42 Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Splendid Home Transformation

Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas

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If you want to achieve a white Christmas theme, but you also want it to look elegant, you can choose a silver color motif. Silver is associated with glitters and sparkles that can add brightness to your home décor. It looks great when paired with other colors. There are a lot of silver Christmas decorations that you can use for your home. From ribbons to Christmas trees, you can find a wide array of choices to opt from. To help you get started, we have shared a review of the best product you can choose from.


Christmas decorating is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you cannot decide the theme or look you want to achieve. To help you in this dilemma, we have prepared a list of silver Christmas decorating ideas that you can get inspiration from. We have indoor and outdoor decorating ideas to help you decide on the decorations that can transform your home’s look.

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This specific Silver Christmas decorationOpens in a new tab. is our choice. The ornaments are shatterproof and painted with acrylic paints. They are made from high-quality plastic and more sophisticated processing.

Start your Christmas decorating today! Check out the list of our silver Christmas decorating ideas and get inspired to transform your home into a splendid place that will impress your guests.

1. Silver Christmas Tree

Decorate your home with a sparkling silver Christmas tree this year. The silver tree is perfect if you want to have a winter wonderland theme. It measures 6 feet tall with 520 branch tips for a full and lush look. The tree is made of tinsel and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. Wrap it with colorful lights for a festive look.

✅ Video – Decorating a Christmas Tree

Carly Jade Drake shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for some inspiration on how to decorate your Christmas tree using silver and white decorations.



2. Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

A silver tinsel Christmas tree will add sparkle to your decoration. The tree is 6 feet tall with 450 branch tips. It is a sturdy tree that can handle the heaviest ornaments. It is made from tinsel, which reflects light for an added glow. You can decorate the tree with white Christmas lights and ornaments to create a stunning display.

3. Small Silver Christmas Tree

For a stunning centerpiece, choose a small silver Christmas tree. The tree is 40 inches tall and is made from tinsel. You can display it as it is or adds ornaments and lights for a festive look. You can decorate it with ornaments in green, red, and gold colors for a traditional look.

4. Silver Pre-lit Christmas Tree

For a fast and easy decorating, you can choose a tree that is already pre-lit. The silver pre-lit Christmas tree stands 7 foot tall and is covered with white LED lightsOpens in a new tab.. The chic silver color of the tree will complement metallic, pastel, and vintage decorations. It has a pencil shape that offers a traditional look without taking too much space. With a pre-lit Christmas tree, you can just add ornaments and not worry about tangling lights.

5. Silver Tabletop Christmas Tree

Create an elegant table setting that fits the royalties and accent it with a silver tabletop Christmas tree. The ceramic tree comes in a wonderful silver color that was created using electroplating for a reflective look. It is decorated with 50 multi-colored plastic bulbs and a 7 point star topper. The tree measures 8.5 inches tall and is an astonishing element of décor that you can display on your table.

6. Silver Pencil Christmas Tree

If you are decorating a small room with limited space, you need to have a pencil Christmas tree. The silver Christmas tree is designed as a pencil, which is space-saving. It is perfect for display in corners, small rooms, and areas with limited space. The silver color will blend in with a winter theme, and the electroplated craft makes the color of the tree brighter.

✅ Video – Homemade Table Top Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

2mima2 shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below to learn how to create a tabletop Christmas tree using tinsel.



7. Silver Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

The silver fiber optic Christmas tree stands 32 inches tall and has color-changing lights. It has dual power that works with a standard plug or USB. You can place the tree on your office desktop for a festive holiday ambiance. It is also a cute decoration that you can display on your table, bookshelves, and countertop.

8. Mini Silver Christmas Tree

The cute mini silver Christmas trees are covered with glitter powder. They are perfect for creating a village model. The package includes 42 pieces of mini trees in 4 different sizes. Each tree is mounted on a wooden base to make it stand easily. They are the perfect mantel decoration. You can also give them as gifts to friends and family members.

9. Silver Pop Up Christmas Tree

The shiny silver pop-up Christmas tree stands 5 feet tall and is an eye-catching addition to any room. They are easy to set-up and store. It takes less than 2 minutes to assemble the tree and to pack it away. The pop-up Christmas tree is supported by a metal tube with a plastic tripod stand that is stable and won’t easily fall.

10. 3 Ft Silver Christmas Tree

If you want a small Christmas tree that you can easily take down, choose a 3 ft silver Christmas tree. The tree has 88 branch tips that are sturdy and can hold heavy ornaments. It comes with a matching color four-leg tree stand. The tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays.

11. 4 Ft Silver Christmas Tree

With a slim shape and 130 branch tips, the silver outdoor Christmas tree is a great addition to your Christmas decoration. It features 100% silver PVC needles and lighted with 70 clear lights. You can display the tree outdoors and cover it with more lights for a glowing nighttime display. You can also decorate the tree with colorful ornaments.

12. 6 Ft Silver Christmas Tree

The 6 feet silver Christmas tree is already pre-decorated with 25 assorted ornaments. It is an eye-catching display for both home and office. The branches of the tree are covered in 580 tips to creating a lush and full look. You can display the tree as it is or adds more lights and ornaments for a festive display.

✅ Video – Christmas Tree Glam

Diana Saldana shared the video below on YouTube. For more ideas on how to decorate a tree using silver ornaments, watch the video below.



13. Silver Christmas Tree with Color Wheel

For a unique and cool display, choose a silver Christmas tree with a color wheel. The tree features a vintage retro style that is popular during the 50s and 60s. It has 70 plus aluminum branches and a rotating color wheel. The light is a basic color wheel that is consists of 4 colors. The wheel rotates, illuminating the aluminum reflections of the tree. It constantly turns and changes color.

14. Silver Christmas Tree Skirts

Protect your floor and Christmas rug from the debris that falls off from the tree. The silver Christmas tree skirt is perfect for a silver themed Christmas tree. The skirt is made from polyester and sequins. It measures 48 inches in diameter, so it fits any size of the Christmas tree. The skirt is handmade with a fabric that is covered in shiny 3MM round sequins. The light reflects from the sequins, which add a glamorous look to the tree.

15. Blue and Silver Christmas Tree Skirt

For a blue and silver themed Christmas tree, choose a tree skirt of the same colors for a matching look. The skirt extends up to 48 inches in diameter. It has ties along the center opening to hold the skirt in place. The elegant details of the blue and silver Christmas tree skirt will add festivity to the room.

16. White and Silver Christmas Tree Skirt

Complete your winter wonderland Christmas tree theme with a white and silver Christmas tree skirt. The tree skirt has a white felt cloth center that features Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and snowflake patterns. It is made from soft and warm felt cloth. The skirt features a silver luxurious edge, which creates an elegant look. Check out this article about white Christmas decorating ideas for tips on decorating using a white color motif.

17. Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

For a glamorous look, choose a silver and gold Christmas tree skirt. The skirt is made of white fur with sequined snowflakes. It is a thick and high-quality decoration that is a great touch to your Christmas tree. A Velcro is attached to the opening to secure the skirt around the tree and keep it in place. The size of the skirt is 50 inches, which is perfect for small to large trees.

18. Silver Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree shine even without lights by decorating it with silver Christmas tree ornaments. The silver ball ornaments are shatterproof, which is perfect for families with kids and pets. They are made from thick and high-quality plastic and come with hooks for easy hanging. The balls are lightweight, so you do not have to worry about weighing down the tree branches. They will create a glowing Christmas tree display.

✅ Video – How to Make Silver Snowflake for New Year Decoration

Hackster shared the video below on YouTube. For step-by-step instructions on creating a silver snowflake decoration, push the play button below to watch the video.



19. Silver and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Create a glamorous look for your Christmas tree this year by decorating it with silver and gold Christmas ornaments. The package includes 100 assorted ornament balls with different finishes to create a magnificent effect on your Christmas tree. They are shatterproof and come with hooks for easy hanging. The design of the balls creates a rustic look into the tree. Read this article about gold Christmas decorating ideas for more tips on decorating using a gold color motif.

20. White and Silver Christmas Ornaments

For a frozen Christmas tree theme, choose white and silver Christmas ornaments. The ornament features two owls, one with horns and one without. Both have soft plush design and feather accents on the wings and tail. You can also use the ornaments as tabletop and centerpiece decorations.

21. Black and Silver Christmas Ornaments

Black and silver look sophisticated. Using the colors as a motif for your Christmas tree will add an air of elegance to your home. You can use shatterproof black and silver ornaments that are pet and kid-friendly. The decorations are stuffed in the clear ball ornament to avoid the glitter coming off, and glitters are glued on the ball’s inner surface. This makes cleaning easier. Read this post about black Christmas decorating ideas for tips on how to decorate your home using a black color motif.

22. Red and Silver Christmas Ornaments

If you want to stick to the traditional theme, choose red and silver Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree. The package comes with 24 pieces of globe ornaments. They are made from durable plastic while boasting the look of real glass. The ornaments come with string hangers for easy hanging.Check out this article about red Christmas decorating ideas to learn how to decorate using a red color motif.

23. Purple and Silver Christmas Ornaments

The purple and silver Christmas poinsettia is a cute accent to your Christmas decoration. You can add the poinsettia to your Christmas tree, wreaths, and garlands. The poinsettia is designed with great details and seasonal colors for a look that will enliven the Christmas decorations. It is sprinkled with glitters that shine under the light. It comes in a set of 10 pieces. For more information on transforming your house’s look using the purple color motif, read this article about purple Christmas decorating ideas.

24. Silver Bell Christmas Ornaments

The silver bell Christmas ornament is inspired by the Christmas classic movie titled “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It is made from stainless steel and features an angel wing charm. The bell also comes with a red silk ribbon for easy hanging. It is a charming ornament that you can add to your Christmas decorations.

✅ Video – How to Crochet Christmas Bells

Handmadebyraine shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video for a tutorial on creating a crochet silver bells that you can hang on your Christmas tree.



25. Silver Christmas Ball Ornament

Complete your silver themed Christmas tree with silver Christmas balls. The balls are made with six special finishes. The package includes 36 pieces of silver balls equipped with a detachable hook cord for easy use. They are made from high-quality plastic not to break if they feel off from the Christmas tree.

26. Silver Glass Christmas Ornaments

While glass is breakable and needs extra care when displaying, they still make an elegant decoration that will brighten up your home. The silver clear glass icicle ornament comes in a set of 24 pieces and is perfect for your Christmas tree. You can also hang them in your windows for a frosted look. The icicles are made from clear glass and are wonderfully detailed.

27. Silver Baby First Christmas Ornament

Make this Christmas a memorable event for your family. If you have welcomed a new baby this year, you can celebrate that by adding a sentimental silver baby first Christmas ornament into your tree. The pewter finished looking ornament has a filigree design with sparkling jewels. It has a hanging circle charm that reads “Baby’s First Christmas 2019”. The ornament is handcrafted from fine metal and jewelry. You can insert your baby’s picture into the ornament.

28. Silver Snowflake Christmas Ornament

The plastic glitter snowflake ornaments will add a winter effect to your home decoration. They are made from plastic and sprinkled with glitters. The package contains 36 pieces of snowflakes with two different styles. They come with hooks for easy hanging. You can hang the snowflakes on your windows for a frosted look.

29. Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

For a dreamy and magical look, decorate using blue and silver Christmas star decorations. The glittering mirror-like 3D stars come in a 2 pack of multi-shape star cutouts. They have a metallic shine and have different sizes. The stars are sewn with thread for easy hanging. You can hang them from the ceiling for a falling star effect. They are the perfect decoration for the Christmas party.

30. White and Silver Christmas Decorations

The white and silver soldier nutcracker is a charming addition to your Christmas decoration. The design features a traditional nutcracker soldier wearing white and silver clothes with a large, silver sword. It is made of wood. You can place it on your countertop, mantle, shelves, or dining table for an added charm.

31. Silver Christmas Wreath

The stunning silver Christmas wreath will make a great decoration for your windows and doors. It measures 17 inches in diameter and is made from tinsel. The simplicity of this wreath makes it elegant. You can display the wreath as it is or adds light for a glowing night-time display. It is a cheerful Christmas decoration that will brighten up your room.

✅ Video – How to Make an Easy Christmas Holiday Wreath

Savvy Canadian Auntie shared the video below. Check out the video for a tutorial on creating a silver Christmas wreath that you can hang on your doors and windows.



32. Blue and Silver Christmas Wreaths

For a fully-decorated and fully-lighted wreath, you can choose the blue and silver Christmas wreath. It comes with a built-in sturdy hanging loop for easy hanging. The wreath features ball ornaments in different patterns, snowflake ornaments, and frosted spruce. It is designed with artificial magnolias, ribbons, and berries for a luxurious appearance. Read this article about blue Christmas decorating ideas for more tips on decorating using a blue color motif.

33. Silver and Gold Christmas Wreath

Hang a luxurious silver and gold Christmas wreath on your home this year. The wreath features gorgeous ornaments like gilded berries, glitter-veined eucalyptus leaves, and stainless peonies. It has mesh and edge-gilded ribbon bows that add an elegant look to the wreath. The wreath is pre-lit with LED lights with 8 lighting effects that run on 3AA batteries.

34. Silver Christmas Background

For a glittering background that you can use for group photos, choose a silver Christmas background. It is made from a metallic silver foil curtain that can be hanged on the entryway and cover a wall. The silver background is large enough to cover a wall or an area in your home, which you think is an eye-sore. The glittering background adds fun to group photos.

35. Silver Christmas Stockings

Hang a glamorous silver Christmas stocking on your fireplace mantel this holiday season. The stockings measure 20 inches and come in silver and white colors to enhance the chilly and frozen winter feeling. It features a festival silver background with shimmering white and faux fur cuff.

36. White and Silver Christmas Stockings

The white and silver Christmas stockings are made from velvet and measures 20 inches. They are large enough to be filled with candies, chocolates, and small gifts. The embellished soft felt stockings are comfortable and warm. They are embroidered with snowflakes that add a festive atmosphere to your home.

✅ Video – DIY Sequins and Faux Fur Christmas Stockings

Dainty Diaries shared the video below on her YouTube channel. To create DIY sequins and faux fur Christmas stockings, watch the video below for the tutorial.



37. Blue and Silver Christmas Stockings

For a calming yet festive effect, hang blue and silver Christmas stockings into your fireplace mantle. The stockings are decorated with beautiful embroidery and charming appliqué. They are made from high-quality materials and come in a set of 3 stockings. They are perfect for storing small gifts and goodies.

38. Silver Christmas Garland

Decorate your home with silver Christmas garlandsOpens in a new tab.. The garland measure 33 feet. They will add sparkle and elegance to your holiday decorations. The garlands are made from bright metallic tinsel that reflects light for extra sparkle. They are perfect for decorating doors, windows, staircases, and any area in your home.

39. Silver Christmas Lights

Ensure that your Christmas snowman inflatable and Christmas train inflatables are visible during the night by surrounding them with silver Christmas lights. The lights have 8 lighting modes that can be adjusted by pressing the round button on the adapter. You can use the lights to brighten up your outdoor display. The LED lights are safe and energy-efficient, so you do not have to worry about high energy consumption.

40. Silver Christmas Tablecloth

Create an elegant table setting that will impress your guests by using a silver Christmas tablecloth. The tablecloth is made from 3MM round high-density sequin materials with mesh fabric backing. There is no seam in it, and the surface of the tablecloth is smooth and not prickly. It glitters and adds elegance to your table setting.

41. Silver Bow Christmas Tree Topper

For a unique Christmas tree topper, choose a silver bow. The decorative bow is made of PET film and polyester yarn with a flexible metallic wired edge ribbon. It is lightweight, soft, and can be reused. The bow has a little glitter on the surface with long ribbon tails that can be cut into your desired length. It comes with a twist tie that can be bound and unlocked for easy attachment.

42. Silver Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Complete the look of your Christmas tree with a silver angel topper. The angel measures 12 inches with white and silver feather wings. It is lighted with a regular light. When lighted, the dress of the angel shimmers in the dark for a stunning nighttime display. It is a great addition to your Christmas tree decoration.

✅ Video – Christmas Angel Ornaments

Crafting Hours shared the video below on YouTube. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to make a Christmas angel topper using simple materials.



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