Inflatable Snowman to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Inflatable Snowman

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With Christmas fast approaching, you might have already started on your Christmas list, but have you thought about what to get for your outdoor décor? Have you stocked up on your Christmas decorations? You do need to have the right outdoor Christmas decorations that are festive, spirited, and fun. Of course, Christmas lights should always be present to light up your house, but there are other decorations that will make your home stand out from among others in your neighborhood. Why not put up a unique ornament like a six-foot-tall inflatable snowman right at your yard to greet everyone that passes by? We have shared a review of the best products that you can choose from.

See Today’s Most Popular INFLATABLE SNOWMAN

With the use of Christmas decorations, you can easily turn your house into a winter wonderland attraction that will be the talk of the town. With the many ornaments that are available, you can choose a theme. Nowadays, inflatable products are in demand and there are inflatable Christmas ornaments that you can purchase online. You can choose different sizes from the smallest to the largest.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific inflatable snowmanOpens in a new tab. is our choice. It comes in different sizes. They self-inflate in seconds and include everything needed for a quick and easy setup.

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An inflatable snowman will make your property extra attractive and will put a smile on everyone who is passing by.

Decorate Using an Inflatable Snowman

If you do not have snow but would like to have a snowman outside your house, that is not a problem anymore. Rather than purchasing small snowman figurines that are hard to see from afar or life-sized snowman figures that are not only too heavy to carry but also hard to store, you can purchase an inflatable snowman. Yes! There is a lot of inflatable snowman with various designs and sizes that are sold online.

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For example, this 8-foot inflatable snowman with a Merry Christmas sign is a great addition to your outdoor decoration. With its huge size, it will definitely turn heads and attract the attention of anyone that passes by. You can even upgrade the design with 4 LED lights for a glowing nighttime display. The built-in lighting adds a vibrant effect and also enhanced nighttime visibility. It creates a stunning effect and adds merriment to the occasion.

✅ Video Demo

Click the video below to find out how to properly set-up and deflate an inflatable snowman.

Choose from a Wide Array of Designs Available

Due to popular demand, the inflatable snowman comes in a wide array of designs. As a matter of fact, more and more sellers are getting creative and creating unique cool designs that are both Christmassy and quirky.

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Take a look at this inflatable snowman and dog decoration. It is both quirky and funny. This decoration is perfect for those who have dogs in their homes. Who says that you cannot include dogs in your Christmas décor? Your kids will definitely have fun setting-up and placing it in your yard. The expressive snowman and his dog companion will definitely put a smile on the faces of those who are passing your home.

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Another unique design that you can purchase online is this snowman and snow globe decoration. Both a snowman and a snow globe, this unique Christmas décor will surely be the talk of your neighborhood. Another feature of this design is that there is snow that swirls around inside the globe which also changes color. Isn’t that fun? You can place this inflatable snowman outside or you can also set it up inside to add fun into your decorations.

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Are your kids a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Well then, this Inflatable Snowman with Mickey and Minnie will surely light up your children’s faces. The inflatable stands over 5 feet tall and six feet wide. It is also internally lighted for nighttime display which makes it a perfect outdoor Christmas décor. It is an adorable holiday scene that you can set-up in your yard for everyone to see.

Equipped with LED Lights

Another feature that you can get from inflatable snowman wearing a Santa Claus Christmas hat is that most of the products sold are equipped with LED lights for nighttime display. This is ideal for outdoor decorations because you do not need additional white Christmas lights to light-up the snowman. You can save on your electric bill while still having festive lighting outdoors.

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For instance, this 6 foot tall lighted Christmas inflatable snowman and three cute penguins are equipped with LED lights. The color lights inside the snowman swirls and twirls which results in an impressive nighttime glow. The lights will attract attention during nighttime which makes the display noticeable to everyone who is passing by.

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Another festive decoration that you can set-up into your yard is the 6-foot tall inflatable snowman with multi-color LED lights. The Lights change color from red to blue to green. You can create your own winter wonderland with this colorful display. Rather than choosing plain lighting, you can spruce up your decoration by adding an inflatable minion with changing LED lights.

✅ Video Demo

For a short demo of what the inflatable snowman family looks like when inflated, you can watch the video below.

Festive Inflatable Snowman Family

If you do not want your snowman to be alone while looking lonely in your yard, you can also purchase an inflatable snowman family. You read it right! You can purchase a family of snowman online. A complete family of snowmen will add warmth to your outdoor decorations. Surround them with white Christmas lights for added lighting.

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This happy family of snowman and their kid will happily great you and your guests as they enter your property. The kid is holding a gift that adds a more festive look into the whole set-up. Standing 4 feet tall, you can easily place them anywhere in your yard. If you have a wide porch, you can also place them near your door to greet everyone that enters. The design is also internally lighted for nighttime display. The design is also internally lighted for nighttime display. They will look good beside a Christmas train inflatable.

Dress Up Like a Snowman with an Inflatable Snowman Costume

The inflatable snowman is not only for Christmas decorations. You can also wear it. There are inflatable snowman costumes that are sold online. This is a great costume that you can wear for Christmas. If you think that being Santa Clause is already a cliché, why not be a snowman?

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This Christmas inflatable snowman costume has sizes for both adult and child. You can purchase a costume for the entire family. It is made from polyester which is a lightweight material. This product is comfortable and will not hinder movement. You can plan a costume party for Christmas Eve and invite your neighbors over for a fun and festive holiday party.

How Can You Keep Inflatable Decorations Standing?

While inflatable decorations like inflatable snowman have a base that allows it to stand on its own, it is important that you secure the inflatableOpens in a new tab. to make sure that it keeps standing amidst strong winds and to prevent it from blowing away. You can do this by tying a cloth at the base of the inflatable and securing it with a heavy stone. You can also use long spikes and nails making sure that they are firmly set into the ground.

✅ Video Guide

For more information about how to prevent inflatable decorations from falling over, you can watch the video guide below.

Customize Your Own Inflatable Snowman

Do you want to customize your very own inflatable snowman? There are manufacturers that you can find online that offers customization of inflatable decorations. You can choose the size, design, and style of your own snowman. Of course, you will have to pay an additional price for this. On the other hand, if you want a specific design for your inflatable snowman so that it will blend in with the rest of the decorations that you have outdoors, the additional cost is worth the product that you will get. Check online for manufacturers that offer customization and ask for a quote.

Are the Inflatable Snowman Waterproof?

It depends on the materials that they are made from. Some materials that are used for inflatableOpens in a new tab. products are lightweight and thin which can easily get damaged when left out in a downpour. There are other customers that complain about how the inflatable snowman that they have purchased will not blow up anymore after getting soaked from the rain. Do not forget to check the durability of the product that you are buying. If you live in an area where it rains constantly, it is best that you place your inflatable on your porch where it will not get soaked. Make sure that you purchase inflatable products like inflatable dragons and inflatable Minnie Mouse that are waterproof.

How to Clean Inflatable Decorations

You need to be careful when cleaning your inflatable decorations because they are made from thin materials. You can use mild dish detergent or a vinyl cleaner to wash the inflatable. Use a towel to gently scrub dirt and grime. Rinse it with a hose and let it dry. You can also use a towel to dry an excessively wet area of the snoopy Christmas inflatable. Make sure that the inflatable is completely dry before you set it up or fold it for storage.

✅ Video Guide

Check out how you can properly clean your inflatables by watching the step-by-step video tutorial below.

How to Secure Outdoor Inflatable Decorations from Theft

There are many instances wherein outdoor inflatable decorations are being stolen. This is common especially to those who do not have a fence. If you are hesitating about setting up an outdoor inflatable snowman or any other decorations because they can easily get stolen, there are a few prevention tips that you can do. First and foremost, you need to secure the star wars Christmas inflatables by wires. Attach the wires in a tree or a fence wherein it is difficult to remove. You can also install alarms and CCTV cameras around your property. Lastly, you can attach the inflatables deeply into the ground using nails and stones so that thieves will have a hard time digging them out.

The End

Make Christmas extra special by decorating it with fun and festive inflatable snowman. You can choose from a wide array of designs that are available online. Start looking for unique designs that will perfectly suit the theme that you want to have for Christmas. Make your own winter wonderland by setting up a quirky and colorful inflatable snowman. Thank you for reading and enjoy shopping for the right product online.

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