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Most women tend to overlook hair, even though it plays a big part in accessorizing your entire look. Hair is your identity.  Whether you like it short, long, all natural, or straightened, it makes a statement about you to the entire world. Stay ahead of the trend and try the following hairstyles this 2017.

Hair styles
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Hair Trends Of 2017

  • Loose plaits– The name says it all. Braiding hair is not a new concept. Nevertheless, you might want to try out loosening up your braids this year. You could play around with this concept by either leaving them undone at the ends or by making them slightly loose. Before you braid it, generously apply hair oil to make it appear glossy and healthy.
  • Boy-like hair– This style goes well with girls who have angular-like features. You might want to ignore this look if you have sharp jaw lines and high cheekbones. This look brings about a dramatic change, especially for women who are new to the idea of short hair. Girls with a softer face can play around with their cuts and even make them stronger. Pulling off this look is not easy, since it may take a couple of months or even years to get that original length back. You could adjust your wardrobe and make-up to fit your immediate needs.
  • Curly perms– If your hair is naturally curly, then this is the right to embrace those curls, the kinkier the better. This look mostly fits occasions because of the long period it takes to pull-off this look. Use a pair of tongs and thickening spray to maintain the kinky curls.
  • Straight hair– You could also try out straightening your hair. Play around with this young look by switching u the partings to your facial preference. To get glossy, super-straight locks, start out by thoroughly washing and conditioning the hair. Proceed by, detangling and combing for a shiny finish. Take your time to dry your hair from the root as the dryer faces the roots. After this, you can apply the use of strengtheners at low heat, to remove all the kinks. Play around with the partings to fit your facial needs.
  • Ponytail– This style is all about the accessories you will use on your hair. Switch them up depending on the occasion. As you brush your hair into a ponytail, tilt your head, this will provide more balance as you secure the hair under the ponytail. When you tip your head forward, as you secure your ponytail, the hair under the ponytail will be saggy. For a glossy finish, spray onto the brush bristles, and gently brush the hair.
  • Adding embellishments to your hair style- Embellishments are back! This style requires a lot of hair volume. The hair volume will prevent the clip from slipping and falling off. Embellishments are versatile, thus they go with any hairstyle. To pull off this look, you will need to make your roots slightly dirty. With dry shampoo at the roots, you can tong your hair from the mid-length to the ends. Mess it up roughly using your fingers and make a messy bun. After that, you can place your embellishments anywhere you desire.

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