Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Pool Surface Skimmer – Is it Worth Your Money?

intex pool skimmer

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The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer is the answer to your problem of removing dirt, leaves, and other debris from your pool. Having a pool provides fun and enjoyment for the whole family but it also comes with many responsibilities. One of them is to make sure that the pool water is free from any floating debris or contaminants. This can be tedious most especially if your pool is surrounded by trees. You might be required to remove leaves and small branches from the pool daily.

Rather than removing debris from the pool manually, why not do it in a way that is fast and convenient? The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer will do the job for you. You might be wondering what Intex pool skimmer is and how it can make removing floating debris from your pool an easy task? This review will help you get familiarized with Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer. We have shared information about the product so that you can easily decide if it is the right device that you need to clean your pool.

In this review, we will tackle the Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer. We will discuss the different features of the product and what makes them stand out from other products. We will also discuss the benefits that one can get from purchasing the product. Stick around and read the rest of this post for more information.

What is Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer?

First and foremost, we will discuss what a pool skimmer is. It is a device that removes floating debris from the pool. It can work in all types and sizes of the pool. The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer works by creating movement in the topmost layer of the water. It then draws all the leaves, including the dead insects, and other debris into its filter for easy collection and disposal.

Most pool skimmers connect tight into your existing filter and pump set-up for easy installation. The suction effect of the pool skimmers is so delicate that you will not even notice it as you take a swim while the device is on. However, the suction is enough to remove and filter unwanted floating debris from the pool.


The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer is an automatic pool skimmer. This kind of skimmer is perfect for an above ground swimming pool. It can effectively catch leaves and other floating debris on the surface of the water before they skink into the bottom.


Easy to Mount

The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer is easy to mount. It is compatible with most Intex inflatable lounge pools. The skimmer will easily mount into the easy set connections that come with the pool. It works perfectly on above ground pools with metal frames. The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer has an adjustable bracket for easy mounting and attachment to the filter pump.

Made From High-Quality Materials

The Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer is made from high-quality materials. It is made from polypropylene. Rest assured that there won’t be any issues that will develop with the skimmer when working with the water chemistry of your pool.

Easy to Clean

The Intex deluxe skimmer is easy to clean. To clean the device, simply pull out the strainer basket, empty it, clean the skimmer, and replace it. It takes less than 3 minutes to get the job done. That is very convenient as compared to spending hours cleaning debris from the pool with the use of a manual skimmer.

✅ Video – Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Skimmer Quick Review

The Intex deluxe wall mount skimmer quick review is your best solution when it comes to cleaning your pool. Check out the video below for a review of the product.



The Intex deluxe wall mount surface cleaner is very affordable. It costs fewer than twenty dollars. For an affordable price, you can save time and effort in cleaning your pool. Simply turn the device on and let it do its job.


The device can last for a long time. You can use it once a week or whenever you think there is enough floating debris on your pool that needs to be cleaned. It requires little maintenance and you can even keep it in storage when not in use.


For Above Ground Pools Only

The Intex deluxe wall mount surface cleaner is only suitable for above ground pools. Moreover, this product only works if your pool is equipped with an Intex filter pump that has a minimum flow rate of 800 gallons of water per hour.

Cannot Clean Debris on the Pool Floor

The device can only clean floating debris that is found on the surface of the pool. If you are looking for a cleaning device that can clean debris that has sunk into the floor of the pool, this is not the device for you. The skimmer does not have the force to pick debris from the pool floor.

✅ Video – Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Skimmer Installation

The Intex deluxe wall mount surface cleaner takes just a few minutes to install. For a demonstration on how to install the device into the pool, you can watch the video below.


Does it Include Bracket?

Yes, the product comes with its own brackets for easy installation. The package also includes a pipe and a basket.

Is It Easy to Install?

Yes, it is easy to install and the installation takes only a few minutes. It comes with a manual that you can easily follow.

Can It Work With Intex Pools?

Yes, the device works with Intex inflatable pools. To work properly, it requires an Intex filter pump with a minimum flow rate of 800 gallons per hour.

✅ Video – Intex Above Ground Pool Skimmer Review

Below is another video review of the product. Check out how what happens when the Intext pool skimmer is attached to the pool and how it gathers floating debris.

3 Kinds of Pool Skimmers

Manual Pool Skimmers

The basic type of pool skimmers is the manual ones. These kinds of skimmers are basically made up of heavy-duty net that is strung-up on the end of a long pole. You need to maneuver the net around the water so that you can scoop out the leaves and other floating debris.

Automatic Pool Skimmers

Automatic pool skimmers are the common kinds of skimmers that are found in any inflatable swimming pool. This kind of skimmer connects into the pump and filtration system. They create a movement using suction below the surface of the water in order to collect any floating debris. There are free-swimming automatic pool skimmers that will swim around the pool as they work and there are also the ones that need to be installed at a certain part of the pool.

Self-Contained Pool Skimmers

These are the newest models of pool skimmers that are available on the market. The self-contained pool skimmers can filter both small and large floating debris. They are usually solar-powered and have their own internal pumps for collecting and filtering water. Self-contained pool skimmers do not need installation and can be placed in your pool.


If you want an easy, fast, and convenient way to maintain the cleanliness of your pool, the Intex deluxe wall mount surface skimmer is your best choice. It is proven safe and effective by many users and the product also received a lot of positive reviews and ratings. For an affordable price, you can have a device that effectively removes any floating debris from your pool. It does have its limitations but the advantages that you will get outweigh the limitations. Thank you for reading!

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