How Oil Pulling for Acne Can Affect The Skin

oil pulling for acne

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Oil pulling for acne is a technique that is used by many people because of the skin benefits that it offers. This holistic technique dates back to ancient times and is still practiced today. In this post, we share information about oil pulling that you may find helpful. We are not doctors or related to any medical institutions. We do not partake in any particular opinion. We recommended that you consult your doctor before trying oil pulling.

What is Oil Pulling for Acne?

Oil pullingOpens in a new tab. for acne is an ancient holistic technique that has roots in the Ayurvedic medicine systemOpens in a new tab. of India. It is used in treating various health ailments including acne. This technique is known to remove toxins from the body. Oil pulling has many wonderful benefits that are associated with beauty and health.

How is it Done?

Oil pulling for acne is done by taking a mouthful of cold-pressed oilOpens in a new tab. or vegetable oil and swishing it around the mouth. Spit the oil out after twenty minutes. Do not swallow the oil because it contains toxins. Through this technique, toxins from the blood and oral cavity are pulled out to improve dental health. Oil pulling is also believed to cure many health issues which include skin ailments like acne.

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The Best Kind of Oil to use for Oil Pulling

Cold-pressed oil is ideally used for oil pulling for acne. There are also other suitable options that include olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Whether the oil is organic or inorganic does not matter. Both varieties will stimulate the body and pull out harmful toxins.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oilOpens in a new tab. is an option that you can use for oil pulling. You can let the solid oil melt in your mouth before pulling or you can also heat it up so that it becomes liquid.

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Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil contains omega-6 fatty acidsOpens in a new tab. that some may consider as bad cholesterol but it is still beneficial for the body. This kind of oil is also a great option that you can use for oil pulling.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that can prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol in the liver. You can purchase sesame oilOpens in a new tab. at your local supermarket.

Olive Oil

Olive oilOpens in a new tab. contains antiviral properties and healthy dietary fats. It is also easy to find. If you are using olive oil for your cooking recipes, you can also use it for oil pulling.

Studies Made About Oil Pulling

Some studies suggest that oil pulling can get rid of bacteria in the mouth and also improve dental healthOpens in a new tab.. Practitioners of alternative medicine also claim that it can help in treating various diseases. Moreover, oil pulling is claimed to pull bacteria from the mouthOpens in a new tab., moisturizes the gums and increase saliva production which can reduce bacteria. The type of oil that is used also contributes to the health benefits of oil pulling. There are oils that contain properties that can reduce bacteria and inflammationOpens in a new tab..

How Long Does it Take To See Results?

Depending on the kind of acne that you have and the reaction of your skin, it may take a monthOpens in a new tab. to start seeing results. On the other hand, after a few weeks of doing oil pulling for acne, you can start to notice healthier and clearer looking skin. For best results, oil pulling should be accompanied by a healthy diet. This technique is helpful in clearing acne along the cheeks, jawline and chin area.

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How Oil Pulling Can Benefit the Skin

It Clears Acne and Other Skin Conditions

The toxins that are found in the body can affect the condition of the skin. Oil pulling can get rid of the toxins from your body which enables the skin to heal and regenerate. With regular oil pulling, you will notice that your skin will start to clear upOpens in a new tab..

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It Increases Blood Flow to the Face

Oil pulling will require you to swish your mouth. Exercising your jaw muscles will boost blood flowOpens in a new tab. to your face. This can also help tighten the skin and smooth smile lines.

It Can Fight Insomnia and Promote Healthier Skin

Using coconut oil for oil pulling has many benefits and one of that is fighting insomniaOpens in a new tab.. When you are asleep, your body works in shedding old layers of skin and regenerating new ones. Having enough sleep will provide you with healthy and glowing skin.

Side Effects That Comes From Oil Pulling

Nausea and Upset Stomach

Among the side effects that you can get from oil pulling are nausea and upset stomachOpens in a new tab.. Swishing around a large amount of oil can make you feel nauseous. Moreover, accidentally swallowing the contaminated oil can result in an upset stomach.

Lipoid Pneumonia

Lipoid pneumonia is another side effect that comes from oil pulling. It is caused by inhalation or aspiration of oily substances. Lipoid pneumoniaOpens in a new tab. is a lung disease that can affect those who are trying oil pulling. When you accidentally inhale or swallow large amounts of oil, it can enter the lungs and air passages. Because the oil contains toxins and oral pathogens, it can lead to lipoid pneumonia.

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Precautions That Should be Taken Before Trying Oil Pulling

  • Children under five years of age are not allowed to try oil pulling.
  • If the oil does not turn white and thin, you might not be doing it correctly.
  • Do not use oils that you are allergic to. If you are allergic to various oils, it is best that you do not try this technique at all.

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Is it Safe?

Oil pulling is considered safe but it also has its side effects. You need to be careful when doing oil pulling and use oils that are safe.

What Kind of Oil Should I Use?

The oil that you should use is the one that you are not allergic to. Make sure that you purchase oil that is natural and organic.

How Many Times Should I Do Oil Pulling in A Day?

For best results, oil pulling should be done three times a day on an empty stomachOpens in a new tab..

Final Thoughts

Oil pulling is practiced since ancient times. Studies have been made to prove the effectivity of this technique. While some are not convinced with the health benefits that oil pulling offers, many people are still trying it. Take note that there are side effects that can come oil pulling that is why you need to be careful when choosing an oil as well as in making sure that you will not swallow any amount of oil. If you are suffering from any health problems or is taking medication, it is best that you consult your doctor before you try oil pulling.

The End

Thank you for reading this post about oil pulling for acne. We hope that the information that we shared will help you in your research about this ancient technique. Take the necessary precautions before you try oil pulling.

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