16 Inflatable Unicorn Ideas for Your Daughter’s Birthday Party

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Inflatable unicorns will make your daughter’s birthday party a big hit. If your daughter loves unicorns, then you can incorporate that into her birthday party. You can plan a party with a unicorn theme. Your daughter and her guests will definitely appreciate the fabulous theme. Life-sized inflatable unicorns can be placed around the party area to make it look more magical. There are just so many ideas that you can do to create a memorable and magical event for your daughter’s birthday.


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Many inflatable products are sold online, and each of them has its own uses. When it comes to events and party decorations, you can choose inflatable unicorns. There are of course other inflatable characters that you can add as decorations. However, if your daughter is a big fan of unicorns then you can choose from a wide array of products that are available on the market.

How can you create a stunning decoration out of inflatable unicorns? What kinds of products can you use? To help you solve this problem, we have provided a list of inflatable unicorn ideas that you can use for the birthday party you plan. There is a wide array of inflatable unicorn products that can be used for any venue and theme that you want to have. Stick around for more tips and information.


1. Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

If you are planning to use your yard for your daughter’s birthday party, one of the decorations that you can use is the inflatable unicorn yard sprinkler. The unicorn sprinkler stands 4 feet tall and can connect to all regular sized garden hose. It is made from high-quality materials and is easy to install. You can purchase different designs and place them all over your yard for additional decorations.

✅ Video – Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

Here is a video that tackles the set-up and review of an inflatable unicorn sprinkler. Check out how much fun it can be for kids to play around the sprinkler.

2. Inflatable Unicorn Costume

For a cool costume party, why not choose a unicorn theme? You can choose from a wide array of inflatable unicorn costumes that are sold on the market. For instance, this cute inflatable unicorn costume is perfect for adults. It is made from 100% polyester and fits adults from 63 inches to 75 inches tall. The costume will perfectly fit any adult or you can also use it as birthday mascot. It comes with air pumps and blowers.

3. Inflatable Unicorn Costume Kids

If your daughter would love to wear her very own costume, why not let her wear something that will stand out and make her the queen of the crowd? The inflatable unicorn costume for kids is made from 100& polyester and is comfortable to wear. It is easy to set-up and easy to move around. The inflatable costume comes with a zipper closure so that it can easily be donned. It is also a perfect Halloween costume.

4. Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

For a pool party, you can also add inflatable unicorn sprinklers around the venue. This is a fun and magical addition to your birthday party decorations. It is made of thick quality material and can connect to all regular sized garden hose. It comes with 4 stakes to firmly place the inflatable into the ground. You do not have to worry that it fall or get blown away.

5. Inflatable Unicorn Float

Another great addition to the pool birthday party that you are planning is the inflatable unicorn float. The float is made from thick, soft, and durable raft-grade non-phthalates material. It is the perfect size for a regular inflatable pool. Simply inflate the float and let your daughter and her guests play on it. It is also affordable so you can buy a couple more to accommodate other kids.

6. Inflatable Unicorn Bouncer

For kids ages 3 years and up, you can also make the party more fun with inflatable unicorn bouncer. The inflatable bouncer conforms to the safety requirements and is safe to use. It does not contain banned phthalates and heavy metal elements so you can rest assured that it is safe for the kids to use. It includes a two-way pump for pumping up the inflatable.

✅ Video – Inflatable Unicorn Bouncer Review

Inflatable unicorn bouncers are perfect for kids. Check out a review about an inflatable unicorn bouncer by watching the video below.

7. Inflatable Unicorn Bounce House

Get the party started with an inflatable unicorn bounce house. The bounce house is equipped with mesh slides to protect children and let the parents keep an eye on them. It comes in a complete package that includes a blower, ground stakes, a patch kit, 30 pit balls, and a storage bag. You can also use it every day or whenever your kids want to have fun indoors.

8. Inflatable Unicorn Drink Holders

Another cute decoration that you can add to the event is the inflatable unicorn drink holders. The floating drink holders are perfect for a pool birthday party. It works perfectly on cups and cans. They are super easy to inflate and clean. You can also reuse it on other occasions like families get together or a fun weekend pool party with friends.

9. Inflatable Unicorn For Yard

Upgrade your yards decoration by adding a large inflatable unicorn. The 8-foot tall inflatable unicorn will definitely get the attention of the guests and will definitely leave kids at awe. It is easy to set-up and comes with a powerful fan so that it will inflate in just a few seconds. The inflatable also comes with a stake so that it is firmly attached to the ground.

10. Inflatable Unicorn For Pool

Let kids enjoy the pool with the inflatable unicorn floater. It is made from premium vinyl which is durable and thick. It is easy to inflate and is perfect for an inflatable pool party. The mystical design will surely be a big hit for kids and they will love playing in the water while riding the inflatable unicorn.

11. Inflatable Unicorn Giant

If your daughter wants to celebrate her birthday at the beach, you can also bring a unicorn inflatable party island for everyone to enjoy. The inflatable is made from high-quality material with 7 heavy-duty handles to make it easier to get in and out. It features a built-in cooler with 4 cup holders. It is a spacious inflatable floating island for the kids to relax and play.

✅ Video – Giant Inflatable Unicorn Raft Review

Inflatable unicorn rafts are perfect for both adults and kids. Watch the video below for a review about a giant inflatable unicorn product.

12. Inflatable Unicorn Noodle Pool Float

The inflatable unicorn noodle pool float is not only a great addition to a pool birthday party decoration but it is also essential to keep kids safe while swimming. It measures 58 inches long and is made from high-quality thick vinyl material. It is easy to inflate and is also durable.

13. Inflatable Unicorn Ride

The inflatable unicorn rides are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are fun and will give the kids something to do. It is made from durable materials so you can rest assured that it will stay inflated for a long time. It can carry up to 250 pounds.

14. Inflatable Unicorn Selfie Frame

Kids will love taking pictures and selfies using the inflatable unicorn selfie frame. It is made from a premium PVC material that is safe for both kids and adults to use. The pumping air design enables the frame to stand up straight while taking pictures. The kids will have their own inflatable photo booth. The manual air pump can be used to inflate the product.

15. Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Drink Holder

Drinks can be served on the pool with the use of the inflatable unicorn pool float drink holder. It is 37 inches thick and made from premium raft-grade non-phthalates material. The inflatable can be fully inflated within 30 seconds. It is portable and can also be used in inflatable hot tubs, lakes, and oceans.

16. Inflatable Unicorn Snow Tube

Do not let snow hinder a fun and enjoyable birthday party. Using inflatable unicorn snow tubes, kids can have fun playing in the snow. The inflatable unicorn sled is made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl. It is equipped with robust, RF welded seams and comfortable grip handles.

✅ Video – Inflatable Unicorn Sledding

Watch the video below and find out how reliable an inflatable unicorn snow tube is when it comes to sledding.

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Thank you for reading this post about inflatable unicorn birthday party ideas. No matter where the venue of the party is, you can rest assured that you will find the right inflatable unicorn decoration. There are many products that are sold on the market so you can always find the one that suits your preferences and budget. Compare the prices and features of each product so that you can get the best deals.

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