Jamaican Black Castor Oil Before and After – Real People Results

Jamaican Black Castor Oils Before and After

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Jamaican black castor oil or otherwise known as JBCO is produced from the castor plant’s seeds. While pure castor oil is pressed from the seeds, Jamaican black castor oil is extracted from the seeds roasted, pounded, and boiled. The dark color present in JBCO came from the ash produced while the seeds are undergoing the roasting process.

Below are the before and after videos and photos from people who have experienced Jamaican black castor oil. Many factors can affect the response of JBCO. What works for others may not work for you. Some people have experienced many side effects, but others experienced little to no side effects at all.

We are not doctors or related to any medical institution. This post is created to share information that will guide you in deciding whether to use Jamaican black castor oil or not. The videos and photos in this post are from the first-hand experience of people who have tried JBCO. It is always best that you consult your doctor before you start using any products.

Before and After Results of Using Jamaican Black Castor Oil As Told by Users

Many people have reviewed this type of oil and have testified to its effectivity. If you want to know more about Jamaican black castor oil and how it has made an impact and difference in the lives of people who are using it, read the rest of the post below.

For Hair

✅ Video – One-month hair challenge update

Jamaican black castor oil is perfect for hair growth. Often, you abused your hair by using chemicals and tying it tightly with hair ties that do not leave any air for your hair to breathe. There are also those dealing with hair baldness that affects their physical appearance and self-confidence. Jamaican black castor oil is well known to promote hair growth, and many people can testify to that.

Take Danielle, for example. She is having some problems with the edges of her hair. As compared to the thick body volume of the rest of her hair, the edges have bald spots. To solve the problem, she tried the three-month challenge of using Jamaican black castor oil. The video above is her testimonial after using the product for only a month. Just after thirty days of using Jamaican black castor oil, she has already seen positive changes. Baby hairs have started to grow and slowly covering the bald edges of her hair.

Not only that, she has noticed that after rubbing and massaging Jamaican black castor oil to the rest of her hair, it has become thicker and longer. To find out more about Danielle’s hair issue, how she applies Jamaican black castor oil into her hair, and the before and after results after one month of using the product, you can watch the video above.

✅ Video – JBCO for healthy scalp and hair

You have seen the video from Crystal, who has been using Jamaican black castor oil for many months. Before, she has suffered severe iron deficiency anemia, which results in hair fall and hair damage. To regain back the beauty of her crowning glory, she has decided to use Jamaican black castor oil. She uses oil during her hair wash day, which is usually once or twice every week. After a few months of using the oil, she noticed that baby hairs are growing in her bald spot areas. Hair has also started to grow on her edges.

She is thankful to have found Jamaican black castor oil because it was able to cure her scalp problems. Before, she has been dealing with an itchy and flaky scalp that bothers her a lot. After using castor oil for a few months, her scalp has stopped itching, and the flakes start disappearing. She also noticed that when she applies Jamaican castor oil on her wet hair, it shrinks, which she likes because she has thick hair. For more of Crystal’s before and after reviews, watch the video above.

For Eyebrows

✅ Video – How to grow eyebrows fast

Another benefit that Jamaican black castor oil offer is that it is a wonderful way to grow and thicken eyebrows. If you are wondering how it does that, Minnie can explain in the video above. Minnie has been struggling with her eyebrows, and she is even saying that she cannot call it eyebrows at all but just non-existent brows because it does not exist. After using Jamaican black castor oil for only a month, she has been raving about the positive effect of the product and the glorious transformation that it has done to her brows.

To thicken her brows, she put Jamaican black castor oil in a cotton and applied it thoroughly twice a day. She says that it took two weeks of regularly applying the product until her brows have started to grow. After one month of using Jamaican black castor oil, she is happy with her “NOW-existing” eyebrows. To find out more about what Minnie has to say about Jamaican black castor oil, push the play button above.

✅ Video – How to grow thicker and longer eyebrows

Another user who can testify to the effectivity of Jamaican black castor oil is Lovely. Her eyebrows become thin due to waxing, and now, she opts for threading instead. She has been using castor oil on her brows for at least five months, and she had noticed that her brows have become thicker. She has started seeing results after two months of regularly applying it on her brows.

She is at first worried about using Jamaican black castor oil because she is allergic to nuts, and she is worried that she will develop an irritation. However, luckily, she said that she does not experience any allergic reaction in her face after using the oil. She stressed out that it is only based on her experience, and other people who are allergic to nuts who want to use castor oil might have an allergic reaction. Watch Lovely’s video above and find out how she applies Jamaican black castor oil into her brows.

For Eyelashes

✅ Video – 7-Days challenge to grow eyelashes

Your eyelashes can also transform when you use Jamaican black castor oil. Is that even possible? Sherelle can testify to the amazing results that Jamaican black castor oil has done to her lashes. Sherelle wants to have thicker and longer eyelashes, so she started using Jamaican black castor oil for 7 days. At first, she applied the castor oil using mascara, but she later found out that the oil thickness can be uncomfortable. After a few days, she used her fingers to apply the oil so that her lashes’ consistency is not that thick.

Sherelle applies Jamaican black castor oil during the morning and at night. After seven days of using the product, she now has longer and thicker eyelashes. To find out more about Sherelle’s dramatic eyelash transformation, watch the video above. She also provides tips on using Jamaican black castor oil in the eyelashes to gain the best results.

✅ Video – Growing eyelashes with Jamaican black castor oil

Here is another video that discusses the difference that Jamaican black castor oil has made to her eyelashes. Jade loves to have long eyelashes but does not want to use extensions, so she tried using Jamaican black castor oil for seven days. At first, she is a bit unconvinced about it, but after a few days of using the oil, she has noticed that her eyelashes have become fuller.

After seven days, she compared her before and after eyelash photos, and she says that her eyelashes, while they are not longer, have become thicker and fuller. She adds that she will continue using Jamaican black castor oil because she feels that seven days is not enough time to see the castor oil effects fully. Push the play button above and watch Jane’s eyelashes transformation.

For Beard

✅ Video – Growing thick beard

Men out there who want to grow their beards can also benefit from Jamaican black castor oil. Like growing hair and eyebrows, growing your beard is also easy when you use castor oil. Take, for example, this guy who is using Jamaican black castor oil on his beard to grow it. In the video above, he demonstrates how he is using the oil.

First, he washes his beard to clean it out, and after that, he applies Jamaican black castor oil thoroughly. He has been using it for a long time in growing his beard, and he says that he is pretty happy with the results because his beard grows thick and soft. Watch how this guy uses Jamaican black castor oil in his beard by pressing the play button above.

✅ Video – Using JBCO extra dark to grow a beard

Above is another video that talks about the results of using Jamaican black castor oil in a growing longer beard. In this video, the guy has been using castor oil on his beard, but one of his subscribers asked him about the difference when  Jamaican black castor oil extra dark is used to the beard instead of ordinary.

To answer his subscriber’s question, he tried applying extra dark on his beard, and he noticed that his beard becomes thicker. Watch the video above for his testimonial after using Jamaican black castor oil extra dark.

Can You Ingest Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

Jamaican black castor oil can be used as topical medication and can also be ingested. If you have constipation, upset stomach, or other digestive problems, JBCO can do the trick for you. The oil has ricinoleic acid that is released and binds to the walls of the intestines when ingested. This allows the intestines to contract and helps the digestive system to work naturally.

On the other hand, you need to take caution when you ingest Jamaican black castor. Bear in mind that it is only for minimal and occasional use. Ingesting large amounts of JBCO can lead to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You need to consult your physician before ingesting the oil and using it as a digestive remedy, especially if you are taking medications.

The Difference between Cold Pressed Castor Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Castor oil can be used for different medicinal purposes, such as a laxative to relieve constipation. On the other hand, Jamaican black castor oil is not usually consumed internally.


Castor oil is clear light yellow and transparent in color, while Jamaican black castor oil is dark brown, brackish, or extra dark in color.


When it comes to availability, castor oil is easily available as compared to JBCO.


Jamaican back castor oil is slightly expensive as compared to ordinary castor oil.


Castor oil is cold-pressed from the castor seeds, while JBCO is extracted from roasted castor seeds.

Below is a video that talks about the differences between castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. If you want to know more about what makes ordinary castor oil from Jamaican black castor oil, you can learn more information from the video below.

✅ Video – Jamaican black castor oil Vs. Castor oil

5 Skin Benefits That You Can Get From Using Jamaican Black Castor Oil

It Heals Scars

JCBO provides an effective way to get rid of scar tissue. Applying a small amount of oil to the scar will prevent new skin from growing and lead to permanent scar removal. The oil can also help in smoothing out the tissue and reduces the visibility of the scar.

It Can Fight Skin Aging

One of the common problems that both men and women experience is the early signs of skin aging. You can use Jamaican black castor oil to delay the aging process. The oil is known to have emollient properties that absorb into the skin. It moisturizes the skin and gives it a younger and glowing look.

Do you want to have youthful and glowing skin? If you want to delay aging signs for as long as you can, you need to make sure that you use products that will not damage your skin. Here is a video on creating a face mask using Jamaican black castor oil that can remove wrinkles and fight the first signs of aging.

✅ Video – How to delay signs of aging

It Treats Skin Infection

Jamaican black castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help in treating skin infections. Also, it stops the growth and spread of bacteria. As a matter of fact, ingesting JBCO balances the gut bacteria and minimizes toxins that can otherwise cause fungus.

It Treats Acne

Evidence suggests that Jamaican black castor oil treats and clears acne. Using the oil to clean your face will result in clearer and brighter skin. Jamaican black castor oil is enriched with omega-9 fatty acids that help treat acne breakouts.

If you have clear skin or want to lessen your acne breakout, then JBCO might be the solution to your problem. With the active natural ingredients that the oil has, it can clear your skin from acne breakouts. Here is a video that talks about the benefits of using Jamaican black castor oil to treat acne and have clear skin.

✅ Video – Benefits of JBCO for acne

It Soothes Chapped Lips

If you are constantly suffering from chapped lips, using Jamaican black castor oil is a simple way to treat it. The oil will moisturize and soothe your dry lips. You can create a simple lip balm using JBCO as one of the ingredients and beeswax and essential oil for the best results.

5 Hair Benefits That You Can Get From Using Jamaican Black Castor Oil

It Strengthens Hair

Jamaican black castor oil has omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that can improve the strength of your hair. The acids will do a great job of nourishing the scalp and strengthening the hair roots. There is enough blood flow to the scalp, which helps new hair growth.

It Moisturizes Hair

Jamaican black castor oil is rich in nutrients like omega fatty acids and vitamin E that helps moisturize hair and treat issues like dandruff and itchy scalp. Using JBCO will make your scalp feel cleaner, and your hair will have a smoother and shiny look.

This kind of oil also provides many benefits to your hair. If you have dry hair, you can use JBCO to moisturize it and avoid hair fall. Below is a video guide on using Jamaican black castor oil to moisturize and style curly, thick, and tangled hair.

✅ Video – How to moisturize dry natural hair

It Thickens Eyebrows and Eyelashes

JBCO can stimulate the growth of eyebrow and eyelashes. This is done by nourishing the hair follicles. You can apply Jamaican black castor oil on your eyebrows and lashes every night using a mascara brush for faster and better results.

It Treats Split Ends

Split ends can be a problem since it messes up your hair and requires you to trim it regularly. This can be a hassle for most, especially if you aim to have long hair. Jamaican black castor oil can help you treat this issue. Apply the oil to your hair twice a week to have long and strong hair.

It Prevents Hair Breakage

Many people swear to the effectiveness that Jamaican black castor oil did to their hair. If you are struggling with hair breakage and damage, you need to give JBCO a try. A few drops of oil can make a difference in the appearance of your hair.

If you are experiencing hair breakage, you can try Jamaican black castor oil to strengthen it. Below is a video about using JBCO to prevent hair breakage and demonstrate how to apply it to the hair.

✅ Video – How to prevent hair breakage and retain length

What Are The Side Effects of Jamaican Black Castor Oil?


Castor beans contain ricin, which is among the most toxic substance known. According to studies, too much ingestion of castor oil can lead to diarrhea that can affect the digestive system’s natural process.

Skin Irritation

Jamaican black castor oil can cause itching, rashes, and hivesOpens in a new tab. to the skin area where it was applied. There are very few instances where the oil triggered rashes. To clean the area, water and soap are used.


Ingesting too much JBCO can lead to nausea. If untreated, the symptoms can lead to electrolyte imbalance and severe dehydration. This can result in heart issues. When ingesting Jamaican black castor oil, see to it that you take the right dosage.

Muscle Cramps

Jamaican black castor oil is a laxative. Laxative overdose can lead to muscle weakness and cramps. Ricin, which is a dangerous toxin, can be found in castor beans, and too much exposure to it can lead to muscle aches and cramps.

Gastrointestinal Irritation

One of the first symptoms of ricin ingestion is gastrointestinal irritation. This can happen within six to twelve hours of ingestion. When left untreated, this can lead to vascular collapse.

Precautions to Take When Using Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Before using Jamaican black castor oil, consult with your doctor first. Have a test to find out if you are allergic to castor oil. Let your doctor know about your medical history so that he or she can determine if using JBCO is good for you. Talking to your doctor is vital, especially if you are dealing with other health issues and taking medications. Some drugs can react negatively when you take Jamaican black castor oil with it.

Take note of the instructions when using the product, especially when ingesting Jamaican black castor oilOpens in a new tab.. If the instruction says that you only need two drops of JBCO, then take only two drops and no more. This will guarantee that you will not suffer from any side effects of taking too much of the product.


Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil Expire?

Yes, JBCO expires. Take a look at the expiration date of the product.

Is JBCO Effective?

Yes, Jamaican black castor oil is effective when taken properly. It can improve your skin, hair, and health.

Is it Expensive?

It is a bit expensive compared to the ordinary castor oil, but its effects on your health make buying it worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you have issues like what those people are dealing with in the videos above, why not try using Jamaican black castor oil? There are many positive reviews and testimonials that you can refer to. Many people have testified about the effectivity of Jamaican black castor oil and are recommending it to others through social media platforms.

Of course, the result often varies for people who are using it. Take note that what others found effective for their hair problems might not be effective for you. Jamaican castor oil is proven to be safe. Still, it is always best to seek your doctor’s advice before using it, especially if you are sensitive to many products because it can cause an allergic reaction.

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