12 Inflatable Dragon Decorating Ideas – Transform Your Home into a Dragon’s Lair This Halloween

Inflatable Dragons

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Halloween is a scary and magical event, and inflatable dragons are the perfect decoration for your home. Something is enchanting in inflatable dragons that many homeowners choose to decorate their homes with large frightening creatures in the shapes of dragons during Halloween. They make an interesting addition to the spookiness that you want to achieve for your home.

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There are many inflatable dragons that are sold on the market. You can find products of various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. There are even inflatable Christmas dragons that are specifically designed for the Christmas season. With the many choices that you have, you might find it difficult to make a choice. Of course, you cannot possibly purchase all the inflatable dragons that you find on the market.

To help you solve this problem, we have made a list of the best inflatable dragon ideas that you can do for your next Halloween party. We have included various designs that you can choose from. Read the rest of the post below for more tips and information.

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1. Inflatable Dragon Halloween

This Halloween, you can decorate your lawn with a 9-foot inflatable dragon. It is an impressive and spooky décor that you can add to your home. With its huge size, it will definitely be a sight to behold. The inflatable dragon lights up during the night so you can make sure that it will stay visible even when it is dark. It is equipped with a powerful fan which helps it inflate in just a few seconds.

✅ Video – Inflatable Dragon Set-Up

Inflatable dragons take just a few seconds to set-up. Check out the video below for a set-up demonstration of an inflatable dragon.

2. Inflatable Dragon Animated

Decorate your archway with an animated inflatable dragon. The inflatable dragon can flap its wings and also features colorful, swirling lights. It comes with an internal spotlight fixture that shines on the inflatable giving it a fire and ice effect. It looks great both day and night. With an impressive height of 9-feet, it will surely attract the attention of passersby.

3. Inflatable Dragon Archway

Create a spooky décor in your archway using inflatable dragons. The inflatable dragon measures 30 inches and is the perfect size for your archway. You can make it stand on its own or you can also attach ropes into it so that it will hang from the ceiling. It is a great addition to your Halloween décor. You can display it with your other fun decorations like inflatable minions.

4. Inflatable Dragon With Moving Wings

Are you in for a freaky sight, consider decorating your home with an inflatable dragon that features moving wings this Halloween? The dragon stands 9 feet tall and can flat its wings. It comes in a complete package that includes electrical cord, tethers, and stakes. It is easy to inflate and is perfect for your outdoor decoration.

✅ Video – Inflatable Dragon Unboxing

For more information about inflatable dragons, you can watch the video below. The video tackles the unboxing and set-up of an inflatable dragon product.

5. Inflatable Dragon Decoration

Another decoration that you can have for Halloween is the inflatable dragon that lights-up during the night. The dragon is fiercely colored in red and black. It includes everything that is needed for easy set-up. The inflatable dragon self-inflated in seconds and easily deflates for storage.They will look interesting when displayed along with star wars inflatables.

6. Inflatable Dragon Yard Decoration

You do not need to spend a lot of money on effects because you can now purchase an animated three-headed inflatable dragon. The dragon can move its wings in an up and down motion. It measures 9 feet tall which is perfect for outdoor decoration. The inflatable dragon also comes with an internal spotlight fixture that shines on the inflatable making it visible during the night. It comes with stakes and tethers to keep it stable and grounded.

7. Inflatable Dragon Skeleton

If you want something big for your Halloween decoration, you can choose the 7 feet inflatable skeleton dragon. The dragon self-inflates in seconds and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The skeleton design will definitely spook children. It comes with everything that is needed for easy inflation.

8. Inflatable Dragon for Indoors

For a small indoor Halloween decoration, you can choose the 3 feet tall inflatable dragon. The inflatable dragon is lighted for nighttime display. It comes with stakes and tethers to secure the inflatable. Simply plug the inflatable and watch it self-inflates in just a few seconds. It is a cute addition to your indoor Halloween decoration. Inflatable Minnie Mouse is also a cute indoor Halloween decoration that kids will love.

✅ Video – Inflatable Dragon Review

Check out the video below for an unboxing and demonstration of an inflatable dragon. Find out what the reviewer has to say about the inflatable.

9. Inflatable Dragon Big

If you want an imposing decoration for your home, you can opt for a 7.8 feet pre-lit inflatable dragon. The dragon self-inflates in seconds with wings that can move up and down. It is a great addition to your outdoor decoration. The package comes with everything that is required for easy installation.

10. Inflatable Dragon Display

Another spooky inflatable dragon that you can display into your house is the lighted inflatable dragon. The design of this dragon is perfect for your doorways. You can place it at the entrance of your door making it look like a dragon is guarding your home and looking at everyone who enters. Kids who are trick and treating will definitely be impressed with this inflatable dragon.

11. Inflatable Dragon Boat

For a spooky pirate theme, you can choose to have an inflatable dragon that is designed like a boat. Te inflatable has an internal light display for glowing nighttime visibility. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. The inflatable dragon is easy to install and set-up. You can plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

12. Inflatable Dragon Silver

For a shining display, you can choose a silver inflatable dragon. The dragon features colorful flickering effects which creates a wonderful display of lights, especially during the night. It can also flap its wings. You can place it on display indoors and outdoors.

The End

You can collect as many inflatable dragons as you want and choose that as a theme for your decoration this Halloween. With the many products that are available, you can make your home look like a dragon’s lair. The fun and spookiness will definitely make your home impressive. It will attract both young and old tricks and theaters’. Thank you for reading!

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