Is Neoprene Mask Breathable?

Is Neoprene Mask Breathable

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A neoprene face mask is popular because of its elasticity, but is it breathable? When choosing a face mask, it is not enough that it can filter viral particles. It would be best if you also considered its breathability. After all, you cannot wear a face mask if it is not breathable. Neoprene masks are among the most sought-after types of mouth and nose covers today because of the many benefits they provide. But a lot of people are still having doubts regarding its breathability.

Is neoprene mask breathable? It is breathable. Neoprene masks are crafted from a type of synthetic rubber that expels moisture, optimizes temperature, and provides comfortable breathing, even if worn for a more extended period.

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In this article, we will discuss several aspects of the breathability of neoprene face masks. We will explain how these covers facilitate easy breathing and optimize humidity and temperature in the nose and mouth area. We will also talk about how they are commonly designed to ensure that the wearer’s breathing is comfortable and smooth.

Is Neoprene Mask Breathable

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How Breathable is a Neoprene Mask?

The neoprene used for face masks is fashion weight, which makes them breathable because they do not have the layer of rubber. Many of the neoprene fabrics sold on the market are lighter and are also breathable. If you plan to make a DIY face mask using neoprene, make sure that you choose are fashion weight.

It Provides One-Way Easy Breathing

Neoprene face masks provide a safe place for normal breathing. The fabric is also soft and absorbent, which makes breathing more comfortable. Proper and effective breathing when wearing a face mask usually is steady, comfortable, and controlled. Your breath should not feel labored, and you can get enough air without so much trouble.

Creates a Safe Space for Normal Breathing

Not all masks are created equal. Some tightly cover your nose and mouth area and, in the process, constrict your breathing patterns. Neoprene face masks work by providing a safe space for you to breathe normally. The fabric’s material allows the air to move freely, making the space inside the mask comfortable to breathe in and out.

Fabric is Soft and Absorbent

The fabric itself is soft and absorbent that makes breathing even more comfortable. Unlike other kinds of masks, neoprene has a very smooth texture and does not have rough edges. Depending on the design, neoprene masks do not irritate even when worn for more extended periods.

Are Neoprene Masks with Valve Breathable?

There are neoprene masks with filter shapes that look like the N95, mask while other designs also have two one-way valves like the N95 mask. Neoprene masks that have dual valve exhaust make it easier to breathe. It allows free airflow and also exhausts damp air and replaces it with fresh air. Moreover, it facilitates proper air ventilation. These neoprene masks are commonly used to protect the wearer from non-oil-based paints, which are harmful in the air. It also provides excellent protection from pollution and dust in the air. Moreover, neoprene masks with valves are also popular for outdoor activities like snow, riding, and running.

Good Airflow

Neoprene masks with dual valve exhaust allow the airflow on the nose and mouth area to move freely and naturally. When you’re wearing something tight on your face, you can typically feel the air going inside your lungs when you breathe in is the air that goes off your mouth when you breathe out. The dual valve exhaust allows proper ventilation and eases the natural breathing process.

Exhausts Damp Air and Replace it with Fresh Air

The dual valve exhaust works by allowing the exit of hot and humid air out of your mouth and letting the entrance of fresh air from the other valve replace it. Hence, the moist air inside the localized area of your face is drawn out using the exhaust and replaced by the air entering the other filtered opening.

Facilitates Proper Ventilation

The valves added to the design of neoprene masks provide a vent or a doorway to allow the humid air to leak out of the cover. One valve enables the entry of clean air and filters the air that comes in too, while the other becomes the exit point of damp air from the mask. This process facilitates proper air ventilation, making sure that one always breathes clean, fresh air and free from any form of particulates. You can also check out this article titled, is neoprene a good air filter as a face mask? We have discussed how effective neoprene fabric is when it comes to filtering air particles.

What Makes Neoprene Masks Breathable?

Neoprene masks expel moisture, which makes it breathable. It also prevents dampness caused by trapped humid air between the mask and the wearer’s face. Neoprene also expels stale so that you can wear it comfortably for many hours. Below are some of the characteristics of neoprene masks that make them breathable.

Prevents Dampness

Moisture build-up inside the mask can be unpleasant to feel and even taste. The build-up is caused by the humid air trapped inside the localized space every time we breathe in and out. When mixed with saliva, when we are talking and our face’s sweat, the mask can become a space for viruses and bacteria to thrive.

Expels Stale Air

One of the best things about neoprene masks is their capacity to expel moisture. The fabric absorbs all the humidity inside the space of the mouth and nose and provides an exit to that stale air. That accumulated moisture is pushed out of the mask when you breathe out.

Prevent Moisture Build-Up

When moisture builds up, most masks quickly become damp and become ineffective. When this happens, people will tend to buy more and more face masks every day. Neoprene face masks help solve this problem of potential undersupply of face masks by upending the build of moisture, which means that people do not need to replace their covers more often.

✅ Video – How to Make Neoprene Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Bryan Gil Creations share the video below on YouTube. It discusses how to make a neoprene face mask with a filter pocket. If you plan to make a DIY neoprene face mask with a pocket that you can use to insert filters, you can watch the video below. The mask is from breathable neoprene fabric that is comfortable to wear. You can also choose a pattern of neoprene that you would like to use.

Are Neoprene Masks Still Breathable Even in Hot Temperatures?

Neoprene has excellent chemical stability and can withstand various temperatures, which mask is ideal for wearing outdoors. It is known for its ability to stabilize the surrounding temperature. Neoprene’s excellent chemical stability and capacity to adjust to different heat ranges make it a perfect choice for those who desire or are required to wear mouth and nose cover for a long time. For this reason, neoprene masks are often worn by sports enthusiasts who participate in activities where thermal stability is necessary.

Is neoprene a suitable material for a face mask? Check out this article that discusses, can you use neoprene for a face mask? We have shared reasons why neoprene makes a good material for face masks.


Should I Wear a Neoprene Mask All Day Long?

It depends on where you live and what you do. You should follow your government’s guidelines as to the wearing of masks, regardless of the cover, you are comfortable wearing. Some countries require all their citizens to wear face masks, regardless of the type of face masks, all day long, especially when going out of their homes. Other countries only urge the populace to wear masks when going out to conduct business or to buy their necessities.

Who Would Most Benefit From Wearing Neoprene Mask?

Skiers, cyclists, windsurfers, and motorcycle racers use neoprene masks to maintain effective breathing whenever they are at play. Those who play on the ice need a steady, warm, and relaxed breathing space. Those who subject themselves to extreme wind exposure and pressure ensure that their respiratory system operates optimally. These instances require a stable and comfortable kind of mask to wear for an entire day without the feeling of dampness and restricted breathing. We have also written this article titled, what are neoprene face masks used for? We have shared the many uses of neoprene masks.

Can I Wash Neoprene Masks?

Yes, it is okay to wash your neoprene masks. You can frequently wash face masks after each use, or at least at the end of the day. The ideal way of cleaning face masks is to put them inside a plastic bag or bin and wash them with mild detergent and hot water. Avoid soaking it in chlorine-based soaps to maintain the stability of core materials. You can also check out this article about how to wash a neoprene mask. We have discussed different methods on how to wash the mask properly. 

Related Questions

Is Neoprene Fabric Dangerous to Wear?

Neoprene fabric is mostly safe to wear. It is in the manufacturing of the neoprene that harmful toxins are released. Moreover, when the material is burned, it can also release dangerous hydrogen chloride into the air. On the other hand, unless you are allergic to neoprene, it is considered to be safe to wear.

What is the Best Way to Clean Neoprene Fabric?

When cleaning neoprene, you can hand wash it to remove dirt and body oils. Use warm water and mild soap. You can also use mild detergents. Neoprene should not be dry cleaned or exposed to heat or sunlight for an extended period of time.

Does the CDC Approve Neoprene Masks?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not have a strict guideline as to the type of masks to use to avoid the coronavirus infection. The department, however, urges the people to reserve surgical masks and n95 respirators for healthcare personnel. Many people often prefer neoprene masks because of their comfort and effectiveness in maintaining a regular breathing pattern.


You have reached the end of the article about answering the question: is a neoprene mask breathable? After discussing how neoprene masks are capable of maintaining optimal breathability, we hope that you have gotten the most relevant information regarding the nature and function of neoprene face masks. Most importantly, may the knowledge you acquired about the breathability of neoprene masks help you when you are shopping for the best type of face masks you can use.

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