Retro Fashion Throwbacks for Men

Retro Fashion Throwbacks for Men

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The Comeback of Retro Fashion

Think shopping is just for women? Think again. It’s not in this current fashion climate anyway. Nowadays, men shop just as much as women. And with online shopping you have the ease and access to everything, so give a guy a credit card and… well, watch out.

One thing that men are buying is retro shirts. Sounds cliché, right? Retro is back. Old is new. Yeah, it may not be something original, but those vintage t-shirts show a lot without saying much. They’re confident and simple. They’re a throwback, but not desperate. You can find a lot of stores that sell a wide array of retro clothing.

Retro Fashion Throwbacks for Men

5 Kinds of Retro Fashion for Men

Wear Suspenders

A suspender is something that you need to wear to achieve a retro look. Suspenders look great with almost every kind pants and shirt. Suspenders will provide you with a classy yet vintage look that will surely turn heads. You can transform your grandfather’s old suspenders into a stylish and fashionable one by adding some embellishments.

Wear a Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage retro t-shirts are making a comeback nowadays. One of the most popular is the striped t-shirts because they have that sailor look. Also, you can tie a scarf in your neck and a cotton cap to complete the nautical look. You can even customize a t-shirt by having it printed with old product labels.

Wear Bellbottoms

To achieve that vintage look, you should put on some flared pants. Bellbottoms are popular retro fashion. They scream vintage. You can pair them up with tucked-in shirts. Dotted and printed shirts look great with bellbottoms. They are perfect for both casual and formal events. You can also wear a white t-shirt with bellbottom jeans.

Wear a Hat

Many kinds of hat are popular during the retro era. Most men during those times are hardly seen without a hat. See to it that you choose a hat that will compliment your outfit. Formal events call for a proper fashionable hat.

Wear a Bow Tie

Bow ties will complete your retro look. Bow tiesOpens in a new tab. are not only worn for formal events. There are many ways to style a bow tie like wearing it with suspenders and a tucked in a button-down shirt.

Revisit Your Childhood with Retro Fashion

You can see them at stores like Vans too. Anyone born in the 80s would do a double-take and instantly start drooling walking into a Vans store and seeing those Nintendo backpacks, Mario logos and Nintendo controllers on sneakers. Walk back to tour childhood. It’s nostalgia on your footwear.

You would think Coca-Cola and Rocky Balboa symbols are left to decorate soft drink labels and movie posters, not t-shirts, but they’ve become a hit. The appeal is in the simplicity and having something so eye-catching and popular is trendy, precisely because something small can say something so grand. Below is a video that provides tips on how to choose and where to purchase vintage t-shirts. Below is a video that tackles 80’s retro style.

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3 Reasons Why Retro Fashion Is Coming Back

It is Stylish

One of the stylish fashions that happened is retro. Retro clothing is comfortable, colorful and chic. This is the reason why it is coming back nowadays. Men can choose from the many stylish clothing such as printed t-shirts, hays, bellbottoms, suspenders and so much more. It is fun to accessorize a retro outfit to achieve an authentic look.

It Looks Cool

Retro fashion is cool. It has that carefree look into it. The right retro clothing ensemble will make you look cool and will also gain approval from the crowd. You will definitely enjoy choosing retro t-shirts and pairing them with flare pants or jeans.

It is Comfortable

A retro outfit usually consists of a t-shirt, suspenders, and jeans. It is a comfortable outfit that you can wear all day. Even the formal outfits look stylish but are comfortable to wear. The clothes provide no hindrance in moving. Make sure that you purchase retro clothing that fits your body perfectlyOpens in a new tab..

Retro Printed T-Shirts

Having retro movies, games, and logos on clothing has made a spark because it reaches the core of its wearers. And while the target audience for some of these logos is men, it certainly is a nice uni-sex clothing line too. 80s kids and millennials are either entering their prime spending stage or working age so targeting their wallets is a prudent mood. We see it with the emergence of Pokemon Go, mini Nintendo systems and Pixar sequels as well. So the retro trend doesn’t just extend to clothing. You can choose from a wide array of printed retro clothing. Retro printed t-shirts will also look stylish when paired with a jacket for a perfect winter look.

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Can I Purchase Retro Outfits on Local Stores?

Yes, most local stores sell retro outfits. On the other hand, to make sure that you have many options, you can visit online stores. They can deliver right in front of your doorsteps. If you want, you can also customize your t-shirts by printing them with classic characters.

How Can I Find The Right Size of Bellbottoms?

The best way to find out is to try it on. Sometimes, sizes differ in jeans. Try different sizes if it is your first time buying from a brand. By doing this, you can be able to find out the right fit for you. When purchasing online, be particular with the measurements. Make sure that you find out regarding the return and exchange policy of the shop so that you can easily return the item in case you purchase the wrong size.

Can I Find Retro Clothing in Thrift Stores?

Yes, you can definitely find a wide array of retro clothing in thrift stores. You can even incorporate different tops and bottoms to find the perfect match. Thrift stores also sell a wide array of retro accessories such as stylish sunglasses and shoes.

The End

Choose the right ensemble when you are hunting for retro so that you can achieve a stylish and vintage look. What about you? What childhood classic would you sport around? Chances are good whatever you watched or played or did is now on a T-shirt! Thank you for reading!

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