26 Red Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Merry and Bright Holiday Celebration

Let your days be merry and bright with red Christmas decorations. When decorating your property, there are so many things that you need to consider. It is important that you plan ahead and visualize the decorations that you want to have this Christmas. One of the common mistakes that people do is purchasing decorations without having a theme. As a result, they end up not using half of the decors that they have purchased. Avoid this mistake by having a Christmas theme, planning, and making a list before shopping.


Red is a classic Christmas color and most people still stick into it when decorating their house. Do you want to have a festive, colorful, and bright Christmas theme this year? If yes, then go for the red color motif. There are a lot of red decorations that you can purchase online. You can even create your very own ornaments using red fabrics, Christmas balls, and ribbons. Here are the 26 red decorating ideas that you can follow.

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This specific red Christmas decoration is one of the most popular.


Invite the spirit of Christmas into your home by decorating with bright red decorations. You can have a stunning red Christmas tree or use red Christmas lights. Check out the rest of the post below for more tips and ideas.

1. Red Christmas Tree

Try a different color for your tree this Christmas. A red Christmas tree does not only look attractive but it also creates an energetic vibe. You can choose this 6-foot red tinsel tree. The tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic. You can display the tree indoors and outdoors. Decorate it with sparkling lights and colorful ornaments like mini Santa Claus Christmas hats to make it look more festive.

Click here for the red Christmas tree

✅ Video Info

Check out the video below for tips and ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree.

2. Red White and Blue Christmas Tree

Red, white, and blue are patriotic colors and will also make a great color motif for your pop-up Christmas tree. The 7 foot Christmas tree is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. You can decorate it using the same colors of Christmas ornaments. The center pole of the tree lights up. You can also add more lights for a glowing nighttime display.

Click here for the red, white, and blue Christmas tree

3. Red Gold and Silver Christmas Trees

Create a stunning red, gold, and silver Christmas tree this holiday season. You can use luxury glass Christmas ball ornaments to decorate the tree. The baroque patterns and unique designs of the balls create elegant highlights for a royal Christmas theme. The balls are made of glass so you need to be careful hanging them on your tree.

Click here for the red, gold, and silver Christmas tree ornaments

4. Red Christmas Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree skirt will protect your floors from scratches that come from the tree and will also complete the look of your Christmas tree ensemble. For a red Christmas theme, you can choose a double layer and fadeless Christmas tree skirt that complements the decorations that you have. It has two ties at the opening to secure the skirt around the tree and to keep it in place.

Click here for the red Christmas tree skirt

5. Red Christmas Lights

For a glowing and warm effect, you can use red Christmas lights. You can brighten up any area in your home. For a stunning outdoor display, you can use red Christmas lights. If you have inflatable decorations like inflatable snowman and inflatable Christmas trains, putting lights around the inflatables will make them visible during the night. You can also light up your pathways with red Christmas lights.

Click here for the red Christmas lights

6. Red LED Christmas Lights

LED lights are energy-efficient and safe. The solar powered LED star lights needs sunlight to power-up. Simply place the solar panel under the sun and it will work automatically. It is equipped with a light sensor that automatically lights-up when it is dark and turns off during the day. The lights are also waterproof and can work up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Click here for the red LED Christmas lights

✅ Video Info

Find out how to properly put up Christmas lights by watching the video below.

7. Red and White Christmas Lights

Light up any area in your house with red and white Christmas lights. The mini red lights can be wrapped around the trunks of the trees for nighttime visibility. You can also use the lights for your Christmas tree. The concave lenses of the lights disperse light equally in all directions. If one light goes out, the rest of the lights stay lit. They are safe and dependable.

Click here for the red and white Christmas lights

8. Red and Green Christmas Lights

Red and green are two of the most popular colors that are used when decorating for Christmas. You can use red and green icicle lights for your indoor and outdoor display. Hang the lights on your windows and roof for a stunning look. The bulbs are sealed to keep the water out. The Christmas lights reflect a bright light halo through a concave lens That looks great up close and from a distance.

Click here for the red and green Christmas lights

9. Red White and Green Christmas Lights

The LED Christmas mini light set comes in colors red, white, and green. They are shaped like small strawberries. The lights provide a colorful and festive look that will surely put a smile on everyone’s faces. You can decorate the borders of your windows and doors using the Christmas lights.

Click here for the red, white, and green Christmas lights

10. Red White and Blue Christmas Lights

Another color motif that you can do is to combine red, white and blue. The colors look cool and warm. Make sure that your outdoor Christmas tree is well lighted by using colorful Christmas lights. You can place the lights around the bushes in your gardens. Highlight the outdoor structure of your house using red, white, and blue Christmas lights. Read this article about blue Christmas decorating ideas for more tips.

Click here for the red, white, and blue Christmas lights

11. Red Truck with Christmas Tree

A cute Christmas ornament that you can hang on your tree is the pickup truck with a mini Christmas tree on its back. It measures 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. You can hang the truck along with Christmas reindeer ornaments. If your kids love cars, they will surely adore this little accent that you hang on your tree.

Click here for the red truck with Christmas tree

12. Red Christmas Truck

This musical Santa truck Christmas figure is a great accent that you can add to your decoration. The truck is hand-painted and lights up with colorful LED lights. Not only that, but it also plays 8 melodies that include jingle bells and joy to the world. It has two modes: one for light and music and the other one is for light only. The red Christmas truck is made from Polyresin and is battery operated.

Click here for the red Christmas truck

✅ Video Tutorial

You can also create your very own red truck Christmas ornament. Watch the video below for step-by-step instruction.

13. Red Metal Truck with Christmas Tree

Another decoration that will look great in your center table or fireplace mantle along with a tabletop Christmas tree is the red metal holiday truck with a removable Christmas tree. It is made of iron and weighs 8 pounds. The wheels of the truck spin freely so it can be a permanent toy that your child can play with.

Click here for the red metal truck with removable Christmas tree

14. Vintage Red Truck Christmas Décor

Greet your guests as they knock into your door with this vintage red truck Christmas décor. It features a vintage pickup truck hauling Christmas trees. The décor is made from whitewash pallet style wood and can either be hanged or set on a flat surface. It is a festive holiday decoration that you can place anywhere in your house.

Click here for the vintage red truck Christmas décor

15. Red Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with red icicles twisted decorations. The box comes in a set of 24 decorations. They are made from aluminum and in the shape of spiral strips. The icicles are lightweight and are already pre-looped for easy hanging. They ornament sparkles when light hits on them for a glowing effect.

Click here for the red icicles Christmas ornaments

16. Red and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Red and gold are elegant colors and will surely add a sophisticated look into your home. Decorate your home with luxurious red and gold Christmas ball ornaments. They are made from plastic and are shatterproof. The patters and shapes of the balls will highlight your Christmas tree. They have a mixture of baroque, glitter, and bold designs that looks festive and luxurious.

Click here for the red and gold Christmas ornaments

17. Red and White Christmas Ornaments

The colors red and white look simple and classy. You can decorate using the red and white Christmas balls. The balls feature hand-painted red swirls on transparent balls. They come in a set of 12. The Christmas balls are shatterproof so you do not have to worry about shattered ornaments or jagged glass pieces to clean up. Read this article about white Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

Click here for the red and white Christmas ornaments

18. Red Christmas Bow

Bows are popular Christmas decorations. You can find bows in garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees. You can create your own Christmas bow but if you do not have the time, you can purchase this Christmas wreath bow. The bows are made from waterproof velvet so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. They come with attachment ties for easy hanging.

Click here for the red wreath Christmas bow

✅ Video Tutorial

For instructions on how to create a double looped bow for Christmas wreaths, you can watch the video below.

19. Red Christmas Background

For the perfect holiday background, you can choose this snowflake Christmas backdrop. This 7×5 foot econ polyester backdrop is stronger than vinyl and can be folded and washed. It is the perfect background that you can use when taking photos. It can also be used as a Christmas tablecloth, wallpaper or curtain.

Click here for the red Christmas background

20. Red Christmas Balls

Create a festive decoration using red Christmas balls. The balls are available in 5 finishes which include matte, glitter, shiny swirl, shiny, and mirrored. They are made from plastic but look like real glass. The balls are shatterproof so you do not have to worry about cleaning up shards of glass. You can use the balls when creating DIY projects like garlands and wreaths.

Click here for the red Christmas balls

21. Red and White Christmas Stockings

Hang red and white Christmas stockings on your fireplace for good luck. They are the classic Christmas accessory. You can choose the red felt holiday Christmas stockings. They are available in a pack of 12 with white cuff and gold accents. There is a lot of space inside to stuff candies, small gifts, and chocolates. You can also customize the stockings by adding names and designs into it.

Click here for the red and white Christmas stockings

22. Red Christmas Dress

To complete your theme, you can wear a stunning red Christmas dress for Christmas Eve. This stylish vintage patchwork casual dress is perfect for the holiday season. It is reminiscent of the vintage 1950’s classic Hepburn style dress. The dress is simple but classy and is perfect for those who have a conservative fashion style.

Click here for the vintage red Christmas dress

23. Red Christmas Dress Toddler

Dress up your toddler with this cozy red Christmas dress. The fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear. Rest assured that your toddler will feel comfortable wearing the dress all day long. It is made of cotton and has long sleeves.

Click here for the red toddler Christmas dress

✅ Video Tutorial

If you love DIY, you can also create a toddler Christmas dress. Here is a video on how to create a dress by knitting.

24. Girls Red Christmas Dresses

Little girls love to play dress and your baby girls would surely love this vintage sleeveless party dress. It has a zipper closure and is made with soft heavy cotton blend fabric. The dress has a fully breathable lining has no exposed seams that can irritate the skin. You can pair the dress with a cardigan or leggings to stay warm.

Click here for the vintage Christmas party dress

25. Red Dresses for Christmas Party

Christmas parties are one of the most awaited events of the season. The party is full of fun and celebration. For a casual look, you can wear this A-line flared party dress. The dress has a scoop neck, high waist, flutter sleeve, above the knee and invisible zipper on the back. It is elegant and the design is comfortable and will not hinder movement. You can comfortably move around in this dress.

Click here for the red Christmas party dress

26. Red Baby Christmas Dress

This cute flower tutu princess dress will look great on your baby. It is made of cotton, polyester, and lace blending which is comfortable to wear. The 3D rose flower printing at the front looks stylish. The outside tulle layer is designed with sparkle spots for an added glow.

Click here for the red baby Christmas dress

The End

You have reached the end of this post that tackles red Christmas décor ideas. When shopping for the right decoration, make sure that you have already visualized the look that you want to achieve. By doing this, you can avoid buying a lot of decorations and end up not using most of them because they do not complement each other. Take your time and make a list of the decorations that you need to purchase. Thank you for reading and enjoy the holidays!

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