48 Luxurious Gold Christmas Decorating Ideas to Create a Home That is Fit for the Royalties

Gold Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Transform your home into a place that is fit for the nobles and royalties using gold Christmas decorations. Who says that decorating needs to be expensive? You do not have to break the bank to invite elegance and sophistication into your home.

As a matter of fact, you can recycle gold ornaments that you have used last Christmas. The goal is to create a theme and stick to that theme for your dream of having a luxurious home for Christmas come to life. Check out our review of the best gold Christmas decorations that you can purchase.


Many gold Christmas decorations are available on the market. You need to find the ones that will look best with the theme that you have in mind. To help you get started, we have created a list of gold Christmas decorating ideas that you can get inspiration from.

We have everything covered from Christmas trees to tablecloths and Christmas ribbons. Take your pick and create a shopping list for the decorations that you need.

If you’re curious or in a hurry:

This specific gold Christmas decorationOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The package includes 23 different colors and 3 sizes of decorative balls. They are shatterproof and made from high-quality materials.

Here is a list of gold Christmas decorating ideas that can help you create a shining, shimmering, and splendid Christmas theme. Check out the list for more tips and ideas.

1. Gold Christmas Tree

This holiday season, a gold Christmas tree is perfect for adding elegance to your home. The 6 foot Christmas tree has 520 branches for a full and lush look. It has a matching color metal tree stand. You can decorate it with bright Christmas lights and fill it with gold and silver ornaments for a stunning display.

✅ Video – How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christopher Hiedeman shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for more tips and ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree using gold ornaments.




2. Rose Gold Christmas Tree

Choose a rose gold Christmas tree for a soft yet sophisticated ambiance. The unique colored tree is eye-catching with its shiny tinsel rose design. It measures 6 feet tall and has ample space to hang ornaments and other Christmas decorations. The tree is made from high-quality tinsel material that is non-flammable and non-allergenic.

It has hinged branches and a foldable stand for easy set-up and storing. We have also written this article about the best pre-lit slim and pencil artificial Christmas trees. You can check out the article for a list of products that you can choose from.

3. Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree

Decorate your home with a classy gold-colored Christmas tree. The Christmas tree stands 6 foot tall with 1477 branch tips for a lush look. It is made from a tinsel film that is eco-friendly and long-lasting. The tree comes in a bag for easy storage.

You can decorate the tree with white Christmas lights for an added glow. Use pink Christmas decors to create a fabulous look. Read this post about pink Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

4. Champagne Gold Christmas Tree

To achieve a glamorous theme this Christmas, you can use the champagne gold Christmas tree. The 6 foot tall Christmas tree is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has dense branches and realistic PET needles, which make it look more real. The slim pencil design of the Christmas tree is unique and space-saving. It is perfect for displaying in corners of the room or areas with limited space.

5. Small Gold Christmas Tree

If you have a low ceiling and limited space, the 3 feet artificial gold Christmas tree is your perfect choice. It is an economical alternative for a real pine tree. The charming tree is easy to set-up and creates a festive atmosphere. Decorate it with silver and gold ornaments for a sophisticated and glowing look.

6. Mini Gold Christmas Tree

As an addition to your home accents this holiday season, you can use the mini gold Christmas trees. The trees stand 11 inches tall and are made of PVC snowy tips with glitter, iron base, and lamp string. It is pre-lit with 30 LED lightsOpens in a new tab. and operates with the use of batteries. You can use the mini Christmas trees to decorate your tables, desktops, windows, and bookshelves.

7. Gold and Silver Christmas Tree

Invite glitz and glamour into your home by having a gold and silver Christmas tree. The pop-up Christmas tree stands 5 feet tall and collapses for easy storage. It is lighted with a wireless timer of 6 hours on and 18 hours off. The Christmas tree is made from PVC and metal. You can also add silver and gold ornaments for a more glamorous look.

✅ Video – How to Create an Epic Christmas Tree

Samantha Teng shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for more inspiration and ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree using gold and silver ornaments.




8. Gold Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Make decorating easy by choosing a gold pre-lit Christmas tree. The 6-foot tinsel Christmas tree is pre-lit with clear lights. This is the perfect solution if you do not have the time to hang lights on your Christmas tree. You can save time and effort in decorating. Add colorful Christmas ornaments to the tree for a more festive look.

9. Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree

Aside from having the right tablecloth for your table setting, you also need to have the ideal tabletop Christmas tree as your centerpiece. A gold ceramic tabletop Christmas tree will add elegance to your table setting. The adorable vintage holiday tree will bring back memories of classic Christmas decors. It comes in a high gloss finish to make the design pop.

10. Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

Protect your floor and Christmas rug from the needles and debris that falls off from the tree. Choose a gold Christmas tree skirt to complete the look of your gold themed Christmas tree. The 48 inches luxury gold Christmas tree skirt is made from high-quality, durable materials.

11. Red and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

For a red and gold Christmas tree theme, choose a festive Christmas tree skirt of the same color motifs. The 48 inches sequin tree skirt used high-density sequins material. It will not easily fall off and see-through. The classic and trendy colors add a unique and rustic look to your Christmas tree.

12. Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

Complete your silver and gold Christmas tree’s look by covering the base with a Christmas tree skirt. The silver and gold Christmas tree skirts are made from polyester and flax blend. It rolls out to 50 inches in diameter, which is perfect for a full-sized tree. The Christmas tree skirt is decorated with silver and gold snowflakes complete with gold thread and pretty ribbons for an eye-catching design.

13. White and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

For a winter wonderland effect, choose a white and gold Christmas tree skirt. The Christmas tree skirt is made from white fur with gold sequins snowflakes. It is thick and high-quality, which will protect your floors from any damage that comes from setting up the tree.

The velcros are attached to the opening to secure the skirt and to keep it in place. Read this article about white Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

✅ Video – Quilt and Adorable Christmas Tree Skirt

Missouri Star Quilt Company shared the video below on YouTube. The video below shows how to create a Christmas tree skirt using a quilt pattern. Watch the video for more tips and ideas. We have also written this article that discusses if you can use a tree collar with a real tree. You can read the article for more tips and information.




14. Gold Bow Christmas Tree Topper

Complete the look of your Christmas tree with a gold bow Christmas tree topper. The bow is richly decorated with glitters, sequins, and pinecones. It is the perfect topper for a gold-themed Christmas tree. You can also add the bow to your Christmas garland, wreath, and outdoor decoration. The glitters from the bow reflect when lights hit on it, which creates a sparkling display.

15. Gold Christmas Ornaments

The gold glittered poinsettia is a great addition to your Christmas decoration. The set includes 12 pieces of poinsettia ornaments. You can add the poinsettia to your Christmas tree decoration. It can also be used in DIY crafts. Create a stunning gold wreath using the gold glittered poinsettia. You can also add the ornament to your garlands.

16. Rose Gold Christmas Ornaments

Rose gold creates a soft yet elegant ambiance into your home. Decorate using rose gold glitter snowflake ornaments. They are made from plastic and glitters. The package contains two styles of snowflakes with 18 pieces of each style. They come in hooks and strings for easy hanging. They are shatterproof and will not break in case they fell off from the tree.

17. Silver and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Silver and gold ornaments into your Christmas tree for a glamorous look. The hanging nutcracker ornaments come in a set of 5. They are made from high-quality wood material and are approximately 5 inches tall. They will add a glowing charm to your Christmas decorations.

18. White and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Create a winter wonderland theme using white and gold ornaments. The angel ornaments are made of clear glass and come in a set of 6 pieces. Each angel has a different form and design. They are painted with premium lacquer with no glitters and are easy to clean. The ornaments are tied up with string for easy hanging.

19. Red and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Create a stunning wreath decoration by adding a red and gold bow and bell ornament. The package includes a set of 2 bows and bells. Red and gold are the traditional colors for Christma. Decorate your home using red and gold ornaments for a classic design. Read this post about red Christmas decorating ideas for tips and information on how to decorate with a red color motif.

✅ Video – How to Decorate a Burgundy and Gold Christmas Tree

Style My Sweets shared the video on YouTube. For more tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree using burgundy and gold ornaments, watch the video below.




20. Black and Gold Christmas Ornaments

For a black and gold themed Christmas decoration, use Christmas ball ornaments. The balls are covered with sparkling glitters and sequins. The package includes 6 packs per order. You can create a stunning arrangement by adding artificial black and gold balls.

21. Blue and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Blue is a dark color, and gold is a light one. The contrast of the two colors creates a stunning effect. For an added accent to your blue and gold themed Christmas tree, you can include poinsettia ornaments. The blue and gold poinsettias are made from glitters, polyester, and plastic.

They sparkle and adds glow to your Christmas tree. Read this article about blue Christmas decorating ideas to find out how you can transform your house’s look using a blue color motif.

22. Purple and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Purple and gold are royal colors, and using them as your color motif will add an aristocratic ambiance to your home. Decorate using the elegant purple and gold poinsettia. Add them to your Christmas tree. You can trim napkins with the poinsettia at the dinner table for an elegant look. Use gold and purple tablecloth to complete the look.

23. Brown and Gold Christmas Ornaments

For a rustic look, use brown and gold Christmas ornaments. The pinecone ornaments are a great addition to your decors. The package includes a set of 27 pieces and comes with gold string hoops for easy hanging. They are lightweight and will not weigh down tree branches. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

24. Pink and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with pink and gold assorted shatterproof Christmas balls. The balls come in a variety of shapes and designs. They are made of plastic, so you do not have to worry about broken glass that can hurt kids and pets. The balls are made from durable and eco-friendly plastic that can last for a long time.

25. Gold Glass Christmas Ornaments

Create a classy and sophisticated look using gold glass Christmas ball ornaments. The glass ornaments have baroque patterns and retro surface treatment effects that highlight the noble royal Christmas theme. The Christmas balls have unique shapes and special designs that will transform the look of your Christmas tree.

26. Gold Christmas Balls Ornaments

The gold Christmas ball ornaments are shatterproof. They combine the luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic. If you do not want to deal with ornaments that get broken every time they fell off the tree, choose gold Christmas plastic ball ornaments. The Christmas balls come in a set of 16 pieces.

✅ Video – DIY Christmas Ornament with Styrofoam Balls

Crafts and Recycling shared the video below on YouTube. Learn how to make Christmas balls using styrofoam balls by watching the video below.




27. Gold Star Christmas Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree glitter with stars using gold star Christmas ornaments. The package includes a set of 6-star ornaments. The gold glitters create and sparkling and festive effect. They measure 3.5 inches in diameter and comes with a pre-strung loop for easy hanging. Surround your Christmas tree with the tiny gold stars for an amazing display.

28. Gold Christmas Lights

Make your home sparkle with gold Christmas lights. The gold non-twinkled LED lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The classic lights provide a traditional Christmas look but with the advantages of LED. The non-removable bulbs seal out moisture and eliminate corrosion for longer bulb life.

29. Gold Christmas Tree Lights

Decorate your outdoor Christmas trees with gold lights. The non-twinkled lights have a concave acrylic lens that disperses light uniformly in all directions. They are safe and approved for both indoor and outdoor use. If one light goes out, the rest will stay lit. Make sure that your Christmas tree is properly illuminated by using gold Christmas tree lights.

30. Gold LED Christmas Lights

Make sure that your outdoor Christmas decorations are properly illuminated using gold LED Christmas lights. Surround your Christmas Snoopy inflatables and Inflatable Christmas Star Wars decoration with bright lights to make them visible during the night.

The string lights use low energy consumption. It will burn little energy for 24 hours of use. Light up your pathways using the string lights.

31. Gold Christmas Decorations

Surround your home with lights using gold LED tea lights. They are perfect to use for the dining table, bedroom, living room, and even the outdoors. The LED provides low energy consumption and a long lifespan. The tea lights are battery operated and are safe to use around children and pets. They are made from plastic with environmental gold glitter finish.

✅ Video – DIY Fold Christmas Wreath

JanetXO shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below and learn how to create a gold Christmas wreath decoration.




32. Brown and Gold Christmas Decorations

Create a rustic look for your home using brown and gold Christmas decorations. The shatterproof Christmas balls have the traditional colors of Christmas, which creates a festive atmosphere. The Christmas balls have 4 special finishes that include glitter, matte, shiny, and water line ball. It comes in a set of 24 pieces.

33. Purple and Gold Christmas Decorations

Transform your home into a place fit for the royalties with purple and gold Christmas decorations. The Christmas balls are shatterproof and made of high-quality plastic. The package includes a set of 41 pieces of Christmas ornaments in one box. The balls come with hooks for easy hanging.

Use the balls to accent your indoor and outdoor decorations. Read this article about purple Christmas decorating ideas and learn how to create an aristocratic theme for your home.

34. Teal and Gold Christmas Decorations

Teal and gold are unique color combinations that you can try to incorporate into your Christmas theme. The plastic ornament comes in a set of 60 pieces. They are made from plastic, so you do not have to worry about shattered glass that might hurt your kids or pets. The ornaments are pre-hooked for easy hanging.

35. White and Gold Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are part of the Christmas tradition. For an elegant theme this Christmas, hang white and gold Christmas stockingsOpens in a new tab. into your mantle. The stockings are made from high-quality burlap and cotton cloth that adds warmth to your Christmas décor. The stockings are ready to be filled with Christmas goodies and small gifts.

36. Gold Christmas Stocking

For a luxurious look, choose gold Christmas stockings. The Christmas stockings measure 20 inches in full size and have sequins and ruffled cuffs. It comes with an attached loop for easy hanging. The gold stocking provides a luxurious and warm atmosphere when hanged into your Christmas mantle.

37. Red and Gold Christmas Stockings

Red and gold are a warm color motif for Christmas. Decorate using red and gold Christmas stockings. The luxurious colors will definitely catch your guests’ attention and enhance the feeling of festivity inside your home. The faux silk red stocking has gold line patterns that create a trendy and elegant look.

✅ Video – DIY Flannel and Fur Christmas Stockings

Fabricdotcom shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Christmas stocking using flannel and fur.




38. Gold Christmas Background

For a glittering Christmas photoshoot, choose a gold Christmas background. The 3.2 feet by 9.2 feet background is large enough to accommodate a large group of people for the photoshoot. It can also cover an area in your property which you consider as an eye-sore. It is made from food packaging level mylar and can be reused. The package includes gold foil fringe curtains for hanging.

39. Gold Christmas Wreath

Decorate your doors and windows with gold Christmas wreaths. The wreaths measure 24 inches in diameter with 64 branch tips. They are trimmed with glittered twigs, leaves, pine cones, and ball ornaments. The wreaths are pre-strung with white LED lights that are battery operated.

40. Red and Gold Christmas Wreath

For a warm and elegant look, decorate using red and gold Christmas wreaths. The wreaths are embellished with traditional and premium plastic balls in the colors of red and gold. The bountiful design is mingled with artificial magnolia, ribbons, and gilded berries for a lush appearance. It has lights that operate using 3AA batteries.

41. Gold Christmas Garland

Gold Christmas garlands are a great addition to your decoration. The bright metallic tinsel reflects light for extra sparkle. They are thick and long enough to circle the big Christmas tree from head to toe. The garland provides great color and coverage to your Christmas tree. You can also use them to decorate your stairs and other areas of your home.

42. Silver and Gold Christmas Garland

The silver and gold Christmas garland is 9 feet long. It is full and thick, which adds color and fullness to your Christmas decorations. You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree, doors, windows, and other areas in your home.

✅ Video – Silver and Gold Holiday Wreath

The Crafty Teacher shared the video below on YouTube. Learn how to create a silver and gold holiday wreath by watching the video below.




43. Red and Gold Christmas Garland

The pre-lit red and gold Christmas garland is a great ornament that you add to your home decoration. The garland is made from a collection of poinsettia blooms that are composed or red velour petals, holly leaves, and a cluster of red berries. It is waterproof and is also lighted. The garland is operated with the use of 3AA batteries.

44. Gold Bead Christmas Garland

Gold bead Christmas garlands will add a glittering look to your decorations. The beaded garlands are made from plastic pearls and cotton sewing thread. It has a uniform color and a glossy surface. The garlands can be cut into any length and use for DIY crafting.

45. Gold Christmas Ribbon

Christmas ribbons are not only used in decorating but can also be used as an accent to wrapped gifts. The gold Christmas ribbons are made from 100% nylon with wired sheer glitter. The wired edge is perfect for making bows, crafts, curls, and other DIY crafts.

46. Gold Christmas Wrapper

Wrap your gifts in luxurious gold this Christmas. The gold wrapping papers are made from high-quality materials with colorful patterned prints. They are strong, smooth, and easy to fold. The patterns include Casablanca, Chevron, Diagonal stripe, Damask, Geo block, and Polka dots.

47. Gold Christmas Bells

The gold Christmas bell will make a great addition to your Christmas wreaths and garlands. The design is inspired by the classic movie titled “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The bell has a beautiful ring and is and comes with a gorgeous red silk ribbon for easy hanging. It features an angel bell ornament with stainless steel angel wing charm.

48. Gold Christmas Tablecloth

Create a table setting that is fit for a king using a gold Christmas tablecloth. The tablecloth is made from 100% polyester with a heavyweight fabric. It is spill-proof and waterproof. All liquids bead up and can be quickly wiped using a sponge or a napkin. It will protect your table from moisture and stains. Read this article about Christmas tablecloths for more tips and information.

✅ Video – Christmas Table Setting Decoration

Simply Dovie shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for tips and ideas on how to create an elegant table setting.




The End

You have reached the end of this post that talks about gold Christmas decorating ideas. It is always fun to decorate your home and create a masterpiece o the decorations u have. Gold is a traditional, bright, and festive color that can be paired up with other colors. Transform your home into a luxurious place during the Christmas season using gold ornaments.

Plan the theme that you want to have and make a list of the things needed to avoid buying things that you do not need and prevent overspending. We hope that our list of gold decorating ideas inspired you to create a luxurious theme this Christmas. Thank you for your ready and have a happy holiday!

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