Is it Safe to Add Lights to a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree?

Is it safe to add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree

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This article talks about whether it is safe or not to add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree. Pre-lit trees are already decorated with clear or multi-colored lights, which are a great option for those who want to save time and effort in decorating their tree. They are also cost-effective and offer versatility. On the other hand, some people might consider adding more lights to their pre-lit tree, questioning if it is safe to do.

Is it safe to add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree? Yes, it is safe to add more lights to the tree. If you think that the decorations dimmed the existing lights, you can always add more lights to brighten the color scheme. When adding lights to a pre-lit tree, you can use a separate power source rather than connecting them to the existing lights.

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What kind of lights can you use? How do you add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree? What safety precautions do you need to take? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this article. To make adding lights easy and convenient, we will also share helpful tips that you can consider. Check out the rest of this article for more ideas and information.

Is it safe to add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree

What Safety Precautions do You Need to Take When Adding Lights to a Pre-Lit Tree?

Ensure that the maximum number of lights that you plugged into a single outlet will not exceed 240 watts. Moreover, when adding additional sets of light to the same outlet, see to it that you only add sets with the same bulb type. When plugging additional sets into a different electrical outlet, those sets should not exceed the maximum of 240 watts. This is necessary to avoid any accidents from happening like overheating that can cause a fire. Be mindful of the number of lights that you plugged into an outlet. You can check out this linkOpens in a new tab. for more information regarding the maximum number of light strings on a single outlet.

What Kinds of Light Can You Use?

You can use any light that you want. Incandescent, fluorescent, and LED are the most popular choices when it comes to Christmas lights. You can choose from a wide array of designs, colors, sizes, and shapes that are available.

Incandescent Christmas Lights

It is also considered as the most typical bulbs and is available in various sizes and shapes. On the other hand, one of the risks of using incandescent lights is that the sudden flow of current causes the filament to heat and burn out. Also, they only work for 700-1,000 hours.

Fluorescent Christmas Lights

It is more complex as compared to incandescent lights. They also come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Fluorescent lights use less energy to produce the same amount of light, and they also last longer. On the other hand, they can be difficult to dispose of because of a mercury filling.

LED Christmas Lights

The LEDs are the most in-demand Christmas lights because they are energy-efficient and available in various light colors. They are a semiconductor, which means that the LEDs are high-energy efficient and provide brighter light with less energy.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are pre-wired and strung with lights. Some designs have lights that cannot be removed and are embedded within the branches of the tree. They can be sold as a kit to assemble and plug into the electrical outlet, while others are already pre-assembled by the dealer. Most pre-lit Christmas trees have traditional mini bulb lights, fiber optic lights, or LED lights.

The large ones usually have traditional strands of bulbs, while the smaller ones have fiber optic branches. You can also check out this article that we have written about white Christmas lights decorating tips and ideas. We have shared helpful information regarding decorating your tree and your home using white Christmas lights.

How do You Add Lights to a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree?

When adding Christmas lights into an already pre-lit tree, you need to think about the kinds of light you will use. Are you going to use the same size and shape of lights as the ones on the tree, or would you like to choose a different one? You can add the lights like how you add any other Christmas lights into the tree. Make sure that you arrange it properly so that it will not overlap the existing lights. Below are some tips that you can consider when adding Christmas lights to a pre-lit tree.

Number of Lights

One of the things that you need to consider is the number of lights that you will add. Since the tree is already pre-lit, you need to think about how many additional lights you will add not to appear crowded. Check the spaces of the tree where you think additional light is needed and measure how many strings of lights should be added.

Check the Lights

After you decide on the number of lights that you will add, you need to check the existing lights and the lights that you will add to the tree. Plug the lights and check the bulb. You should choose a light set wherein the rest will remain lit if one bulb burns out. In case you spotted a damaged bulb, replace it before you start hanging the light on the tree.

Consider Your Safety

See to it that you have all the necessary tools and equipment when adding lights. If you have a tall tree, use a sturdy stepladder to drape the lights on the top of the tree. Ensure that you use the right extension cord and do not overload it by plugging in many cords at once. We have also written this article that discusses if you can take the lights off a pre-lit Christmas tree. You can check out the article for more tips and information.

Steps on how to Put Christmas Lights on a Pre-Lit Tree

  • Plugin the lights so that you can see what they look like while you are decorating.
  • Wrap each section of the tree before stacking them so you can easily adjust or take them apart afterward.
  • You can start decorating from the top or the bottom of the tree.
  • Use the horizontal technique where you weave the lights over and under each branch. You can also use the vertical technique to interlace the strands up and down in an S pattern.
  • Look for dead spaces that need to be filled with lights and areas that have excess lighting.
✅ Video – How to Put Lights on Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Hayes Garden World shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to put lights on an artificial Christmas tree. Tips and technique on properly adding the lights, where to start, and what lights to use are discussed. Check out the video below for more information.

Is it Safe to Replace Incandescent bulbs on a Pre-Lit Tree with LED Bulbs?

No, you cannot use LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs on a pre-lit tree. This is because the wiring for the classic lights is different and not suitable to handle LEDs. Take note that LED lights have extremely low wattages and need less power as compared to the standard incandescent light. Simply put, they are electrically incompatible.

Moreover, replacing incandescent lights with LED lights has aesthetic issues. LEDs are brighter as compared to the soft glow of the incandescent lights. The reason for this is that LED illumination is comprised of visible lights, while incandescent lights also emit heat aside from light.

Related Questions

Is It Safe to Display an Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Outdoors?

This will have to depend on some factors. If the tree does not specify that the lights are ideal for outdoor use, then it is best to keep the tree indoors where it is safe from various weather conditions. On the other hand, there are many artificial pre-lit trees that are specifically designed for an outdoor display. They come with waterproof lights that are approved for outdoor use. We have also written this article about different outdoor Christmas tree designs and ideas. You can check it out for more tips and information.

What If Bulb on the Pre-Lit Tree is Missing or Burnt?

If bulbs are missing from the set, you can replace the bulb with a compatible one. Most sellers provide replacement bulbs when you purchase a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Make sure that you check the product and use the bulb with the specific voltage and watts needed. We have also written this article about the difference between a slim and pencil Christmas tree. You can check the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Many Light Sets Can I Safely Plug Together?

This will have to depend on the type of construction of the lights and the type of bulb used. As we have mentioned earlier, make sure that you do not exceed 240 watts per outlet. You can check the label of the lights that you will use. Usually, each light string provides the total string wattage on the packaging or on the label attached on the string.


We hope that this article has answered your questions regarding whether or not it is safe to add lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree. If you are planning to purchase a pre-lit tree this year to save time in decorating, make sure that you check the lights on the tree so that you can easily upgrade it by adding light sets to make it glow brighter for a stunning nighttime display. If you are interested in purchasing pre-lit Christmas trees, you can check out the link above for some of the best products that you can choose from. Thank you for reading, and have a very merry Christmas!

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