The Most Popular Themed Cat Names

The Most Popular Themed Cat Names

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Naming Your Pet Cat 101

Do you want to get a new cat as a pet? Do you have a name for him or her? Most people prefer using iconic places, people or occurrences to name their pets. Other pet cat owners prefer to name their pets in relation to their characters. There are a few modes of cat pet naming that you can try if you are out of options. You could use the list below as a naming option panel for your loved ones.

9 Popular Themed Cat Names

Male Cat Names

If you settle for a male cat, there are various options to choose from. Generally, most male cats have the following names: Leo, Simba, Felix, Jasper, Oreo, Chewie, and Caesar. These come from cartoons, food, history, or the movies. However, if you are looking for a unique name you could settle for options like Whiskers, Taco, Milo, Bear, Axel, Monet, Blue, or Bandit.

Female Cat Names

Most of the female cat names are usually beautiful and short such as Daisy, Nala, Cleo, Bella, Coco, Luna, or Abby. For unique names, you could settle for names like Ava, Bambi, Cookie, Buttercup, Willow, Hazel, or even Addie.

Fashion-based Cat Names

If you are a fashion enthusiast bring it out by naming your cat after an inspiring designer or fashionista such as Armani, Fendi, Chanel, Valentino, Sketchers, Twiggy or even Yves.

Destination-based Cat Names

If your cat is an exotic breed, or if you vacation to an exotic place that stood out for you, you could opt to name your new pet from one of these locales. Examples are Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Nile, Everest, Vegas, BoraBora, Fjora, Egypt, Kathmandu, among others. The map is your name source.

Sporty Cat Names

Most of these names are in reference to amazing athletes and terms related to sports. The most common are Archer, Ali, Blitz, Tiger, Babe, Moon, Bear, Dottie, or Fuzzy.

Drink-based Cat Names

It could be a cocktail or a fine bottle of wine. If you enjoy a good drink as you cuddle with your cat, then you might like to settle for names like Hennessy, Campari, Vesper, Moet, Muscat, SoCo, Jager, Richot, or Azunai.

Geeky Cat Names

This nomenclature is related to all-time bestselling books such as Annie, Winnie, Boots, Alice, Primrose, Gigi, Harper, Scout or even Primrose.

Funny Cat Names

These come from funny cat concepts and ideas. Most people tend to think that to name their cat after a food source is hilarious. Some of the names include Waffles, Mouse, Jellybean, Tootsie, Oreo, Noodles, Gizmo, Cookie, Munchkin, or Buttercup.

Celebrity-based Cat Names

This is the time to use the name of your celebrity crush. You might not be able to attend those high-end events, but you could grace your house with your very own celebrity. This category is personal, but some of the most common pet celebrity names are like Adele, Clooney, Timberlake, Migos, Snipes, Zappa, Atticus, and Monroe, among others.

The Importance of Naming Your Pet Cat

Like any other pets, your cat should also have its name. You can be as creative when it comes to naming your cat. Each cat has a personality and temperament of their own. Naming your cat is important for the reason that you can easily find them when they went missing. Engraving your cat’s name in their collarOpens in a new tab. proves to be a big help in locating lost cats. Here is a short video guide on how to train your cat to come when being called.

✅ Video Guide

3 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Regular Veterinary Visit

To keep track of your cat’s vaccination and health, you need to visit the vet regularly. By doing this, you can rest assured that your pet is healthy. Also, make sure that you bring your pet to the vet in the first sign of illness. Cats who are not feeling well are mostly lethargic and will not eat well. In order for your cat to avoid catching diseases, you should schedule a trip to your veterinarianOpens in a new tab..

Provide Health Foods

There are many kinds of cat foods that are available. See to it that your cat is eating healthy by consulting your vet on the best kinds of food that you can serve for your cat’s diet. If you are introducing a new food, serve small amounts of food first so that they can easily transition to their new food. Providing the right treats also helps in balancing their diet.

Groom Your Cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not that scared of water. As a matter of fact, there are cats who like taking a bath and getting wet. When grooming your cat, there is no need to wash it frequently. You can brush their hair to make sure that it stays smooth and untangled. If your cat has long hair, you can also trim it once in a while.

Engrave Your Cat’s Name on Its Collar

Engraving your cat’s name on its collar is a great project to do as a cat mom. If your cat is fond of wearing collars, you can embellish it with different styles and accessories. There are many stores that offer pet name engraving. If you do not have one near your area, you can also search online for reputable stores. You can even DIY a collar for your cat. Below is a video tutorial on how to create a DIY cat collar.

✅ Video Tutorial


Can I Teach My Cat to Learn its Name?

It depends on the cat and the training that you give to it. As compared to dogs, cats are not that interactive to humans and would rather be left alone. If you are determined, you can hire a professional cat trainer to train your cat.

What Kind of Car Should I Get?

It depends on your preferences. Do you plan on bringing home many cats or just one? What are your preferences? Consider the temperament of the cat when you are buying one especially if you have kids.

Is it Safe for Different Types of Cats to Live in One House?

If you are planning to get different types of cats, you need to make sure that you choose those that are friendly enough to share their territory. Like any other animal, cats are territorial.

The End

Naming your cat is an exciting thing to do. See to it that you choose a good one since the name stays with the cat as long as it lives. Thank you for reading this post!

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