Dehydrated Honey – Why Dehydrate Honey and What Are Its Uses?

dehydrated honey

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We are all aware of the delicious goodness that honey provides, but are you familiar with dehydrated honey? Honey is greatly valued for its flavor and aroma. It is one of the most common ingredients used when cooking and baking. Honey is a nutritious food rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that is good for the body. There is no question of why it is loved by many.

Dehydrated honey is a type of honey that is delicious and packed with nutrients. It is used as a natural sweetener for drinks and foods. Most people would purchase dehydrated honey from the market, but some would love to make their own version of dehydrated honey. Either way, it adds a delicate and aromatic flavor to foods.

Many kinds of dehydrated honey are sold on the market. This post will discuss dehydrated honey and what makes it different from other kinds of honey. We will also discuss how it is made and the benefits that it can provide to the body. Moreover, we have provided some products that can be purchased online for those who do not have the time to create dehydrated honey. Read the post below for more tips and information.

What is Dehydrated Honey?

Dehydrated honey is basically powdered honey. Using a food dehydrator, honey is dried until it reached a powdered form. It is also known as dry honey or powdered honey. Dehydrated honey is mostly colored white and with a texture that is similar to corn flour. This type of honey is usually used as an ingredient in baking when the recipe’s moisture content is limited. Dehydrated honey can also be used as a sprinkle on biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, and bread. Because they are in a powdered form, dehydrated honey is non-sticky and is also easy to clean.

Dehydrated Honey For Sale

Many kinds of honey are sold on the market and among them include blackberry honey and comb honey. There is a lot of dehydrated honey that is sold on the market. You can choose from the various available products. Some people would take time to do the dehydration process. However, if you do not have the time, you can always choose to purchase. For a wide array of choices, you can visit online stores and compare the various products.

Dehydrated Honey VS Sugar

Dehydrated honey can be ground into a sugar-like substance. While both can add sweetness to the food, dehydrated honey is a healthier option. Dehydrated honey is rich in nutrients that are good for the body. It is easier to digest as compared to sugar. If you want a healthier option, you can use dehydrated honey in your cooking or use it as a sweetener for your drinks.

Why Dehydrate Honey?

You might be wondering why there is a need to dehydrate honey when it is already perfect in its usual liquid form. There are many reasons for dehydrating honey and other foods as well. Here are some of the reasons why it is ideal for dehydrating honey.


While it is true that honey does not spoil, it can only happen when it remains unopened and stored at a reasonable temperature. Once you have opened the honey, it might not spoil, but it can crystallize into a gummy sugar, making it hard and inconvenient to use. By dehydrating, the moisture is taken out, which avoids crystallization.

Avoid Bacteria

It is wise to dehydrate honey because foods that are properly dehydrated cannot develop bacteria. The reason for this is that bacteria need moisture to thrive. This only means that dehydrated honey is safer for consumption. As compared to canning and freezing, dehydrating is the healthiest way to preserve food. Dehydrated honey retains more of its flavor than canning, where the flavors get absorbed by the water.

Retaining Flavor

In its natural form, honey contains yeast. Over time, the yeast can help in fermenting the honey, which gives it a funny taste. The fermentation does not make honey harmful for consumption, but it will affect the honey’s flavor. To avoid this, it is best to dehydrate honey.

Easy to Work With

As compared to the sticky liquid honey that is stored on honey dispensers, dehydrated honey is easy to work with. It is always a struggle to get liquid honey from the container, and there are always droplets on the counter or kitchen table that are hard to clean. You can avoid all the mess when you use dehydrated honey, and it is also convenient to add to any ingredient.

✅ Video – Granulated Sugar From Honey

Honey can be turned to a sugar-like state so that it is easy to work with when cooking. Find out how the process is done by watching the video below.

Uses of Dehydrated Honey

Dehydrated honey can be ground into powder form or sugar-like crystals. They can be used in many ways, especially in cooking. They can bake delicious desserts. Below are some of the uses of dehydrated honey:

Substitute for Sugar

Dehydrated honey in its powder form can be used like sugar and sweeten whatever you add it to. On the other hand, it will not caramelize or add chewiness to baked goods. When sprinkled into a baked item, it will gather moisture and turn sticky.

Used in Recipes

Dehydrated honey can also be used in various recipes. For instance, you can replace sugar with dehydrated honey when making barbeque sauce. You can also use it to sweeten oatmeal and cereals. They are delicious and will add a distinct flavor to your cooking.


Dehydrated honey can be added to coffee, tea, juice, or other drinks with ease. They will sweeten the drinks, and you can also make sure that there are nutrients and antioxidants brought by the honey. Dehydrated honey is a healthier option as compared to sugar or other sweeteners.

Glaze for Meats

Dehydrated honey also makes a great glaze for meats. You can sprinkle roasted pork, ham, turkey, or chicken with dehydrated honey before cooking. Dehydrated honey can also be added to the ingredients you are using to marinate the meat or sauce.

How to Dehydrate Honey

There are many ways to dehydrate honey, and one of that is to use a food dehydrator. Follow the steps below for the instruction.

Step 1 – Spread Out the Honey

On parchment paper, you need to spread out liquid honey in an even and thin layer. This will allow moisture to escape easily and for the honey to dry. For an added flavor, you can also sprinkle ginger or cinnamon over the layer of honey.

Step 2 – Heat the Honey

After spreading the honey, place the tray on the dehydrator. Set the dehydrator at 120 degrees. Make sure that you keep an eye on the honey. Once it hardens and starts to break apart, remove it from the dehydrator. Do not leave it for too long because it will burn easily. Moreover, do not remove it from the dehydrator if it still contains moisture because it will get sticky.

Step 3 – Cool Off the Honey

Place the honey at room temperature and allow it to cool. Avoid placing the honey in a humid area because moisture might find its way into the honey and spoil the dehydration process.

Step 4 – Grind the Honey

Once it cooled down, remove the honey from the tray with the use of a spatula. Place the dehydrated pieces into a blender and grind it until it reached a sugar-like appearance. You can also choose to grind it according to the powdered form that you prefer.

Step 5 – Store the Honey

Ensure that you store the dehydrated honey in an air-tight container and keep it in a cool and dry place. Avoid humid conditions because it can moisten the honey and return it to its sticky form.

✅ Video – Making Honey Powder

You can watch the video below for more information on how to dehydrate honey and turn it into powder.

The End

Dehydrated honey is a healthy and delicious form of honey that you can add to your cooking. You can make them on your own following the steps that we have provided above, or you can also purchase one on the market. Compare various products so that you can get the best deals. We hope that we have provided information that has helped you in learning about this type of honey. Thank you for reading!

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