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LPS Collie Toys

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Building your LPS Collie toy collection can be a fun and rewarding hobby. There are many reasons why people collect toys. Some people do it for fun, while others do it for memories. Collecting toys can take us back to our younger years and bring back our inner child. No matter how old you are, you can always build your own LPS Collie toys collection.

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This specific LPS Collie toyOpens in a new tab. is one of the most popular. This cute toy will look stunning on your shelves.

In this post, we will tackle LPS Collie toys, how you can start building your collection, and the many designs that you can choose from. We will also discuss the benefits that come with toy collecting. Stick around for more tips and information.

There are many LPS Collie toy designs that are available on the market. You can always choose which designs you want to collect first based on your budget and preferences. To make things easier for you, we have provided a list of exciting designs that you can choose from. Check out the list below.

Of course, you need to consider a lot of things before you start your collection. Collecting can be expensive, especially if you want to collect original LPS Collie toys. You may also have a hard time searching for rare designs. Remember, it takes effort and patience to build your collection.


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Judy LPS Collie Icecream #059-get more info

3 LPS Collie Toys:

1. Vibola LPS CollieOpens in a new tab.
2. Xhren LPS Collie ToyOpens in a new tab.
3. LPS Brown White CollieOpens in a new tab.

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Read the rest of the post below for more information and the different LPS Collie toy design you can purchase and add to your collection.

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Why Collect LPS Collie Toys?

LPS Collie toys are a part of the Littlest Pet Shop collection owned by Hasbro. Kenner originally introduced the original designs during the 1990s. Now, over 3,000 plus pets are released on the market, and new designs are still released every year. Aside from LPS Collie toys, other pets include LPS shorthair cat toys, unicorns, lions, and many more. These tiny toys are adorable and fun to collect.

Exciting LPS Collie Toys Designs to Purchase

Below are some of the LPS Collie toys that you can purchase. Check out the list below and see if there are designs you already have and possible designs that you would like to add to your collection.

#1. Xhren Cute Red Brown Collie DogOpens in a new tab.

#2. mipsl Action Figures Grey Collie DogOpens in a new tab.

#3. lpsloverqa Butter Collie Yellow and BrownOpens in a new tab.

#4. Toy Rare LPS Collie 2210Opens in a new tab.

#5. Hot Toy LPS Collie RedOpens in a new tab.

How Are LPS Collie Toys Made?

The Materials used in creating LPS toys are plastic called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Recently, Hasbro has banned the use of plastic and is now using a new plastic material recycled for their products.

The LPS Collie toys made by Kenner had a realistic touch into them. Each set had an action that is activated using a magnet and other simple mechanisms. In Late 2004, Hasbro, along with Kenner and other production, released the second generation of LPS’s. The new models created from new molds, which exaggerated the head and eye proportions of the pets. The second generation is famous for its “bobbleheads.” The pets also feature pink or blue magnets. Later on, they created new molds which change the features of the pets with lively colors and decoration added.

✅ Video – The Evolution of LPS Toys

Below is a video that tackles the evolution of LPS toys. Watch the video to find out how the toys have changed over the years.

Authentic or Fake LPS Collie Toys

Like any other toy, you can find counterfeits of the original LPS Collie toys that ate sold on the market. Among the things that you need to consider when you start building your collection is if you want to collect only the original LPS Collies by Hasbro or if you do not mind to add a few fakes ones into your collection. Some people would like to collect only the authentic ones, while others do not mind the authenticity of the toys as long as it is an LPS.

You need to put this into consideration because there are a lot of counterfeits sold on the market. If you want to collect only the authentic ones, then you need to be able to spot an original one from the counterfeits.

How Can You Tell A Fake LPS Collie?

Spotting a fake LPS Collie is vital if you are very particular with the authenticity of the product that you purchase. You do not have to worry about being scammed. There are ways to tell the difference between an authentic and a fake collie toy, LPS Great Dane toys, and other LPS toys. You need to beware of those differences.

✅ Video – How to Know if Your LPS Collie is Authentic

Below is a video that tackles the difference between an original and a counterfeit LPS Collie toy. Check out the video for more tips and information.

LPS Collie Toys Purchasing Options

There are different options that you can have when it comes to collecting LPS Collie toys. First, you can purchase by piece, by box, or by set.

LPS Collie Toys by Piece

If you want to start building your collection by slowly, you can purchase LPS Collie toys by piece. It is also an ideal way to spend money if you have a limited budget. Buying by piece is an excellent option for students who want to build their collection but have to rely on their pocket money to purchase an LPS Collie toy. You can save your remaining pocket money at the end of the week and choose a piece of LPS collie that you add to your collection.

LPS Collie Toys by Set

Another option that you can have when purchasing LPS Collie toys is by set. There are many sets that you can buy online. The great thing about buying in the set is that you can have different designs of LPS Collie toys. A set can include three to five LPS Collies in various designs. Just make sure to check the set if it contains a design that you already have.

LPS Collie Toys by Box

The Last option is the LPS Collie toys by the box. It is an ideal option if you want to build your collection fast. The box can include up to 15 pieces of LPS collie or more. Some box also includes accessories which makes your purchase worth it. They are an exciting addition to your collection.

Benefits of Collecting LPS Collie Toys

It Builds Observational Skills

Collecting toys makes you aware of the details regarding your collection and in everything you do as well. Everything seems lost in detail at first, but as you get into collecting, you will start to pay attention to all the gaps. You will start to notice even the smallest details. You can apply this in your everyday life as well, especially in your studies or in your job.

It Develops Organization Skills

Collecting toys needs organization skills. You will need to sort the toys in a certain way. For instance, you can organize them by color, by personality, by design, or even by numbers. You can also be creative in your organization skills. It is something that you can apply in your daily life.

It Develops Creative Thinking

The toys that are on your shelf are more than just collections. It can develop creative thinking, most notably for younger minds. Your imagination can build fiction characters that can develop out of some collections. You can use a storyline from your collection, which can be useful in storytelling or writing. It will spark some inspiration, and you can even create a simple movie using the LPS collie toys as the characters.

✅ Video – LPS: Disney Cinderella Trailer

You can create a movie using LPS toys as the character. Check out the video below for a short trailer of Disney’s Cinderella with a twist.

It Relieves Stress

Toy collecting is like any other hobby, which often works as a form of therapy. Once you focus your mind on your collection, you will forget stressful activities. Some people even find it comforting to look at their collection. Sometimes, it brings a sense of peace. Looking at each toy brings back happy memories, which make them remember how they feel when they unbox their first toys.

It Brings Happiness

People develop a hobby for the simple reason that it makes them happy. The same goes for collecting toys. Looking at the shelves filled with toys can bring happiness and a sense of pride. It makes them happy knowing that all of their efforts and patience in searching and for the toys are worth it.

Tips in Starting Your LPS Collie Toys Collection

Consider Your Options

There are many kinds of LPS Collie toys sold on the market. Which ones do you prefer? Would you prefer only the authentic or even the fake ones? Would you instead opt for a new or used LPS Collie toys? You need to consider these things so that you can determine what you want for your collection.

Make a List

To make sure that you have every design of LPS Collie toys available, make a list. You can keep the list simple at first. Start by listing all of the designs that you want to have, which ones you want more than others. After that, you can list down what you want to have for your collection.

Do Your Research

Make yourself familiar with LPS toys. What makes them unique? What kinds of designs are available? Are they going to release a new LPS Collie toy design? If yes, then when? You need to know how to spot the difference between what is real from fake. This way, you will avoid getting scammed. Educate yourself first before you go shopping for LPS Collie toys.

✅ Video – LPS Collies Collection

Check out the video below for a showcase of LPS Collie toys collection. Watch the video and be inspired.

Where to Purchase

Where is the best place to purchase LPS Collie toys? You can join forums to ask questions about buying LPS toys. You can visit thrift stores, or you can also buy online. Most people rely online on when it comes to completing their collection. However, make sure that you check out the credentials of the seller so that you will not get scammed.

Enjoy Collecting

Get in the action and start collecting LPS Collie toys. Do not think of it as a task that you need to finish fast. Instead, enjoy the moment and relish the feeling of holding a toy and unboxing to be displayed on the shelf. Be patient and take your time.

The End

If you are thinking of starting collecting LPS Collie toys, good luck! Do not hurry and make sure that you do your research first before you get into action. We hope that the tips and information that we have provided has inspired you in collecting. Do not forget to check out our list of LPS Collie toys designs. You might find a couple that you want to purchase. Thank you for reading!



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