Men’s Fashion Trends Over The Years

Men’s Fashion Trends

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Introduction to Men’s Fashion

Fashion has always been known to be a woman-dominated field in terms of choice and variety. Well, that is true. No matter how many male designers are there, for men, it will always be a smaller scope. But how long will this be the case? With the increased sense of fashion in almost every profession, there is a need to watch what we wear. This is far more than just looking sharp, but being the envy of the office bringing glamour, taste, and life to what might just be another dull Monday!

Men’s Fashion Trends

5 Popular Men’s Fashion for the Last Five Decades

The 1970s

During the 1970s, disco was born and with it comes the birth of outlandish colors and intricate patterns. Some of the fashion must-haves include loose garments such as bell bottoms and flared pants.  Shirts with butterfly collars are also a trend.

The 1980s

In the 1980s, glam rock became popular. Fashion such as gothic punk and cyberpunk emerged. The focus of men’s fashion is basic clothing and lighter colors. In addition, graphic patterns and oversized shapes are accentuated.

The 1990s

The 90s gives birth to androgynous clothing. Grunge music heavily influenced the choice of fashion during this decade. Nineties men’s fashion includes baggy clothing and subdued colors. Fashion accessories like jackets, beanies, and sunglasses are also popular.

The 2000s

During the 2000s, trends from decades ago have made a comeback like flared legs and bootcut jeans. The different fashion styles and elements paved the way for people to develop their own fashion styles. Rather than going with the flow, they choose to be different and express their personality through fashion.

The 2010s

Men’s fashion soared high during the 2010s. A combination of hipster, classic and indie became popular. In addition, high technology accessories are also in demand. Unlike before where men’s accessories like cufflinks are made simple, most men of this decade prefer creative and stylish cufflinks to go with their suit.

A glimpse at the Latest Trends Last Summer

Summer looks are probably the hardest to manage. I mean, you can only take off so much until it becomes illegal. With the humidity and heat that defined summer, staying cool was a must for every tom, dick and harry! The one cutting edge look that rocked throughout the summer would probably be the khaki shorts with a fold tease at the bottom. These came in colors beyond a spectrum most men can identify (if you know what I mean). These were elegantly paired with L’asher V-necks and official shirts to pull off a smart casual outlook. For bold looks, folded denim was spotted as well as brightly printed silk shirts and tribal printed baggy vests. It is summer after all. This look of the summer was topped off with casual neutral boat shoes or just a pair of converse, depending on the mood and tone of the day. The ultimate cherry at the top was the variety of sunglasses! Pull out your ray bans, because summer was lit! Here is a video fashion recap from the year 2018.

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5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Never Live Without


Cufflinks are an important part of any suit. A suit would never be complete without cufflinks. There are a lot of cufflinks that you can choose from. Classic and vintage cufflinks are still in trend. On the other hand, men are getting creative in their outfit and now want to incorporate cufflinks with unusual designs into their outfit.


Every man should own at least one sunglass. With the wide array of styles, colors, and designs that are available, you can choose one that will suit your needs and budget. You can opt for a classic aviator sunglasses or a stylish sunglass with polarized lens.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps protect your head from sun and rain but it is also a great way to hide a bad hair day. If you do not have time to style your hair, the fastest solution that you can have is to wear a reliable baseball cap.


A watch is reliable and looks great in any outfit. You can choose branded watches that are made from high-quality materials. On the other hand, if you do not want to spend much money, there are also affordable yet durable watches that you can choose from.

You can also check out this article about tritium watches. It is another fashionable item that you can wear everyday. The watch is equipped with glow in the dark fearures that comes in handy. We have shared a list of products that you can choose from.

Leather Belt

A belt is an import part of men’s fashion. It is used to secure the pants. You can choose a classic leather beltOpens in a new tab. that is made from the best leather. There are also belts that are made from faux leather but these kinds of belt do not last long.

Look Back to Last Winters Fashion

The cold knocked at our door, and the season for scarves and boots has come. But wait, that’s not all that’s in store for us this winter. With great inspiration for the games of thrones and probably past winters, we are seeing the resurfacing of fir for men with Bordeaux-based palettes. Winter will never be this stylish. Not to set off any alarms, but the British are coming. With great fashion predictions for winter, Italian and French houses have taken the market by a storm. Experimentation with layers has never been this exciting. This winter we are seeing a lot of pullovers. This look is coming back, coupled with a scarf and a jacket, you can hardly keep your eyes off the elegant. The suede professor look is another we are digging and there are hopes of a resurface. This goes hand in hand with a long coat, folded hems slim-fit jeans, brown leather gloves and boots to match. And I thought summer was hot! Below is a video that talks about how to upgrade men’s clothing from the year 2018.

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Should My Shoes be the Same Color as My Pants?

No, your shoes do not need to be the same color as your pants. You can try on different shoes with the pants to find out what color works best with it.

Where Can I Find Affordable Clothing?

You can visit your local thrift stores for affordable clothing. You can also wait for the shops near you to have their sale. By doing this, you can pay for almost half the price of the item.

 Where is the Best Place to Shop Online?

There are many online shops that you can visit. Aside from the wide array of clothing that they are offering, make sure that the shop is trusted and reputable to avoid any issues when your order.

The End

Thank you for wearing this post. Men have kicked it up a notch, and from all the women in the world, we appreciate it! From infinite scarves to suede jackets, rugged jeans to V-neck sweaters, we cannot get enough of it! However, this is a seasonal glimpse of what might be coming. With the autumn bidding us goodbye, it’s time we appreciate the summer times and we hope to merrier winters.

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