Summer Gardening Tips – Make Your Vacations Productive

Summer Gardening Tips

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Spend Your Summer Vacation Tending to Your Garden

Haven’t you completed the summer homework of watching all the pending movies that you were supposed to watch? You certainly must have by now! It’s time to make your last 30 days or so a little productive. Summertime is showtime for the plants. Your garden can become beautiful as ever but only if you pay attention and let them shoot to their maximum potential. There are many ways to keep your garden thrive during the summer season. You can transfer potted plants and hang new ones on your patio. Get your hands dirty by keeping your garden healthy.

5 Gardening Tips for a Productive Summer

Here are some well-researched summer gardening tips for all the fellas who want to have a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing sight in their own premises.

Use Colorful Containers

Don’t leave everything on nature. Flowers and leaves have distinct colors and they are beautiful already but if you add colorful containers in your garden, it will signify your love for gardening, add extra beauty and become a spot to have regular evening tea.

A lot of times you do get your pots painted but parts of them start getting ill-looking with time. So, your plan has to be to replace them often.

Discard Dead Leaves

As the plant grows, basically the leaves, there are other ones that are getting old to death. Flowers like tulips and daffodils also have foliage that dies soon. If you keep a good eye on your plants, you will notice yourself those dying foliage and leaves. Cut them off from the growing plants. If you fail to do so, the rest of the plant will have probable chances of getting infected.

Water Plants Wisely

Time your watering habit well. It should either be early morning or late in the day – basically, it reduces the chances of evaporation. Also, the right amount of waterOpens in a new tab. has to be supplied to every plant, depending on how much they can retain moisture. There is a process of drip irrigation that you can learn in order to water your garden wisely.

Be Prepared for Pollination and Ease the Process

There are certain kinds of insects and hummingbirds that play the role of pollinators in the garden. How do we make the pollinators happy? In order to do that, you need a good selection of plants in your garden that will attract these wildlife creatures. Do make sure that you have kept a weather check and then made a choice to call which plants part of your family.

Get Inspiration

If you are copying someone’s idea, an optimistic way to say is that it’s your inspiration. You see, you can never be creative all by yourself. It is the exposure, the combination of ideas that already exists that gives birth to another piece of innovation. Never feel the shame to get inspired. Research online, watch gardening shows, follow famous gardening specialists on social media and even attend workshops if you love nature. You can also read lifestyle magazines for more tips and ideas.

Gardening Can Get Your Kids Busy During Summer

If you have kids, it is best that you let them help in your garden rather than let them waste the day away watching movies and playing. Gardening can be an enjoyable activity that your kids can do. It will help them spend all those stored energy while having fun. You can assign simple tasks like watering the plants or cultivating the soil. Aside from keeping your garden healthy, this is also a great bonding time between you and your kids. Below is a video that talks about the importance of teaching kids how to garden

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3 Tips To Protect Your Garden During Summer

Be Aware of Pests

Pests cause problems to the garden all year through. During summer, you need to watch out for harmful pests that can cause trouble in your garden. Pests tend to thrive during summer that is why you need to make sure that you get rid of them quickly. There are many chemicals that you can use to eliminate pests without harming the plant.

Do you want to protect your garden from birds? Check out this post about audible bird deterrents. It is a helpful device that will prevent birds from ruining your garden. We have shared a list of products that you can choose from.

Maintain Proper Sunlight

Sunlight keeps plants healthy but too much of it can do more harm than good. Because summer is the time where the sun shines it brightest, see to it that you keep your plants protected. Take note that not all plants should be exposed to too much sunlight. If you keep potted plants, it is best that you move them to an area where there are balanced shade and lightOpens in a new tab..

Make Use of Mulch

During the summer season, see to it that you use mulch. It reduces the growth of weeds and maintains soil moisture. If you have vegetable beds, you can use inexpensive organic mulch like newspaper sheets and straw. This is a perfect yet affordable solution to maintain your garden during summer. You can watch gardening channels from your television for more tips.

Grow Wall Climbing Vines for Extra Sun Protection

Wall climbing vines are easy to grow and maintain. There are a lot of vines that can withstand too much sunlight which is perfect to provide your property with extra shade during summer. Wall climbing vines can be grown on pots and they can climb any objects. They are perfect to plant near fences, walls, windows, and trellises. Not only will it provide extra shade but it will also look great especially if you choose colorful wall climbing vines.

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What Are The Best Plants to Cultivate During Summer?

The most successful kinds are the plants that thrive during the summer. It is best that you choose plants that do not require much water to grow.

Is it Ideal to Put Plants in Pots?

There are plants that grow well in pots and there are plants that do not. You need to do some research if the plant can grow healthy in a pot or if it needs a wide area to spread its roots.

How Often Do I Need to Water Plants During Summer?

It depends on the plant. There are some plants that need little water while there are some that need constant watering.

The End

It is time to get on board not just to add beauty to your gardens but to find a peaceful spot. Imagine yourself in the middle of your newly stylized garden. Won’t you just love having a barbeque there with friends? Yes, right? Follow the summer gardening tips for that matter.

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