Why Use Face Mask Extenders for Kids?

face mask extenders for kids

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In this article, we will talk about the importance of using face mask extenders for kids. Now that kids above two years old are recommended to wear face masks, it can be a challenge, especially to parents, to keep the mask on their faces. Aside from that, face masks are not always comfortable, and this can even put the kids on a tantrum. Aside from the difficulty in breathing, it can also cause painful friction behind the ears.

Why use face mask extenders for kids? Face mask extenders are used behind the head to hold the elastic straps on the face masks. This saves the ears from the discomfort of elastic bands on the mask. Face masks that are worn for extended periods of time can hurt the ears. To avoid kids from complaining and attempting to remove their masks, face mask extenders are used.

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What are face mask extenders? How do you wear them? Where can you purchase the products? We will answer these questions in this article. Now that opening of classes is near, and kids should wear face masks, they must be comfortable at all times. You can avoid redness or irritation behind the ears by wearing face mask extenders. Check out the rest of the article to learn more about the product.

What are Face Mask Extenders for Kids?

Face mask extenders are hooks or straps that go behind the head. It helps relieve friction and stress behind the ears caused by elastics. Instead of the elastics being placed behind the ears, it is placed on the hooks of the extender. The extender has four or more hooks for easy adjustment. You can choose where to place the elastic on the hooks to carefully fit the face mask on the face.

Most cloth masks come with garter, rubber, or elastic ear loops. The ear loop is what hooks the mask securely over the ears. The tighter the loop, the more secure the mask fits on the face. On the other hand, it becomes more uncomfortable, especially for kids. Most would experience irritation behind the ears from the loops. Using face mask extenders, the irritation, pain, and uncomfortable feeling from the ear loops alleviate.

Why Should Kids Wear Face Mask Extenders?

Among the reasons why kids should wear face mask extenders are to alleviate the pain behind the ears after wearing face masks for a long time. It also makes wearing a face mask more comfortable, and it makes adjusting the fit of the mask easier. Many parents find it challenging to make kids wear face masks, and it can be extra hard, especially if the kids feel uncomfortable or develop an irritation behind the ears. To avoid this, you can use face mask extenders. Below are the reasons why kids should wear face mask extenders.

Relieve Pain and Irritation

Kids are easily irritated, most especially if they are bothered by something. Experiencing painful ears from wearing face masks will definitely trigger a tantrum in some kids. To avoid this, using face mask extenders is suggested. The ear loops of the mask will be hooked into the extenders rather than behind the ears. This will relieve pain and irritation and will make kids more cooperative in wearing face masks.

Provides Comfort

Another reason why kids should wear face mask extenders is that it provides comfort. It is much comfortable to walk and play with a face mask without aching ears from the friction caused by the ear loops. When kids are comfortable wearing their masks, they will not frequently touch it to alleviate the pain behind their ears. This will also avoid contamination from dirty hands.

Easy Adjustment

If you purchase face masks from stores, you will find that even if it is stated on the label that it is for kids, there is a chance that the size will still be larger for your child. This can be a hassle, especially if the mask has ear loops rather than ties. As a solution, you can use face mask extenders to adjust the fit of the mask. Face mask extenders for kids have many hooks or straps wherein you can place the elastic. By adjusting where you place the elastic, you can adjust the fit of the mask on your child’s face.

How do You Make Face Mask Extenders?

There are many ways to make a face mask extender. You can either use a headband, or you can use a scrap of fabrics. Others use their creativity in knitting and make crochet face mask extenders for kids. You can find many patterns and tutorials online. You can always choose which pattern to follow based on your skills.

DIY Face Mask Extenders

Fun Stuff CraftsOpens in a new tab. shared a tutorial on how to make a face mask extender from scraps of fabric. This is an easy project that you can do, and it also looks fun. Your kids will truly love the patterns and colors of the face mask extenders. To make the extenders more appealing for kids, she used a Cricut Maker to add designs. Check out the materials needed and how to make the extender by clicking the link above.

✅ Video – DIY Making Mask Extenders with Your Mask Scraps

Funstuffcrafts Lisa Welander shared the video below on her YouTube channel on how to make mask extenders with mask straps. If you want a visual demonstration of the steps above, you can watch the video below.

What Can I Use as Alternatives to Face Mask Extenders?

If you do not have face mask extenders, you can use other alternatives like paper clips, twist tie, bobby pins, or anything that you can use to tie the ends of the ear loops away from the ears. It is also ideal to use face masks with ties if you do not have to worry about pain and irritation behind the ears. There are many face masks with fabric ties that are sold on the market. Compare one product to another so that you can make the best choice. Make your best judgment when purchasing a product.

Related Questions

How do I Use Face Masks with Extenders?

To use the extenders, you can wrap the elastic loops of the mask around it rather than on the ears. This will relieve pressure and irritation and will also make the mask more comfortable to wear. Make sure that your kids avoid touching their ears by using face mask extenders. There are many kinds of extenders available on the market and you also make your own. This is a handy tool that will help a lot especially when it comes to keeping the masks secured on the face.

Where Can I Purchase Face Mask Extenders?

You can purchase face mask extenders online. There are many sizes, styles, patterns, and colors of mask extenders for kids that you can purchase. When you look online, you can easily compare product features and prices. You can shop at any time of the day in the comfort of your own home. With the wide array of products that are available, make sure that you make your best judgment when making a purchase. In just a click of the finger, you will have your order delivered right at your doorsteps. We have also written this article that talks about what to use instead of elastic for a face mask. Check out the article for more options.

What if I cannot Find Face Mask Extenders for Kids?

If face masks for kids are unavailable, you can make your own. There are many patterns and tutorials that you can follow. You can knit a face mask extender using colorful yarns. Another thing that you can do is to add two buttons on each side of the headband or cap and place the ear loops there instead of the ears. You do not have to be an expert in crafts or sewing to make the extenders. If you can find a paper clip, you can turn that into a face mask extender for a fast and easy solution. You can even wrap a twist tie on both ear loops.


You have reached the end of this post about the importance of using face mask extenders for kids. Now that the school season is fast approaching, you need to be fully prepared especially for what is now considered as the new normal. It can be hard to make kids wear face masks and as much as possible, parents need to make sure that they are comfortable while wearing the mask. If they are uncomfortable, they will easily get irritated and be in a bad mood. They will also keep touching the face mask. To avoid this, you can use face mask extenders. You can choose from a wide array of products available on the market. Thank you for reading!

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