Awesome Decorative Face Masks to Make a Fashion Statement

decorative face masks

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Face masks are not a fashion accessory, but because they cover half of the face, people are looking for decorative face masks that they can wear. These masks are functional and also aesthetically pleasing. Because of the demand for face masks, you can find a wide array of designs, colors, and available styles. Some are even making their masks using colorful fabrics.

Decorative face masks are in demand, most notably to those who want to make a fashion statement. People are getting creative in designing their face masks. Some use famous paintings like Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night as the design of their face masks. The face masks are made in a variety of graphics and styles. You can explore online to find the design of the face mask that suits your style and preferences.

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There is a wide array of decorative face masks that you can choose from. The designs range from simple prints to stunning graphic designs. If you are a pet lover, you can pick cute animal prints that will surely express your love for animals. You can even be more creative and make a face mask with a photo of your pet. Moreover, you can choose a design that will match every outfit.

Awesome Decorative Face Masks to Make a Fashion Statement
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Decorative Face Masks are the New Fashion Accessories

It is no surprise that the face masks we are advised to wear outdoors to help prevent the spread of viruses have now been embraced and beautified by the fashion industry. It is a fact that fashion has always had a way of taking basic wardrobe essentials and transforms them into statement pieces. Some people wear brightly colored face masks that compliment the outfit that they are wearing.

The new normal requires us to wear face masks, and it may feel like an unusual addition to our daily routine. Some people feel like the masks conceal parts of themselves that are usually exposed. Others don’t need to paint their faces with makeup because it will be hidden under the mask. On the other hand, some people consider that wearing decorative face masks can be a new form of self-expression. You can also check out this article that talks about the best washable reusable face masks. We have shared a list of the best products that you can choose from.

✅ Video – Face Mask Fashion: Designers Add Style to ‘PPE’

ABC News shared the video below on YouTube. It talks about the importance of face masks and how they become a fashion accessory. Designers find a way to make face masks functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Check out the video below for more information.

Fashion Brands Gets Creative with Decorative Face Masks

Many fashion brands are now making decorative face masks that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Decorative face masks are fast becoming an everyday fashion accessory. The current global pandemic has robbed us of our ability to communicate through smiles and visual cues as half of our faces are covered up.

However, the fashion industry has come up with alternate ways to make a first impression. Fashion is considered a platform for self-expression. Because face masks are becoming a part of our daily routine, fashion brands have ways to showcase your styles through decorative face masks.

Fashionable Face Mask

Collina Strada shared the photo Opens in a new tab.below on her Instagram account. She is transforming deadstock materials from her past collections into stunning decorative face masks. The mask features contrasting patterns and delicate bows. The design of the mask echoes the brand’s mission, which is to be a platform of self-expression. It also provides a sense of joy during the current global pandemic. Click the link above to see the photo.

Embellished Couture Face Masks

Fashion brands are enhancing the process of mask manufacturing by incorporating their uniqueness and creativity. You can now find embellished couture face masks that will surely make a statement and attract attention. Many masks sold today are not only protective and fashionable but also featured additional accessories.

You can find a wide array of decorative face masks that will express yourself from pearl chains to oversized ribbons and scrunchie-like ties. Face mask designers do not only focus on enhancing the comfort of wearing masks. Many of them are also trying to create face masks that people would find aesthetically pleasing and can be used to accessorize their outfits.

Couture Face Mask Design

Designer Voravaj Varazatiravatt shared aOpens in a new tab. photo on their Instagram account. The embellished couture masks might not seem to be the most practical option, but according to him, “couture is life.” He has been experimenting with face masks because Bangkok’s air pollution has turned the masks into an essential part of their daily lives. Each couture mask features intricate bead and crystal embellishments.

The masks take between thirty-six to eighty-four hours to handcraft. Initially, the masks are not intended for sale. He wants to create a unique and dun campaign that encourages the general public to self-protect with flair and inspire them to turn their talents into creativity. You can click the link above to view the photo on their account.

Functional and Fashionable Decorative Face Masks

Many people are not only wearing face masks, but they also make it into a decorative fashion statement. Regardless of the design you choose or the way you fasten the mask around your face, you can choose to make a statement with the mask you are wearing. With a functional and fashionable decorative face mask, you can protect yourself and your loved ones in style. If you are interested in cloth face masks, you can also check out this article about the best cloth face masks. We have gathered a list of the best products that you can choose from.

Decorative Face Mask

Jennifer Akese-Burney of the Akese StylelinesOpens in a new tab., a Chicago-based label, shared the photo on their Instagram account. She makes face masks with a modern twist on the traditional African Ankara. Vibrant patterns and colors characterize them. The decorative face masks that she makes have vibrant prints that you can pair with a matching neckpiece or head wrap.

She makes face masks made from 100% cotton fabric, which are breathable, natural, and reusable. According to her, she wants to be a part of the solution while allowing her consumers to be protected while being stylish. To view the mask’s photo, you can check out their Instagram account by clicking the link above.

Related Questions

Is it Safe to Wear Decorative Face Masks?

It will have to depend on the material used when making the mask. Most decorative face masks are cotton, which is one of the best materials for making face masks. When choosing a face mask, you need to consider the functionality and protection level that it provides.

If you choose a face mask because you find it aesthetically pleasing without checking the material, then you cannot guarantee that it will provide protection while you are wearing it. We have also written this article about the best neoprene face masks. Check out the article for more information about the neoprene fabric and how it works for face masks.

Can I Wash Decorative Face Masks?

It will also have to depend on the type of material used as well as the embellishments in the mask. Decorative face masks made of fabrics can be washed by hand or with the use of a machine. On the other hand, there are decorative face masks made of beads, crystals, and other embellishments that can quickly get damaged.

Make sure that you follow the washing and care instruction that comes with the face mask so you will not damage it, and you can get the best deals out of the money that you have spent. We have also written this article that talks about drink-through zipper face masks. Check out the article to find out more about these types of masks with a zipper at the center.

Where Can I Purchase Decorative Face Masks?

You can check online stores for a list of the best decorative face masks that are available. You can also check out social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Fashion designers have websites that you can visit. With the many decorative face masks that are available, you can find the ones which will reflect your style.


Decorative face masks are becoming an essential part of our daily wardrobe. They are a crucial way to keep one another safe and protected when going out in a public setting. You have the freedom to choose the design and style of face mask that you would like to wear. Get comfortable with the decorative dace mask that speaks to your style.

Regardless of your mask is designed with a cool camo print, expensive-looking crystals, and beads, or delicate floral patterns, go ahead and wear it as long as you are wearing it correctly. Of course, you also need to choose a decorative face mask that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for reading!

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