Content Writer (Ghostwriter)

Job offer: Content Writer (Ghostwriter) for

Audience: US
Language: American-English
Tone: Professional, light, good humor ok, non-discriminatory, balanced opinion providing facts, not trying to sell something.

Full-time: 2 articles per day (or 10 per week) of about 1500 words each, pay $80 USD per week, paid national holidays (Philippines).

Part-time: 1 article per day (or 5 per week) of about 1500 words each, pay $40 USD per week.

As part of the selection process, please complete the following assignment:

ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – 8pm Manila Time

  1. Watch the following instructions video:

As a sample article following the above outline, check out: in a new tab.

You can find more response articles on our website.

2. Write one article based on the outline provided in the video.

Title of the article: Are Backlit Mirrors Good for Makeup?

3. In addition to the outline provided, include one video from Youtube that’s tightly related to the topic, and add a brief description of the video.

4. Use two external links (or as many as you find relevant) to authoritative sources that served as sources of information for the article (news, studies, tests, research, universities, engineers, etc.), as applicable per topic.

The article must be unique, built from scratch. It should be written with the reader in mind, and what info they may be looking for. Do not write for word count, write for the reader.

Your work will be assessed based on your logic in choosing the relevant content for the article, the reading flow, and English skills.

If selected for the job, your article will be posted on our website, and included in compensation.

Send the article to [email protected] Along with the article, also include:

  • desired position (full-time or part-time)
  • the info about yourself you provided in the first email, so we can have everything in one place; the initial email will be disregarded.

Thank you!