The Six Most Common Naming Themes for Pet Birds

Six Most Common Naming Themes for Pet Birds

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Name That Bird

Generally, each pet bird is distinct in its own way, in terms of characteristics, traits, and personality. Birds make fascinating friends if you are dedicated to caring for them. Choosing a name for a new pet bird is equally as taxing as choosing a name for a child. Birds are highly intelligent creatures, which demand a lot of attention. Therefore, constant interaction is necessary. This shows the need to give your bird a name that relates to it on a personal level.  You do not have to name your pet immediately you get it. You can even decide to name it after it warms up to you.

Six Most Common Naming Themes for Pet Birds

List of Naming Themes for Pet Birds

When it comes down to naming pet birds, most people tend to leave out human names. The following are themes that are might be of help with respect to naming your pets. You could look further into the aforementioned themes, to get more ideas about what you want to name your pet bird.

The Color of the Bird

Some people try to keep it simple by using names that they can easily remember. What easier way to remember the name of your pet than by naming it according to the color of its feathers.

Names from TV Shows and Movies

You could settle for the name of  a character from an animation such as:

Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan

Stitch or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch cartoon

Nemo from Finding Nemo

Mushu from The Mystery of Mulan

Mowgli from The Jungle Book

Names from Foreign Languages

The idea is either to settle for a name that reflects the origin of the species of the bird or to go for a noun translation into a foreign language.

Luna is a Latin name for moon

Callia is a Greek name for beautiful voice

Charis is a Greek name for grace and beauty

Names from the Solar System

If you have a particular interest in stargazing and astronomy, this is your lucky chance to use the information you have acquired. You can choose any name from the solar system, be it a planet, moon or a galaxy. Examples of names in this theme are Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Orion, Jupiter, Titania, Phoebe, Halley, and Astrid.

Names of Greek Gods

Greek gods and goddess are present in Greek mythology. These gods have superpowers, which make them immortal. However, aside from this, they are full of flaws and personality disorders. You could name your bird after a Greek god that you admire, or a god who has the same characteristics that your bird portrays. Examples of names in this theme are Aphrodite, Adonis, Zeus, Arcas, Ares, Athena, Enyo, and Eris, among others.

Names of Random Objects

Alternatively, instead of digging too deep into the background of various nomenclature, you could opt to settle for a random name like Toodles, Sirena, Vector, Porsche, Oops, Oracle, and Jet, among others.

Experience the Joy of Training Your Pet Bird

After choosing a name for your pet bird, the next thing that you need to do is to train it. You and the bird can benefit from the training. Before starting the training, you need to determine the capacity of your pet. There are some birds that are easily trained like parrots while other birds are not that responsive to training. If you have no idea about training birdsOpens in a new tab., you can look online for videos. There are many video tutorials that can guide you in training your pet. Some videos are made by professional bird trainers that can provide you with useful tips on how to train your bird in a fast and easy way.

Below is a video guide on how to train your pet bird to talk.

✅ Video Guide

3 Important Points to Ponder When Choosing a Pet Bird

Kind of Bird

Before anything else, you need to choose the kind of bird that you want to have as a pet. There are numerous kinds of birdsOpens in a new tab. to choose from. There are birds that are easy to care while others are more demanding and require attention. Small birds are easier to take care of as compared to bigger ones.


Some birds do not like to be handled by humans and choose to live in a small flock. You need to make sure that your pets have everything that they need. There are birds that tolerate mild handling and are perfect as pets for kids. On the other hand, birds also peck or bite so you need to be careful in handling them. Birds such as parrots need constant exercise and time to fly freely from the cage.


Like any other pets, birds also require a specialized diet. Some birds prefer fruits and vegetables while others would opt for a special kind of seed. See to it that the right kind of food is chosen so that the bird‘s diet is properly handled.

Below is a video guide on the common food mistakes to avoid for your pet birds.

✅ Video Tutorial



Is It Legal to Have Wild Birds As Pet?

No, it is not legal to pet wild birds. Wild birds should live freely. You need to have a permit to keep wild birds in your home.

Do Birds Need to Come In Pairs?

There are some birds that need to have a companion for it to live. Birds like Love Birds need to come in pairs. If you want to have only one bird as a pet, make sure that you do some research about the type of bird that you want to keep.

Is It Safe to Put Different Kinds of Birds In The Same Cage?

Birds can get along with their own species. On the other hand, if you want to place different birds in a cage, you need to monitor the birds to make sure that they get along. It also helps that you have a big cage so that they can have enough space between them.

The End

Thank you for reading this post! We hope that we provided you with great names that you can choose for your bird. Take note that there is no wrong or right name as long as you take good care of your pet and provide it with its needs.

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