug

Reindeers are popular characters for Christmas. You can find many reindeer decorations. Express your joy this holiday season by adding this entryway Rudolph rug. It is designed with red and black plaid.

The Christmas reindeer rug is made from non-woven fabric and has a rubber non-slip backing. This is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Read this article about read Christmas decorating ideas to learn how to decorate using a red color motif.

10. Christmas Poinsettia Rug

Poinsettia is associated with Christmas and used in decorating. To match the decoration of your house, you can also purchase a Christmas poinsettia rug. This rug is made from 90% post-consumer material and topped with polyester. It is not only a decorative rug, but it can also keep the floor tidy and clean. This rug has a non-slip rubber backing to keep it in place.

11. Merry Christmas Rug

Make everyone feel welcome as they enter your house by displaying this Merry Christmas rug at your doorstep. It has a non-slip, non-woven backing with plastic dots that provides non-skid properties. The rug is wear and fade-resistant so that you can use it for a long time. It is also easy to clean. It is suitable for both hand and machine wash.

12. Christmas Rug Sets

Rather than buying individual rugs for a holiday, you can purchase Christmas rug sets. You can save on your budget by purchasing a set. The rug comes in three, including a mat, a runner, and a rug. The material is polypropylene fiber. You can cover the sore area on your floor with these vibrant and colorful Christmas rug set.

13. Christmas Bathroom Rug

Your bathroom also needs decoration. If you do not want your bathroom to be crowded with Christmas ornaments, you can decorate using a Christmas bathroom rug. It is not only stylish but also functional. There are many designs and sizes that you can choose from. You can opt for this retro winter time truck with a wreath. It is an adorable decoration for your bathroom.

14. Christmas Bathroom Rug Sets

You can decorate your bathroom with fun and unique rug sets. You can find Christmas bathroom rug sets that that is designed like Santa. The set includes a colorful contour rug, a toilet seat cover, a tank cover, and a tissue box cover. It is the perfect way to bring the joy of Christmas to your bathroom. You can also give this out as a Christmas gift to friends and family members.

✅ Video – DIY Contour Toilet Rug

If you want to create your own contour toilet rug, you can watch the video below. You can create this simple rug using simple materials.

15. Christmas Hearth Rug

Your fireplace is one of the attractions of your home at Christmas. You can choose a rectangular hand-tufted, fire-resistant heart rug as an additional decoration. It has scalloped edge details for an elegant look. The rug is made from hand-tufted wool, which makes it thick and durable.

The design and color of this Christmas heart rug bring additional warmth into your home. Choose a rug that will blend in with the color of your Christmas tablecloth.

16. Kitchen Christmas Rug

Warm up the look of your kitchen with a festive Christmas rug. Choose a design that will give it an old fashioned charm. A vintage gingerbread kitchen rug is a wonderful addition to your floor decoration. The colorful acrylic kitchen Christmas rug has a non-skid rubber backing to prevent slipping. You can tend to your cooking without worrying that you will slip and fall.

17. Christmas Entry Rug

Pass the Christmas spirit to everyone who enters your door poinsettia Christmas entry rug. The rug has bright colored graphics and embossed designs that attract attention. It has a durable rubber back to prevent the rug from slipping. The Christmas entry rug is mildew resistant and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

18. Christmas Tree Rug

For your front door, you can have this Christmas tree rug that is non-skid and also washable. It is big enough to cover the whole front door area. The rug has non-woven backing with dots that provides extra traction to the floor. It is also eco-friendly and chemical-free. The vibrant colors of the rug will pop out from the floor, greeting your guests as they enter your house.

19. Under Christmas Tree Rug

Protect your floor from scratches that can be caused by putting up your Christmas tree. This under Christmas tree rug is made from a material that absorbs and contains liquids and wicks away moisture. The fabric contains sap, spills, dirt, and needles that come from the tree.

It is also slip-resistant, which prevents the rug from sliding around and provides a secure placement for the tree stand. You can put additional decorations like

20. Christmas Tree Skirt

The Christmas tree skirt will cover the legs, stand, or trunk of the tree. You can choose from the many designs and colors that are available. You can opt for a tree skirt that has the same color as Santa’s hat. The classic red and white colors will add a whimsical look to the Christmas tree. The material is made from mercerized velvet, which is soft and durable. It is the perfect finishing touch under the tree.

✅ Video – How to Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt

If you want to create your own Christmas tree skirt to make it more personalized, you can also use simple materials. Below is a video that talks about how to sew your own Christmas tree skirt. Watch the video for tips and ideas.

21. Christmas Mug Rug Patterns

A Christmas mug rug is a quilt that is smaller than a placemat but is larger than a coaster. It can fit any desk and hold a cup and cookie. You can create your very own Christmas mug rug simply by following a pattern. There are many patterns that you can choose from. Christmas mug rugs are a great way to add color and festivity to your home or office. They make the ideal Christmas gifts for friends and family.

22. Christmas Tree Mug Rug Pattern

Mug rugs are the cute version of coasters. They are the perfect Christmas gift that you can give to someone who loves the craft. You can choose a Christmas tree mug rug pattern that you can use in your office or home. They are a great addition to your Christmas décor.

Christmas Mug Rug Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to create Christmas mug rugs? Do you want to give them gifts for your friends and family members, but you are not sure which patterns to choose from? You can find a lot of Christmas mug rug tutorials online.

There are tutorials for beginners where you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to finish a pattern. You can also find free patterns online. Your friends will definitely appreciate your effort in creating personalized Christmas mug rugs.

✅ Video – How to Create a Mug Rug

For more tips and ideas about Christmas mug rugs, you can watch the video below.

23. Christmas Hooked Rug

If you wanted to try rug hooking but do not have the time, you can purchase a Christmas hooked rug. There is a wide array of designs that you can choose from, like Minnie Mouse wearing a Mrs. Claus dress. You can opt for a hand-hooked rug with different Christmas patterns. The modern style of the rug will give your room a contemporary accent. Because it is hand-made, rest assured that it is high quality and can last for many years.

24. Merry Christmas Hooked Rug

You can choose from a wide array of hooked rugs that are sold on the market. You can find odd designs like Christmas dragons. One of the designs that you can opt for is this is a Merry Christmas message. The material is made of polymer latex cotton backing.

24. Christmas Latch Hook Rug

If you want to create a Christmas latch hook rug, you can purchase this kit. This kit has a rug that is wonderfully lush and can fit any décor motif. It contains a 50% polyester and 50% cotton canvas. You can follow the colored charted instruction that comes with the kit. If you love crafts, you will have a great time creating this Christmas latch hook rug.

25. Rug Hooked Christmas Ornaments

There are many designs of rug hooked Christmas ornaments that you can choose from. If you have an inflatable snowman theme, you can choose this hooked rug that features Christmas sandals. This rug is for indoor use only. It is a machine hooked, so rest assured that it is durable. You can use this in your kitchen or bedroom.

✅ Video – No-Sew Hooked Rug Ornament

Find out how you can make your own no-sew hooked rug ornament by watching the video below. It is a wonderful decoration that you can use at home or give as gifts to your friends.

26. Christmas Rug Hooking Patterns

Rug hooking is making rugs by pulling yarn or fabric loops through a stiff woven base like rug warp. There are many Christmas rug hooking patterns that you can choose from. You can choose a Santa pattern that can fit any décor motif. The rug hooking patters will make an ideal gift to someone who loves art and craft.

27. Christmas Latch Hook Rug Kit

If you want to do rug hooking, you can purchase a pattern and a kit. The kit contains canvas, needles, a wooden, and instructions. You can find Christmas latch hook rug kits with available patterns that you can follow.

This is a great craft that you can let your kids do. They will definitely enjoy making various Christmas rug designs that you can use at home. This design features Santa wearing his Santa Claus Christmas hat.

28. Round Christmas Rug

Round Christmas rugs are the perfect way to highlight certain furniture in your property. A brightly colored rug can draw attention and focus on the furniture that stands on top of it. You can choose an antique classic red Christmas rug with floral patterns.

The material is made of chenille, polyester, and fiber. It has a rubber back that sticks the rug to the floor giving it cushion and non-slip quality. The design of the rug creates a vintage look into the room.

29. 5 x 7 Christmas Rug

There are many sizes of Christmas rugs that are available. For instance, this 5 x 7 Christmas rug is perfect for your living room area. It is made of polyester, sponge, and non-woven fabric that are soft to touch. The rug is also kid and pet-friendly. You can also give this rug as gifts to friends and family.

30. Christmas Rug 4 x 6

This 4 x 6 Christmas rug is available in the color red. It has an oriental design pattern with a central medallion. This rug will look great in your living room, bedroom, or in your office. It has enhanced polypropylene fibers, which ensure an easy-care, non-shedding property. The bright and vibrant color of this rug will bring warmth into your room.

After Christmas Rug Sale

If you have a limited budget but would love to shop for rugs, you can wait for after Christmas rug sale. Most stores offer sales and discounts on Christmas rugs after Christmas. You can find a wide array of designs and colors to choose from. Moreover, you might find the colorful rug you have been eyeing on for sale at half its original price. You can keep the rug and display them next Christmas.

How to Choose the Right Christmas Rug


One of the first things you need to consider is the rug’s size and the room’s size where you will place it. You can measure the area where you are planning to place the rug. You should choose a rug that covers the length and width of your furniture for the living room. If you want to expand the space, you can choose a larger rug that outlines the area’s perimeter.


Round, square, and rectangle are the common shapes of rugs. However, you can also find rugs that have half-round shapes. Round rugs work best in rounded rooms or those with circular furnishings. It makes space looks larger. Square rugs work best in square rooms like in your dining area or living area. Rectangular rugs are best for large spaces. For entryways, a long and narrow rectangular rug will work best.


Choosing the right material for the rug is important because it will affect how it feels underfoot. It will also determine how durable the rug is. Some of the choices you can have include silk, cotton, wool, synthetics, and natural fiber. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage to consider.


Coordinate the color of your rugs to the color and decoration of your home. Get creative and let your rugs reflect your personality. With the wide array of available colors, you can definitely find the one that will blend in with the decorations you already have.

✅ Video – How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

For more information and tips on how to find the right Christmas rug for your home, click the play button below.

Do Rugs Need to Match?

The rugs should complement each other. They should also blend in with the decorations that you already have. It should also match with the white Christmas lights that you installed. A mismatched rug can easily get noticed. For instance, if your living room’s primary color is red and you have a blue rug, the rug will definitely stand out and be an eyesore.

Can I Put Two Area Rugs Together?

Yes, you can put two area rugs together so they can transform into a single large rug. This can be done if the smaller rugs are square or rectangular in shape and similar in size. Make sure that the color and design of the rug also matches. The edgeless, shag-style rags are the easiest to put together.

Should Your Couch Be Longer Than the Rug?

If you have a large living room, it is ideal that you choose a large rug where all of the furniture can sit on it. If space is not enough, you can also place the rug in front of the couch. Another option that you can do for large rugs is to have the furniture’s front legs on the rug.

The End

Thank you for reading this post that talks about Christmas rugs. We hope that we have provided you with useful tips and information that you can use when shopping for rugs this holiday season. Do not get intimidated by the many choices that you can have. Always consider your preferences and budget. Think about the right kind of rug that will complement the theme that you have in mind and avoid buying Christmas rugs that you cannot use.

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