11 Adorable Inflatable Christmas Train Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

Inflatable Christmas Trains

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This Christmas season, you can spread some holiday cheer with inflatable Christmas trains. If you are already planning out on your outdoor decorations, do not forget to include inflatable trains. Inflatable Christmas decorations are in demand nowadays because they add festivity and uniqueness to your home. You can use them indoors and outdoors. With the many designs that are available, you can find one that will cater to your budget and preferences.

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This specific inflatable Christmas trainOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The inflatable lights up for better nighttime viewing and deflates for compact storage.

Get ready to decorate with inflatable Christmas trains. The great thing about these kinds of decoration is that they are available in different sizes which means that you can find the right size that you can display indoor and outdoor. You can find a lot of characters that you can incorporate with your theme. They will add fun and cheerfulness to your home.

Stick through this article to find out the many kinds of inflatable Christmas train designs that you can choose from. We also provide tips on how you can successfully decorate your house using inflatable products without overcrowding the area.


Inflatable Christmas Train Ideas for Decorating Your Home

You can create the perfect holiday scene using inflatable Christmas trains. There is no need to limit your decorations especially when it comes to your lawn or garden. You can be as creative as you want. Just make sure that you choose the appropriate designs and decorations that will not bother your neighbors. Inflatable Christmas trains are a fun addition to your decors because they can attract both the young and the young at hearts. For more inflatable Christmas train ideas, you can check out the post below.

1. Inflatable Christmas Train Decoration

One of the first things that people notice when passing through your property is your front yard. You need to give it extra attention when decorating so people would appreciate your masterpiece. You can display a massive 7 foot long inflatable Christmas train in your front yard for everyone to see. This inflatable train also has internal lights which creates a glowing nighttime display. Santa, a Christmas reindeer, and a penguin sat on the train greeting everyone a very merry Christmas.

2. Santa on Train Christmas Inflatable

Santa is a popular decoration during Christmas. You can purchase a Santa on train Christmas inflatable that you can use indoor and outdoor. It is a festive decoration will surely attract the attention of your neighbors when you display it outside.

3. Inflatable LED Merry Christmas Choo Choo Train

Transform the look of your yard with the inflatable LED Merry Christmas Choo Choo train. The train measures 7 feet in length and features a mouse and a penguin wearing Santa hats. It is made from high-quality 190T waterproof polyester which is durable and is perfect for an outdoor display. It is lighted using LED lights that are safe and energy-efficient.

4. Pre-Lit Giant Inflatable Car Train

For an eye-catching display that will surely impress passersby, choose a pre-lit giant inflatable car train. The train features Santa, a penguin, and a snowman. It lights up for a glowing night-time display. You can place the train with your outdoor Christmas tree for a fun and festive look.

5. Inflatable Christmas Train Set

With its lighted design, this inflatable is great for decor for indoors and outdoors. It is made of lightweight materials and self-inflating design which makes it easy for anyone in family to set up and take down. It comes with sandbags, ground stakes, and tethers to make sure that the inflatable will stand steadily amidst rain, wind, and snow. You can place it in front of your porch and you can also put other decorations like inflatable snowman around it.

✅ Video – Inflatable Christmas Train with Santa and Friends

Inflatable Christmas trains are easy to set-up. All that you need to plug it into an outlet for the inflatable to self-inflate. Watch the video below to find out what the product looks like after fully inflated. The video also offers tips on how to inflate the product.

6. Inflatable Holiday Train

There are many kinds of inflatable trains that are available online and one of that is the inflatable holiday train. There are many designs that you can choose from. You can take your decoration to a whole new level by adding this colorful and fun inflatable Christmas train. It has a mix of vibrant colors and it is also equipped with sparkling LED lights that make it visible at night. Santa is riding on the train and is also carrying penguins.

7. Giant Inflatable Christmas Train

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating your home. If you have a spacious front yard, you can decorate it with a giant inflatable Christmas train. It a large inflatable train that is available and it also has internal lights for a glowing nighttime display. The train features a penguin and a rat. Both of them are wearing Santa Claus Christmas hats. This is a unique addition to your outdoor decoration.

8. Inflatable Christmas Train Cartoon

If your kids love cartoons, you can also include that in your Christmas decorations. There are inflatable Christmas trains with cartoon characters on them. For instance, you can purchase this train that features the three little pigs and two wolves on the train along with Santa. It is a fun decoration that your kids will surely adore. The train is 16 feet long which can be used both indoor and outdoor.

9. Inflatable Christmas Train Car

Another cute decoration that you can have indoor is this 8 foot inflatable Santa Claus driving a train. The train is carrying Christmas trees at the back. If you have a spacious living room, you can place it near the tabletop Christmas tree for a stunning effect. You can also place it near the stairs. It self inflates for easy set-up.

10. Rudolph Inflatable Train

The inflatable train is perfect for an outdoor display. The train measures 9.5 feet long and is also lighted for a stunning night time decoration. It self-inflates in seconds and comes with everything that you need for easy set-up. It is a cute addition to your outdoor decoration.

11. Inflatable Christmas Gingerbread Man Train

Decorate your property with an inflatable Christmas Gingerbread man train. The 10 feet long inflatable train self-inflates in seconds for easy set-up. It includes stakes and tethers to sure the inflatable in place and makes sure that it will not get blown away by the wind. The inflatable train features a Gingerbread man riding the train. It is lighted using LED lights.

✅ Video – Santas Christmas Train Demo

Inflatable Christmas trains are a great addition to your Christmas decorations. They are easy to set-up and are eye-catching. The inflatable lights up for a glowing night-time display. For an actual demonstration of how the product above looks like after inflating, you can watch the video below.

Why Choose Inflatable Christmas Trains?

There are many decorations that you can use. But when it comes to something that is unique and fun, you can choose from a wide array of products like Christmas dragons, snowman, and trains. The trains come in different sizes so you can easily pick a size that can fit your indoor area. The inflatable trains can reach up to 16 feet long or more which is a great decoration that you can use outdoors. Most products are equipped with LED lighting for a glowing effect. They are an affordable decoration that will make a big impact on the look of your property.

Are Inflatables Safe?

Yes, inflatables are safe. The only danger that they can cause is that they can topple over due to strong winds. Inflatables are lightweight and will not cause that much damage when it accidentally topples over. You just need to make sure that you carefully secure the inflatable by driving stakes into the ground and using other safety measures.

Tips in Decorating Your Property with Inflatable Christmas Trains

Place them at the Right Angle

When decorating your property with inflatable Christmas trains, you need to think about how it is going to look from various viewing angles. For instance, if you have Minnie Mouse Christmas inflatable, place it the direction where people will see and appreciate what it looks like. Consider the entrance of your house where the traffic is coming from. it should be seen by people as soon as they enter your property.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Decorations

Take note that inflatable decorations can be massive. Hence, you need to make sure that they will not overcrowd your area. Placing a lot of inflatable Christmas decors in one place can overwhelm the whole area and will make people feel claustrophobic. It is best that there is enough space around each décor that you have for a festive yet organized look.

Choose Proper Lighting

What good are inflatable Christmas trains when it cannot be seen during the night? To lighten up your decorations, you can use simple white Christmas lights or you can opt for colorful lights. You can also choose inflatable trains that have internal lighting. See to it that if you choose inflatable Christmas trains with internal lighting, place them far from the external lighting that you have. Internal lights that come from inflatable decorations can easily be drowned out by lights coming from external sourcesOpens in a new tab..

Choose the Size

Like inflatable Christmas Minions, there are different sizes of inflatable Christmas trains that you can find online. Make sure that you choose a product that fits in your property. If you are thinking of displaying the inflatable indoors, it should fit the area from floor to ceiling. If you have a seven-foot-tall ceiling, choose inflatables that are of the same or height. For your outdoor décor, you can choose various sizes of inflatables and mix them up for a cool display.

How to Stake Inflatable Decorations

To make sure that the inflatable Christmas trains that you have put on display will remain standing all the time, you need to stake them out. Most products come with stakes and tethers that you can nail to the ground. If they do not come with their own stakes, you can use a piece of wood, nail, or screw. Push them as far as you can to the ground. This will secure the inflatable and prevent them from being blown awayOpens in a new tab..

Which Inflatable Christmas Train is Best?

There is a wide array of inflatable Christmas trains that are available online. Which one is best for your property? It all depends on your preferences. You first need to consider where you will place the inflatable. Are you going to place it indoors or outdoors? This is important so that you can choose the ideal size of inflatable. You also need to consider the design and features of the inflatable. Do you want it to stand out or blend in with your other decorations? Lastly, consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend to have an inflatable train in your property?

How Do Inflatable Christmas Train Works?

Inflatable Christmas trains are self-inflating which means that you do not have to use an air pump to set-up the inflatable. They come with built-in fans that work by simply plugging it into an outlet. Inflation takes only a few seconds. It is very easy and convenient to set up an inflatable train and you can do it indoors and outdoors. Make sure that you secure them on the ground to prevent being blown away by the wind.

How to Keep Inflatables from Falling Over

Inflatable products like Star Wars Christmas inflatables are made from lightweight materials and for that reason; they can easily get blown away. To prevent that, you can use sandbags to secure the inflatable to the ground. Aside from the stakes and tethers that come with the product, you can also wire the inflatable into the nearest tree. You can also tape them to the ground to prevent them from falling.

✅ Video – How to Secure Inflatable Decorations

It is important that you secure your inflatables to keep them from falling over. This is vital especially if you live in a windy area. For an in-depth tutorial on how to keep inflatables from falling over, push the play button below to watch the video.

How to Clean Inflatable Units

To make sure that the inflatable products will not get damaged and will last for a long time, you need to clean it. You can use mild detergent soaps and water to remove dirt. If there is any grime that is sticking into the inflatable, you can use a towel to gently scrub it down. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse it and that is completely dry inside and out before storing.

How Do You Store Inflatables?

When storing Christmas snoopy inflatables, make sure that they are completely dry. Wet areas can stick together in storage and can cause damage. Gently fold and roll them up. You can pack them in their original boxes. Make sure that you store them in an area that is safe from insects.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of inflatable Christmas trains varies depending on the brand, design, and size. The price ranges from fifty to a hundred dollars or more. The bigger and the more unique the designs of the trains are, the pricier they will be. On the other hand, you need to consider the quality of the product to make sure that it is durable and can last for a long time. This way, you can get your money’s worth.

Purchasing Inflatable Christmas Trains Online

Most people would look online for the products that they need. The reason for this is that shopping is easy and convenient. People with busy schedules find online shops helpful when it comes to purchasing items. Online shops are open twenty-fours a day for seven days a week. You can shop even in the middle of the night. This is perfect if you do not have time to visit your local shop. Moreover, you can have a lot of options when you shop online. You can take a look and compare various products in just a click of the mouse.

The End

Thank you for reading this post that tackles inflatable Christmas trains. We hope that we have provided you with information that you can use in transforming the look of your home. Keep in mind the tips that we have provided when decorating your property. Choose from a wide array of options that are available online. Have fun shopping for unique and colorful designs!

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