Your lounge or bedroom is not the only part of the house that has to be well decorated and stylized. Now that everything of the house is up to date, why not rearrange the look of your typical bathroom? And the good part is, you can do this using simple DIY techniques!

Cover your floor

First thing comes first! Get a pretty rug from the market and place it near the sink area. You can also make a pom pom rug using DIY techniques at home. It’s a really squishy kind of floor mat that you would never want to get off from.

Here is a full video tutorial explaining each step in detail how to make pom pom rug:

While you shop for rug material or the rug itself, make sure it’s not composed of boring colors because that won’t really add up essence to your little bathroom. Get things in bright colors that can lighten up and give just another look to your toilet!

Get paintings on the wall

Yes, an exclusive idea to cover up those ugly tiles which you can’t remove without making a good damn effort. If you have an artist within yourself then embrace art! Draw some paintings for your bathroom while you follow a particular theme – theme not just in terms of color but in terms of the whole idea.

Light scented candles

Everything that’s being suggested here is to make one’s own self happy and content. Here’s another way how you can do that for yourself. Put a jar of scented candle on the sink and light it before you get yourself in for a hot bath. It will give you that peace which you have been longing for a while. Moreover, these jars are just too cute! See for yourself below.

DIY techniques are available all across the internet to make these scented candle jars at home. They will give the same adorable look, I guarantee, with a good scent.

Follow the tutorial link posted above to learn how to make these candle jars at home. Do you realise? You are just a few steps away from giving a fresh beautiful look to your typical bathroom.

Get a shower curtain

Do not leave your bath area uncovered! It’s just very unsatisfying to not separate the area where you poop from the area you get purified. The feeling is for real. No matter how well you have decorated your bathroom and kept it tidy and dry, you do need to get a good shower curtain. They are easily available in the market and if you want to be creative, you can make them at home too – embellish them a bit. But the plumbing part to fix the curtain in the bath area is most probably not your thing so go get a guy to do that job.


Aren’t these ways easy to beautify that part of the house which is not really taken care of but very frequently attended? Give one day to this and you will love to see the results of your efforts that you put to stylize your typical bathroom.   

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