26 Bright Orange Christmas Decorating Ideas that are Cool and Trendy

Orange Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Create a bright and festive holiday decoration using the orange Christmas ornaments. The color orange will bring a cozy and warm ambiance into your home. From bows to lights and ornaments, you can find many orange Christmas decorations that you can use.

Ditch the traditional green Christmas tree for an orange one that will look trendy and lighten up your home. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating. After all, Christmas only comes once in a year, so it is okay to splurge a little on decorations. Check out our review of the best products that you can choose from.


To help you decide on the decorations that you can use for your orange Christmas theme, we have provided a list of orange Christmas decorating ideas that you can refer to. We’ve got everything covered from indoors to outdoor decorating. If you are a crafty person, you can also create stunning decorations out of ordinary ornaments. There are many DIY videos that you can watch and get ideas from.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific orange Christmas decorOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The LED lights can be easily bent and have a 360 sparkle with beautiful effects. It will not overheat after many hours of usage.

Transform the look of your home into a warm and inviting place this Christmas season. Read the rest of the post below for a list of the best orange Christmas decorating ideas you can follow.

1. Orange Christmas Tree

Get creative and decorate your home with an orange Christmas tree. The orange maple Christmas tree measures 5.5 feet in height. It features natural-looking maple leaves, a brown finish trunk, and is lighted with 120 warm LED lightsOpens in a new tab.. The tree is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to have a unique Christmas tree this year, the orange maple tree is your best choice.

✅ Video – Christmas Tree Decorations

AmyFamily DIY shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below to learn how to dry citrus fruits like oranges for Christmas tree decoration.

2. Small Orange Christmas Tree

A small orange Christmas tree is perfect for a table centerpiece. It comes in a set of three and measures 24 inches tall. The small trees are perfect for your shelf or displayed on a mantle as a tabletop Christmas tree. It will brighten up your home office. You can also give them as gifts to friends and family members this Christmas.

3. Orange Christmas Tree 3 Ft

If your home has a low ceiling and limited space, the 3 feet orange Christmas tree is your best choice. The tree is already pre-lit with 234 lush PVC tips. The slim tree can be used as a corner display. You can also place the tree outdoors. Surround it with white Christmas lights and decorations for a cool display.

4. Orange and Black Christmas Tree

The pop up orange and black Christmas tree is a great addition to your holiday decorations. It is made from eco-friendly tinsel materials. The tree is hand knit using orange and black tinsel yarn and embellished with plump glitter foil sequin. Add orange and purple lights to make it glow during the night. Read this post about black Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

5. Black Christmas Garland with Orange Lights

If you want to have a unique display this Christmas, you can choose a black Christmas garland with orange lights. The tree is lighted with 210 orange incandescent mini lights. It has 210 PVC tips for a full and lush look. You can decorate the tree with white and gold Christmas ornaments for a stunning display.

6. Orange Christmas Lights

Light up your home using orange Christmas lights. The orange Led string lights have low power consumption and have 88% energy savings compared to standard lights. The bulb sets can stay lit when a bulb was removed or missing. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting. Decorate your patio using orange Christmas lights.

7. Orange LED Christmas Lights

Make sure that your outdoor displays are visible during night time. Surround your outdoor Christmas tree with orange LED Christmas lights. The LED lights have diamond faceted bulbs and save energy. You can cover more area with fewer power sources with the use of stackable plugs. Wrap the lights on tree trunks for added nighttime visibility.

✅ Video – How to Hang Exterior Christmas Lights

Lowe’s Home Improvement shared the video below. Watch the video below and learn how to hang exterior Christmas lights the proper way.

8. Orange and Blue Christmas Lights

For a stunning lighting display, choose orange and blue Christmas lights. The lights have a c9 light shape that looks similar to a strawberry. They are made with a commercial-grade, non-removable bulb, which helps cut down defects for many years of use. The LED lights are energy-efficient and versatile for any application. Read this article about blue Christmas decorating ideas for tips on how to decorate with a color blue motif.

9. Orange Christmas Tree Lights

Make your Christmas tree glow using orange Christmas tree lights. Make sure that your inflatable Minnie mouse and inflatable Christmas train display are visible during the night by surrounding them with purple and orange Christmas lights. You can use as many lights as you want. The light set is 50 feet long with 100 bulbs. Wrap the lights around your Christmas tree. You can also use the lights to decorate your outdoor trees. If you have trees on your property, wrap the trunks with lights for an added night time display.

10. Purple and Orange Christmas Lights

The purple and orange hanging Christmas lights are perfect for decorating your outdoor and indoor property. The lights have 70 orange and purple icicle lights. If one light goes out, the rest will stay lit. They are twist-proof and non-removable. Read this article about purple Christmas decorating ideas and learn how to decorate your home using a purple motif.

11. Orange Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with orange Christmas ornaments. The rustic design of the ornament will add a charming look to your Christmas tree. The orange Christmas ornament comes in a set of 4 pieces. It is pre-looped for easy hanging. You can also hang the ornaments on your windows or add them to your garlands.

12. Orange Christmas Tree Ornament

For a stunning Christmas tree display, you can use orange garland Christmas tree ornaments. It is designed with small ball ornaments. Wrap the garland around your tree for more lighting and decoration.

13. Orange Tabby Cat Christmas Ornament

If you are a cat owner, you can decorate your tree with an orange tabby cat Christmas ornament. The ornament features a tabby cat with a scarf. It comes with a hoop for easy hanging. Check out this article about cat Christmas gift ideas for tips on giving cat lovers this Christmas season.

✅ Video – How to Make a Sugared Orange Spun Cotton Ornament

Smile Mercantile shared the video below. The video below shows how to make a sugared orange spun cotton ornament. Watch the video for the step-by-step instructions.

14. Orange Slice Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your house with a cute ornament. It features a slice of Mandarin Orange citrus fruit that is made from polished glass. The Christmas ornament comes in a set of 2.

15. Orange and Brown Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas ornaments are a unique décor that you can add to your home. The package contains 24 pieces of global Christmas tree ornaments. They are already hooked for easy hanging. They look simple yet elegant.

16. Orange Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

If you do not want to worry about fragile decorations falling from your Christmas tree constantly, you can choose orange shatterproof Christmas decorations. The Christmas balls combine the beauty of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic. They are ideal for families with kids and pets. The ornaments are made of high-quality plastic.

17. Orange Christmas Decorations

Decorate your living room with orange canvass throws pillowcases. They are a great home decoration for Christmas. The pillowcases come in a set of two. They are designed with a white Christmas reindeer at the front and with an invisible zipper closure on one side. It brings a festive look into your home.

18. Pink and Orange Christmas Decorations

Create a bright and fabulous theme this Christmas by adding pink accents to your orange theme. The set of pink and orange Christmas balloons are the best choice. The balloons are made of natural latex and are certificated non-toxic and are safe to use. Read this article about pink Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

19. Orange Christmas Stocking

For an orange Christmas theme, use an orange Christmas stocking. The Santa Claus Christmas stocking measures 18 inches and is the perfect size for stowing candies, chocolates, and small gifts. It has a plush faux fur trim and comes with a loop for easy hanging. Hang it on your mantle, windows, or stairs.

✅ Video – How to Make a Stocking for Christmas

Farmhouse on Boone shared the video below on YouTube. For step-by-step instructions on creating a Christmas stocking, push the play button below to watch the video.

20. Orange Christmas Balls

Decorate your tree with shatterproof and shiny orange Christmas balls. The balls come in a set of 24 pieces. They are lightweight, so it will not weigh down the branches of the trees. The balls are made from plastic and will not break in the case it fell from the tree. You can also use them to create DIY Christmas decorations like wreaths and garlands.

21. Orange Christmas Tree Skirts

Complete your Orange themed Christmas tree’s look by covering the base with an orange Christmas tree skirt. The skirt will protect your floors and your Christmas rug from debris that falls off from the tree. The tree skirt is made of polyester and sequins. Full dense sequins are embroidered on mesh fabric for a glimmering effect.

22. Orange Christmas Garland

Use orange Christmas garlands when decorating your home. Wrap it around columns, trim doorways, or hang them from the ceiling. An orange garland will brighten up any room. You can use silver and gold ornaments along with the garland to create an elegant display.

23. Orange Christmas Wreaths

Decorate your door with an orange Christmas wreath. It is accented with artificial berries, pumpkins, gourds, maple leaves and pine cones. It measures 26 inches and comes with a built-in hook for easy hanging.

24. Orange Christmas Background

For a bright and festive photoshoot, use an orange Christmas background. The background is made from food packaging mylar and can be reused in different events. It is suitable for hanging on a door or fully covers a wall. It is the perfect background for group photos.

25. Orange Christmas Tree Ribbon

Create different Christmas crafts using an orange Christmas ribbon. The burlap ribbon with wire in natural jute measures 2 and ½ inches wide. You can use the ribbon to create Christmas bows and other crafts. The ribbon can be easily folded in any shape.

26. Christmas Bow Orange

The big decorative bowOpens in a new tab. is 14 inches wide with long ribbon tails that create a total length of 40 inches from the top of the bow to the tails’ bottom. It is made with thick, durable, metallic poly ribbon and includes a plastic suction cup with a hook on the bottom for easy attachment. It is perfect for large gifts or can also be used as a Christmas tree topper.

✅ Video – How to Make a Bow

Michaels Stores shared the video below on YouTube. Learn how to make a bow using simple materials. Watch the video for the instructions.

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Thank you for reading this post that talks about orange Christmas decorating ideas. We hope that this list has helped you decide which decorations you will have this Christmas. To create the perfect theme, you need to visualize the look you want to achieve and make a list of the things you need. By doing this, you can start working on every area of your home using the right Christmas ornaments to achieve an elegant and stunning holiday décor. Enjoy shopping, and have a Merry Christmas!

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