34 Over the Door Organizers that Save Space While Keeping Your Home Organized

over the door organizers

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Are you having a hard time organizing your home? Do you find it difficult to organize with limited space? To solve your problem, you can use over the door organizers. The organizers are a game-changer when it comes to tidying up your home without taking a lot of space. You can use it in any area of your home, from your kitchen to your pantry and even for your laundry room. Over the door, organizers are your best option for maintaining an organized room and keeping your items protected.

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There are many kinds of over the door organizers that you can choose from. You can opt for different styles, designs, colors, and materials. If you look online, you might get overwhelmed with the many available choices. To help you get started, we have provided a list of different over the door organizers. We have everything covered from your bathroom, closet, nursery, office, and many more. Make your life easier by choosing the right over the door organizers for your home.

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Take a look at the different kinds of over the door organizers that you can choose from. Consider your preferences and budget when shopping for an organizer. With the many available options, you will definitely find the one that will perfectly work for your home.


1. Over the Door Organizers with Hooks

Make sure that your things are organized by using an over the door organizer with hooks. The adjustable hook rack has 16 large hooks that slide to organize your hats, belts, bags, towels, and other accessories. It can be mounted to any door or wall. The over-the-door organizers can fit any thickness of the door, including commercial doors and dorm doors. It is made from high-quality materials, including an elegant oval tube design and epoxy coated steel with strong and smooth polymer hooks. The over-the-door organizers are sturdy and will last for a long time.

2. Over the Door Pantry Organizer

If you do not have enough room in your pantry for more kitchen stuff, you can use an over the door pantry organizer. The organizer measures 52 inches in height and 18 inches in width. It has 15 clear pockets, which makes it easy to see what is inside. The over-the-door pantry organizer hangs on a standard door rod with no hardware needed for installation. It is an easy and affordable solution for your pantry organization.

3. Over the Door Shoe organizer

Keep your shoes organized with an over the door shoe organizer. The organizer is designed to have heavy-duty packets large enough to fit size 13 men’s shoes. It hangs on a standard door or closet rods with no hardware needed for installation. If you have no more place in your closet to store your shoes, the over the door organizer is your best option. It will protect your shoes from dust and damage.

4. Over the Door Organizer with Mirror

Organize your jewelry and accessories using an over the door organizer with a mirror. It is large enough to fit your accessories and make-up and skincare. It has a large-sized mirror that provides a whole vision of your appearance. The over-the-door organizer is made of high-quality MDF material, which is durable and can last for a long time. It is equipped with a lock to keep your jewelry safe. The organizer comes with hooks so you can hang it on over the door, or you can also screw it on the wall.

5. Over the Door Pocket Organizer

Keep your home clean and organized using an over-the-door pocket organizer. The organizer has 4 large pockets with clear windows so you can easily see what is stored inside. It hangs on a standard door or a closet rod. The organizer can store diapers, accessories, kid’s toys, small toys, and more.

6. Over the Door Closet Rod

If you have a small closet, you can maximize it by using an over the door closet rod. The closet rod easily fits any closet and is ideal for hanging clothes, neckties, or scarves. It is made from durable silver epoxy-coated steel, which can hold up to 20 pounds. The closet rod is easy to install with no assembly required. It eliminates cramped closets without taking additional space.

7. Over the Door Racks

If you live in an apartment where space is an issue, you can organize your things using over the door racks. The racks are perfect for storing all kinds of items. You can easily reposition the baskets to accommodate tall and short items. It is perfect for your kitchen or pantry organizationOpens in a new tab.. The close wire spacing on the baskets keeps items from tilting over. It is made from epoxy-coated steel and might require the use of screws for installation.

✅ Video – The Many Uses of Hanging Shoe Organizer

Watch the video and find out how to use a shoe organizer to store different itemsOpens in a new tab. like foods, cards, toiletries, and more. This is a cheap organization hack that you need to know.

8. Over the Door Storage

Do you find it hard to organize your kid’s toys? Is there not enough storage space in your home? You can easily solve this problem by using an over the door storage. The package includes 2 over the door organizers that are printed with suitable polka dots and contrast piping. It is ideal for storing toys and other accessories. It comes with a hook for easy hanging on the door, or you can also screw it in the wall.

9. Over the Door Shelves

Maintain an organized home using over the door shelves. The multi-purpose shelves can be used to store various kinds of items. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and even in your office. It is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. The door shelves come with everything that is included for easy assembly. It has a convenient modular design to use 3 bins separately or as a complete set to save space.

10. Closet Door Organizer

Maximize your closet space using a closet door organizer. The organizer is designed to be extra-large with quick search windows. It can hold high stuff of up to 59 inches and has rigid side support to uphold the organizer’s shape. Each pocket has a bottom board to retain its shape. It is made from thick and sturdy materials that are non-toxic and wear-resistant. You can easily hang it on the door or a wall.

11. Over The Door Bathroom Organizer

Make sure that everything is in place in your stylish bathroom using an over the door bathroom organizer. The organizer keeps all of your hair care tools separated and easy to find. It features 4 compartments that hold hair dryers, flat irons, brushes, and curling irons, while the lower basket helps to corral the cords. The steel wires make it possible to store the tools while they are still hot. Hang the organizer at the back of the door.

12. Over the Door Jewelry Organizer

An over-the-door jewelry organizer allows you to find the jewelry that you need easily. It features 32 clear vinyl pockets and 18 hooks and loop courses. The transparent PVC windows make it easy to view and also protect the items inside. It has a hole at the top for the hanger to go through. You can place it in your closet or hang it over the door near your TV set.

Click here for the over the door jewelry organizer

13. Over the Door Metal Organizer

Organize your things without taking a lot of space by using over the door metal organizers. The organizer will take advantage of the space that would be wasted in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet. It is ideal for hanging coats, towels, belts, and other accessories. Hang it over the door for easy installation.

14. Over the Door Adjustable Organizer

To save space and to easily store different sizes of items, you can use an over the door adjustable organizer. The caddy features 2 adjustable shelves and a soap dish. It can easily fit on a shower door enclosure. The organizer keeps batch essentials out of the shower stream. It is made from sturdy steel and a rust-resistant finish.

✅ Video – Making Use of Your Vertical Space

Tidy up your home by making use of your vertical space. Find out how you can do this by watching the video below.

15. Over the Door Organizer Basket

The over-the-door storage features 3 rattan baskets with a simple vertical design. It has a black and espresso finish with coastal-inspired universal styling. The organizer is made from a metal tube and rattan. It weighs 9 pounds and supports up to 10 pounds per basket. You can use it in the kitchen or pantry to store fruits and vegetables.

16. Over the Door Baby Organizer

Keep your baby’s things organized with an over the door baby organizer. It is a smart storage solution for small items. The organizer features 4 generous pockets that can be used to store diapers, toys, and other baby essentials. Hooks are included for easy hanging. It features an adorable giraffe design that is perfect for a nursery.

17. Over the Door Bag Organizer

Not enough space in your closet to store your bags? You can use an over the door bag organizer that will keep your bags in place without taking a lot of space. It has 12 hooks for hanging all kinds of bags. The organizer can rotate 360 degrees for easy visibility and access. It is made of high-quality, durable steel with a beautiful chrome finish. The organizer can hold up to 50 pounds.

18. Over the Door Clothes Organizer

The over the door clothes organizer is perfect for hanging clothes that will no longer fit in your closet. The hanger holder is 17 inches long and features a soft lining to protect the door’s surface. It can fold flat to 2 and ¼ inches depth when not in use. The organizer is made from sturdy metal with a polished chrome finish. The arms of the hanger swing up and lock into place to offer 10 storage slots.

19. Over the Door Craft Organizer

If you love to do crafts and have no space to store your things, you can use an over the door craft organizer. It keeps your crafts perfectly sorted and protected. It is tear-resistant with a fabric body and clear pockets. The clear pocket design makes it easy to find the things that you need. It has multiple pockets and can easily hang over the door.

20. Over the Door Diaper Organizer

Keep your baby’s diapers in place with an over the door diaper organizer. The organizer can hold items up to ten inches and store 32 pieces of diapers in one large pocket. It is made from high-quality oxford fabric and PP board that can be machine washed. The organizer maximizes unused space and provides additional space for your storage needs. It is perfect for storing diapers and other baby essentials.

21. Over the Door Entryway Organizer

Never lose your keys again with an over the door entryway organizer. The organizer has hooked, perfect for hanging hats, coats, keys, scarves, and many more. You can connect the two parts by putting the hooks into the hole. It requires no hardware and can easily be hung into the door.

✅ Video – DIY Over the Door Organizer for Classroom

Check out this video to determine how you can create a DIY over the door organizer that you can use for your classroom. Using simple materials, you can tidy up the classroom without taking a lot of space.

22. Over the Door Laundry Organizer

Maximize your laundry area space by using an over the door laundry organizer. You can easily store your ironing board and laundry items behind the door to save space. It can hold any size of an iron, including the new larger style. The organizer is made of durable epoxy-coated wire, which can last for a long time. It can store both T-leg and 4-leg style ironing boards.

23. Over the Door Office Organizer

Keep everything organized in your office using an over the door office organizer. The organizer is perfect for saving more space on your desk. It can be used for an office workspace, home office, and even classrooms. The organizer keeps all office items like stationery and files in one place. It is made from heavy-duty material that is rip-resistant.

24. Over the Door Cap Organizer

If you love collecting caps, you need to keep them organized not to get damaged. Use an over the door cap organizer to store your cap collection. The organizer can hold up to 18 caps. They come in two straps, and each strap includes 9 hooks. Each strap has a metal adjustment buckle to allow fitting into different door heights. The adjustment buckle also keeps the straps tight so that the rack does not sway.

25. Over the Door Letter Organizer

Keep your letters organized and in place with an over the door letter organizer. The organizer has three letter-size pockets to keep files that are easy to reach. It is made from contemporary mesh and wire design. It includes wall mounting hardware for easy setup. You can hang it over the door to organize your letter and to keep them accessible.

✅ Video – DIY Over the Door Jewelry Display and Mirror

26. Over the Door Makeup Organizer

The over-the-door makeup organizer includes interior LED lights that operate with the use of a battery. It features an interior stowaway mirror and shelf for use when the makeup organizer is open. The organizer can hold up to 200 makeup items and store lipstick, liners, eye shadows, and more. Hardware is included for wall mounting.

27. Over the Door Mesh Organizer

For an easy storage solution, choose an over the door mesh organizer. The package comes in a set of 2 mesh organizers. Each organizer has 12 clear pockets to see what is inside easily. It also comes with 2 over-the-door hooks and can work perfectly with a narrow pantry door. You can use it to store all kinds of items.

28. Over the Door Magazine Organizer

Keep your magazines in place by storing them in an over the door magazine organizer. There is no drilling needed for installation, and it comes with an adjustable hook so you can easily place it on the door. It features 5 tilted trays for easy access. You can also use the organizer to store stationery, files, and other documents.

✅ Video – DIY Over the Door Jewelry Display and Mirror

Organize your jewelry by following the DIY video below. You can create a stunning over the door jewelry display that will keep your jewelry in a place where you can easily reach them.

29. Over the Door Medicine Organizer

If you have limited space in your bathroom for a bulky medicine cabinet, you can use an over the door medicine organizer. The organizer comes with 6 racks that are perfect for storing medicine bottles. It features round tubes with snap locks. The organizer is designed with plastic spacers and easy hook attachment.

30. Over the Door Ribbon Organizer

Organize your ribbons and other wrapping materials with an over-the-door ribbon organizer. It is made from 60% polyester and 40% thick PVC plastic that is durable and long-lasting. Long-sized wrapping papers can easily fit into the organizer without poking out the top or getting scrunched at the bottom. You can keep your ribbons in place without having them wrinkled or distorted.

31. Over the Door Toy Organizer

Keep your children’s toys in place using an over the door toy organizer. The organizer is printed with polka dots and contrast piping for a simple yet elegant look. It is perfect for storing all kinds of toys. You can easily hang it over the door, and it does not need any hardware for set-up. You can also screw it into the wall.

32. Over the Door Tie Organizer

For an easy morning routine, make sure that you can easily find your tie. Hang it in an over the door tie organizer for easy access. It will add storage and space to your closet. The small hooks are the perfect size for ties and belts. It has a functional and versatile design that is perfect for your closet area. The slim design features 4 large hooks and 10 small double hooks.

33. Over the Door Vegetable Rack

Keep your vegetables fresh and organized with an over the door vegetable rack. The three-tier over the door basket container is perfect for organizing and storing vegetables. It is made from strong steel, which is waterproof and rust-proof. The organizer is easy to assemble, and no drilling is required. It can be hung in the door or place on the floor.

34. Over the Door Organizer with Hamper

Keep your dirty clothes in one area by keeping them in an over the door organizer with a hamper. The adjustable strap design is ideal for hanging in any door. The mesh hamper can hold up to three loads of clothing. It features breathable mesh material with a collapsible design, straps, and a large opening. You can easily hang it at the door of your laundry room.

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You have reached the end of this post that tackles over the door organizers. With the many choices that you can opt from, you will definitely find the one that is right for your home. Consider all the options and compare each product so that you can get the best deals. Keep an organized home without taking a lot of space by using an over the door organizer. Thank you for reading!

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