What Kind of Protection Does Decorative Face Shields Offer?

decorative face shield

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Welcome to this article about decorative face shields and what kind of protection they offer. Wearing face masks in public is considered as the “new normal,” and people should wear it when going out in a public setting. As personal protective gear becomes vital to our daily living, people are starting to experiment with fashionable masks and other face-covering options like a decorative face shield.

What kind of protection does decorative face shields offer? 2014 studies showOpens in a new tab. that when tested against influenza infused aerosol from a distance of 18 inches, a face shield can reduce the exposure by 96%. On the other hand, many experts say that wearing a face shield alone without a mask is not enough to provide proper protection.

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How does a decorative face shield compare to a face mask? Can I wear a face shield and face mask at the same time? Are face shields good for everyday use? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this article. Due to the current pandemic, many people are being innovative in making and wearing and protective gear. On the other hand, not all of these gears are tested, proven, and approved for use. Are decorative face shields one of them? If you want to know about decorative face shields, you can check out the rest of the post below.

What is a Face Shield?

A face shield is a curved plastic or Plexiglas panel attached to a headband and can be worn on the face. It should securely fit so that there is no gap between the band and the forehead. The face shield should also extend beyond the chin. They work by protecting the eyes as well as the nose and mouth. Face shields are primarily used in a healthcare setting, but they have also become an important gear for medical personnel who are closely tending to patients. They are worn during different medical procedures, including surgery wherein bodily fluids could get into the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Are Face Shields Effective?

According to researchOpens in a new tab., face shields might protect you from catching COVID-19 through your eyes. On the other hand, there is so much uncertainty about the virus that not all experts are convinced that face shields are a good idea. Face shields do not filter air and have gaps at the sides wherein the virus can go through.

Moreover, the use of a face shield alone can provide a false sense of security to the user. To be fully protected while wearing a face shield, you need to wear a face mask as well.

Should You Actually Wear One?

The use of face shields is not recommended by the CDCOpens in a new tab. as it should not be used as a substitute for face masks. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can wear a face shield over your face mask. You can do this in high-risk situations like when caring for a sick patient. In this case, make sure to wear a face mask underneath the face shield and maintain physical distancing when possible. Plastic face shields are not recommended for infants and newborns.

What are the Advantages and Limitations of Wearing Face Shields?

Face shields provide eye protection that the face mask cannot give. On the other hand, face shields have gaps to the sides wherein air particles can easily get through. Below are the advantages and limitations of face shields.


  • As compared to a face mask, the wearer’s face and facial expressions can be seen
  • Droplet protection directly in front of the wearer
  • Provide eye protection that a surgical mask cannot give
  • Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, some face shields can be disinfected, cleaned, and reused.


  • There are gaps to the sides and underneath the shield, allowing droplets and air particles to go through and infect the eyes, nose, and mouth.

How do You Make a DIY Face Shield?

There are many tutorials on how to make a DIY face shield that you can find online. Some use plastic binding covers, while others use acetate and even clear plastic bottles. Take note that these face shields are not medical-grade or approved by any official health agency. You can choose a method that you can find online using materials that you already have at home. Make sure that the face shield fits securely on the face by using adjustable elastics or garter. If you are interested in purchasing a face mask that will work best this winter, you can check out this article about the best winter hats with face mask for more information.

How to Make a Face Shield Using Clear Plastic 

Preview shared the tutorialOpens in a new tab. on how to make a face shield that you can donate to frontliners. This is an easy tutorial that you can follow if you are interested in making face shields for donation and personal use. You will need acetate or any clear plastic for the main part of the face shield. The measurements required on how long the foam or the plastic sheet should be are also provided. This DIY face shield is easy to make. You can check out the link above for the step-by-step guide.

✅ Video – How to Make Your Own Face Shield

MINT Nursing shared the video below on YouTube. She shared 5 simple steps to make a face shield. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can easily find the materials in your local store. Check out how to make the face shield below. You can also check out this article that talks about making a face mask without a sewing machine if you are interested in homemade face masks.

Related Questions

How do I Put on a Face Shield?

Like putting on a mask, you also need to make sure that you put on the face shield properly to fit perfectly and not slide off your face when you are moving. The Australian Health GovernmentOpens in a new tab. has provided some tips on how to put on a face shield. You can check out their website for more information.

  • Bend forward while holding the straps of the face shield with both hands.
  • Place the garter behind your head, making sure that the foam rests on your forehead.
  • Make sure that the face shield covers the front and sides of your face.
  • Always keep the shield down and avoid pushing it upwards or positioning it above your head like a headband.
  • Secure the shield on your face by adjusting the elastic found at the sides. Take note that each type of shield is different.
  • They can last for as long as their shape remains intact and careful steps are taken to avoid contamination.

How do I Remove the Face Shield?

To remove the face shield, you need to tilt your head slightly and grab the strap at the temple to pull it forward and over your head. Dispose the face shield properly, or if it can be reused, clean it thoroughly before storing it. We have also written this article about the best kind of masks to wear with glasses. You can check out the article for more tips and information.

  • When removing the face shield, do not touch the front part,
  • If you are wearing PPE, take it off first before removing the face shield.
  • To remove the face shield, tilt your head forward, and grab the strap at the temple. Pull the shield forward and over your head.

How do You Keep a Face Shield Clean?

Viruses thrive on plastic a lot better as compared to other surfaces. To clean your face shield, you can sterilize it using an antibacterial wipe, alcohol, or soap and water. See to it that you clean the face shield after taking it off. Also, check for any damages or tears around the shield before wearing them. Even though you are wearing a face shield, you are still recommended to wear face masks. You can also check out this article about the best bucket hats with face shield. We have shared a list of the best products that you can choose from.

  • Clean the face shield by wiping the inside first, then the outside with a clean cloth with alcohol or detergent solution. You can also use disinfectant wipes.
  • Use water to remove any residue. You can also improve the visibility of the face shield by wiping it with alcohol.
  • Air-dry the face shield and store it in a breathable storage area.


We hope that this article has answered all your questions about decorative face shields and how much protection they offer to the user. Wearing the face shield is not yet recommended by the CDC, but if you want to have double protection when you go out in a public setting, you can wear the face shield over the face mask.

The face mask will protect your nose and mouth, while the face shield will protect your eyes from direct contact with fluids. If you want to purchase face masks, you can check out the buying guide at the top of this post. We hope that the information we have shared in this article has helped you learn more about decorative face shields. Thank you for reading!

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